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Uh oh, it looks like Sweetie Belle may have seen the whole thing. :unsuresweetie: or it could have been someone else.

2254161 Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? I don't even know.


my sources say it was actually scootaloo

her eyes have been burned forevermore

Spike is gonna go big fucking dragon on you for this. Oh and do I owe you a rage review?

2254559 Indeed such innocent eyes, she didn't need to see that just yet, she will be scarred for life.

“Goodnight Rarity.” You smile and lay your head back down on the bed and as you drift off to a deep slumber as well one thought bugs at your mind ‘What was that giggling sound in the closet just now?’

Ether Pinkie Pie
Sweetie Belle

-_- Pinkie

Judging by the character tags, I'm just hoping like hell the Discord saw the whole thing... But, from a more realistic standpoint, I'm gonna have to say that all three of the CMC (in Ponyville (You've got to remember that Babs is a member now too)) saw it, but one of them almost got them busted.

It's Featherweight in the closet, and he recorded everything in high definition and surround sound.:raritywink:

Does this story really have to have futa, and humanized?:pinkiesick:

like a cock jammed in the womb at first, but then it evened out! so well done at first that it's off putting, but gets great near the end

Comment posted by MetaKnight145 deleted Nov 20th, 2013

Well this...this is just fantastic :rainbowlaugh: Definitely faving and thumbs up

Check the first paragraph, you forgot to change a lot of the hers to hims.

Alright, Charles Dickins, just a few mistakes. Let me, Uncle Deluxe, point a few out, eh? Just one actually.

Just this:

“>Your name<, darling is that you?”, called Rarity’s voice from her bedroom.

With a question mark, a comma afterwards is never needed after a quotation. However, with periods, replace it with a comma.

Also, I love it when Rarity says "darling". Makes me fucking rock hard. Have a like and favorite from meh. :moustache:

Comment posted by Pyriel deleted Mar 27th, 2014

Wait... Reads the lousy excuse for saying the L-word. Wasn't that the same fucking excuse from the other chapter just reversed!!!???!! So which is true Charles?!


A Rule 63'd version

What the fuck do you think this means?
That it would be different?

4140358 I'm just saying, I'd think the alternate versions of themselves read the same romance junk and (get this) NEITHER IS TRUE! Whatever, this just me pointing out stupid things.

I was only criticizing the fact hat you thought it would be at all different from the last one.
That romance junk is only there to get the two to fuck.
That is it.
I wasn't trying to make a real romance here, I was making a clopfic.

If I could have gotten away with it I would have just had them start fucking from the get go.

2278434 wait wait wait wait wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaiiiiiittttt!! who the buck is featherweight i thought it was sweetie bell that was in the closet?? :rainbowhuh:

Well written, I enjoyed it immensely. I almost never read clop with Rarity but you've made a great story can't wait to read more.

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