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"It's Meta. He hates everything. That's just his purpose; in denying it he would deny himself." -Officer Hot-Pants. "MetaKnight145, somewhat friendly misanthrope who lives on pornsites." -Mr. Grimdark

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It's been two years since the discovery of the human world/pony world(depending on which one you are in) and consequently the card game Duel Monsters. Princess Twilight Sparkle sees great potential in this game for harmony, so that when she sees that it isn't as popular in Equestria she decides to use the upcoming anniversary of the discovery as an excuse for a tournament to help popularize the game. Only the ponies she wants to represent Equestria with her don't know how to play.

Thanks to my friends for letting me use their personalities with a large amount of tweaking.

(All duels in this are based on actual test duels.)

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Extra tag: Action

If there was only one thing Discord could hate he would choose boredom, but as you can imagine being imprisoned alone inside a statue is the very definition of boredom. So when Mare Do Well and a strange cat show up inside his mind talking about a different universe where most everypony has super powers(unicorns still have magic) he was intrigued and wanted to spread chaos there. He ends up traveling to this universe in a less than enjoyable method, chaos happens.

(Despite the feeling form the first chapter this world is NOT a complete opposite mirror world though there are some opposites.)

Events happen before Keep Calm and Flutter On.

It might come really close to overcoming the teen rating.

For those who have seen the TV show Heroes, this story is kind of told like that show was.

Chapters (2)
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