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After a strange day at work, A brony finds himself in Equestria. He has to find out who brought him here and for what reason.

Will he learn how to "fit in", Will he learn the true meaning of friendship and love?
Will he sacrifice everything just for the sake of a single pony?

Story 1 of the Dashing Light cycle.

SUPER NOTE: I'm going to go back over this story and do some revisions to grammar and wording to make them less of an eye soar.

note: although it says sad, there will be some comedy moments, and although it says adventure, there will be some slice of life considering how early in the story it is.
note 2: this a the first on a series of 4 stories I have planned, they will all tie into each other, each leading into the next.
note 3: there are lots more characters than what was selected. those were just the most relevant to the story.
note 4: There are some minor and major references to other fan-fics and other stories(not pony). See if you can find them
note 5: re-rated teen for mild violence(i think its mild) and suggestive situations
note 6: AU tag added for non-alicorn Twilight.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 49 )

:ajbemused:watever you do dont make any of the mane six homosexual:ajbemused:

Whoa....nicely done:ajsmug:

>>RainbowDash314 I'll try not to, but seeing as how, it was a shipping fic that inspired me to write this I can't make any promises. I'm not going to make references to it too much. But a major plotpoint is going to involve, Rainbow, Vinyl, Dashing, Pinkie, and a reference to cupcakes.

I might not be able to continue working on this. As I find enough happiness to get over my depression or enough inspiration to write. Please help me.

holy shit i love this! this is fantastic!


If everything goes as planned, chapter 7 should be going up tonight.

Thanks, this is my first serious attempt at any kind of non-school writing project. I think It's going well

you want more, here you go

I do what I can, when I can.

Thank you:pinkiehappy:
And take your time for the story:twilightsmile:

I've just realized that 2 pairs of chapters have the exact same amount of words. I like this development.:twilightsmile:

Nice trick man, and another good chapter


How would you like to be an editor for me?

2095303 Sorry but no , I'm really not the kind of guy who really good with grammar and such, you know?

Oh and I forgot I am going to follow you.:pinkiesmile:

I'm not too good with grammar either. technically I'm really bad with stories period. I failed English 2 in high school twice.
But I'm getting better at it.

Like me, but I never got a big difference with it, you know?

Are you familiar with "City-speak"?

being from the American south, I'm more familiar with Applejacks mannerisms.
Do you mind help me with Rarities? :duck:

Sorry man but I'm from the south and really a country man

2148361 I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Fantastic first chapter.

I tried to up-vote this story and the site told me I was incorrect...:applejackunsure: guess I didn't like it as much as I thought I did. :eeyup:

you were the one who first introduced to ponies. None of this would've happened without you.

Aw Rainbow Dash made a friend:heart:


does anyone know what groups this story could be placed in?

It seems like a pretty good fit so have a moustache

I'm going to be adding a credit song to every one of my stories, I already have songs picked for the second and forth stories in this series.

That's great. I'm happy to see that you looked forward into the future and plan to read all of them:pinkiehappy:


Well, this was a very typical HiE fic, that's for sure...

that what it was at first, but the rest in this series are fairly normal, all connections and references to earth and humans are nonexistent in the others of the series. except for when Lyra is involved.

Fill my heart up with sunshine sunshine

2401951 there is a group for stories with alicorn OC's

do you believe in love at first sight?

edit: btw, how did I do in terms of storytelling?
this was my first serious attempt at any sort of non-school writing.

Why isn't anypony doing comments? Here's one. I like the story but I have a question. Is Dashing Light still a mare after the spell?

Come on everypony, Smile, Smile, Smile.
Fill my heart up with sunshine sunshine
All I really need is a smile smile smile
From these happy friends of Mine!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

No clop scene please. I just ate breakfast and I'd rather not break my only computer.:pinkiesick:

Mind games pinkie. that is low

Damn it a clop scene right? I really just ate breakfast and I don't want to :pinkiesick:

4056147 Unless it's stated that He/She has done the spell, then he/she stays the specified gender.
4056305 Keep reading. you might be surprised
4056187 But it is something she's known for.

Hm the rating is slightly off-setting...but I suppose I'll give this a shot.

If anything, I may end up rewriting this.

Reading this years later, I feel that things could be different.

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