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The story of the life of Amethyst. A mare from The Dark World.

What is the Dark World? Who is Amethyst? Why should I care?

It will all be explained in due time.

Story based on an interview by Twilight Sparkle at the hearing for Amethysts Equestrian citizenship request.

authors note: don't complain about the light-hearted first chapter. things will get very dark in the coming chapters.

edit: on indefinite hiatus

Chapters (2)

A "pony" sends letters to his parents about his life in Equestria. Follow his narrations in the letters he sends to his parents. And remember, not all stories have happy endings.

note: just something I put together really quickly.

Chapters (5)

A strange force works from behind the scenes to ensure that certain events play out. This force is familiar to Equestria, but only to a select few who knew it a year earlier. Events will play out and they will changes those involved, but will it be for the better? Who knows?

Story 2 in the Dashing Light Cycle.
Story 1 is Life and Death

Note: If there is any problem with spelling or grammar, please PM me about it, don't leave a comment about it..

Chapters (3)

After a strange day at work, A brony finds himself in Equestria. He has to find out who brought him here and for what reason.

Will he learn how to "fit in", Will he learn the true meaning of friendship and love?
Will he sacrifice everything just for the sake of a single pony?

Story 1 of the Dashing Light cycle.

SUPER NOTE: I'm going to go back over this story and do some revisions to grammar and wording to make them less of an eye soar.

note: although it says sad, there will be some comedy moments, and although it says adventure, there will be some slice of life considering how early in the story it is.
note 2: this a the first on a series of 4 stories I have planned, they will all tie into each other, each leading into the next.
note 3: there are lots more characters than what was selected. those were just the most relevant to the story.
note 4: There are some minor and major references to other fan-fics and other stories(not pony). See if you can find them
note 5: re-rated teen for mild violence(i think its mild) and suggestive situations
note 6: AU tag added for non-alicorn Twilight.

Chapters (19)
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