• Published 21st Dec 2012
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Looking Lively - SleeplessBrony

"Figging...To treat a horse in such a way as to make the animal appear lively, as by putting a piece of ginger into the anus." — Imperial Dictionary of the English Language, 1883.

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Oh? Commence read.


Oh god no yes.

what...? :rainbowderp:

actually, I'd written that comment before reading this..but i think it serves as an apt reaction as well...:rainbowlaugh::facehoof::fluttershyouch::raritydespair:


Why is this so funny? This shouldn't be funny! :raritydespair:

Oh god, this thing again. Awesome.

This is perhaps one of the finest pieces of short fiction I have ever encountered.

So. Ridiculous.
I love it.
The alt ending was hilarious too.

A bit confused about the presence of the sex tag. I didn't find this sexual in any way. Just embarrasing and awkward.

Wouldn't mind seeing this as part of a larger series of awkward moments. Perhaps with an expanded and less contrived (Who needs to see? Do it by feel. ) setup.
Maybe a passion-party kinda deal but less intentionally sexy and more silly.

EEEEEEE heeheeheeheeheeheeee :rainbowlaugh:

Those poor, silly ponies! :ajsmug:

Oh, hey, an alt ending!



Huh...why do I know this word?

-"...*more stuff*..."-

Oh right. Yeah, that explains that.
It was all I could have hoped for an more.

Friends don't let friends get hit with butt roots.

*Reads description*
*discovers that, yes, he still had faith in humanity that he could, in fact, loose*

Double Ewe, Tea, Eff? :pinkiesick:

Site Blogger

Because we did it to show horses, so it makes a kind of twisted sense that fashion-ponies in Equestria might too.

*Alondro, being the consummate scientist he is, feels the need to experiment. One trip to the grocery store later, he has a peeled ginger root shoved up his butt* Huh, it does burn a bit. Not nearly as bad as that experiment last week where we were testing habanero peppers though.

FOR SCIENCE!!! :pinkiecrazy: :twilightoops:

oh god im crying with laughter! Physically struggling to breath and crying! XD

1832672 I think Mature obligates you to add either Sex or Gore, and since this is patently not the latter (and rather intimate, despite not being erotic in any way), the former is the only way to go.

Gosh I hope not. I mean the teen rated fics can have the sex or gore tags too. And there are plenty of ways to make a fic mature without making it explicit or graphic.

1850077 What ways would that be, exactly? Something that a child simply wouldn't understand doesn't get a "Mature" rating - that one is reserved for explicit sexual activity (including jokes of that "special" kind) and explicit bloodshed/violence. The only type of story I can think of that would deserve a "Mature" rating without either a "Sex" or "Gore" label would be intense psychological horror - and even then, "Silent Ponyville" for one is only rated "Teen".

Nice, but I prefer the original ending :twilightsmile:

THIS is the shit that stealing my views? Well, I'm in the wrong business it seems. Carry on.

God dammit, Sleepless, I died
Of laughter:rainbowlaugh:

Just gonna leave this here.
Also, he is not "stealing" your views. People will find your work or not find pretty much regardless of what SleeplessBrony does, unless he goes out of his way to drop links to your page and suggest people read your stories.

Well then... I... um.... what?

"Heh..." Rarity laughed nervously, her cheeks turning noticeably pink, "just the price one pays for fashion, dear!" In context I must ask, which pair of cheeks?

Okay! Well! :rainbowlaugh:

When I saw there was an alternate ending, I didn't imagine this. I imagined that since Twilight lost the 'offending root' in the canon story, it would cause a bit more trouble say... When Twilight sat down outside Rarity's bathroom.

Pop Twilight's eyes went wide. "Oh Celestia no..."

Well that was a thing...

Laughed, cringed, liked. Well done. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my celestia did I laugh good job friend good job

Oh. My. God.

I suppose I should have expected figging to show up here. Brilliantly done. :rainbowlaugh:

Just the nature of this one makes me laugh-out loud.

it also really reminds me of this scene:

Usually one must search for the root of the problem to fix it.

In Twilights case, the root of the problem found her :trollestia:

Just read Biscuit's take on this, then saw your comment so here I am.
This was too funny. Could tot's see Rarity doing something like this.

I bet ginger lemonade would be delicious.

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