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Pumpkin and Pound Cake are approaching their first birthday! Pumpkin meets with her Conference of Toys to plan a surprise party for her brother (challenging, since they're twins).

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There is more! More from Cloud Wander on the Cake Twins! *weeps with joy*:fluttercry:

I'm sorry, everypony. In my rush to get the story posted, I originally left it broken into three tiny "chapters." Looking at it again today, I realized how ridiculous this was, so I've consolidated the story into a single chapter.

Unfortunately, this means the comments tagged to the deleted chapters are gone. Given how positive the response has been, I feel really bad about that. Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment.

Next time, I'll give myself a little more time to think before I hit the "publish" button.

They're Changelings? This is at least 17 different kinds of awesome. I Love it. I also adore the Writing style you use for these Stories. It is wonderful

I had this idea for a story, in which Pound had a Calvin & Hobbes relationship with Smarty Pants, with the ending surprise being that Smarty is a real and loving Changeling, not a toy.

The Changelings are portrayed as predators*, but perhaps the little guys are only hungry for affection.

The idea that some Changelings would "go native" and bathe in the community of Ponyville seemed obvious. I first thought of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," but, since this is Ponyville, I took a more kindly view towards the "rebels" that infiltrated Ponyville and celebrated their neighbors.

As you might guess, I see Chrysalis as a sympathetic villain, like Elphaba in Wicked. She desires something beyond herself, and she sees Celestia as the "wizard" that holds her back, never realizing that Celestia is not her enemy, but her guide to a greater life.
*Consider their design and inclination for mimicry. Predator was the first thing I thought of.

I dawwwed for my country reading this :pinkiehappy:

This was a very cute story and it's good to see you making Pound and Pumpkin stores again. I liked this because it felt like Pound was saying sorry to Pumpkin for what happened last time. Great job.:pinkiesmile:

Also you may have released this Dec 11, but Dec 12 is my birthday and readying a good Pound and Pumpkin story about their birthday felt really good.:pinkiesmile:

Keep up the good work.

Man. I have a really hard time commenting on your stories. It's incredibly hard to come up with insightful analysis when brain sugar coma happy fiesta.

But that conversation at the end was priceless. I was wondering if this faction would make an appearance in your stories.
Everybuggy. LOL.

Do want conversation between rogue changelings and Josh's crew.

Site Blogger

I have seen that particular twist used at the end of a lot of fanfics, but this is the first time I didn't see it coming miles away. Well done, indeed.

"Everydolly" is the cutest thing I have heard in a long time.

Okay, put up your hand if you saw that twist coming.

...If your hand is up you're lying. Stop lying.

So cute, and I love the forward thinking changelings. I loved it!:pinkiesmile:

The toys... are alive?


Author Interviewer

What in the actual hell?

I was set to more or less write this off as a bit of silliness taken too far, but then that ending!

That.. would work... And is terrifying.

Didn't see that one coming.

Whoa whoa WHOA WHOA. slow it down there. THAT caught me by complete surprise. Whoa.


Liked and faved.

1788700 I think 2 chapters would have been good for this. The contrast between the two sections is so great that it would have been nice to have a bigger pause between them. The second section could have even been shortened and made into an epilogue.

I really liked the line "And so Pumpkin and Pound were both surprised, on their birthday."

That escalated quickly.


Well, that was quite the twist. I have to admit, I found myself wondering about how Squeaker Mouse and Smarty Pants wound up in Pumpkin's bedroom, but I was willing to suspend enough belief that I wasn't actually expecting to get hit with a reason for it.

I think my favorite bit here is Pound's ambition, though. I don't know how much thought went into that little passage, but as a child of two earth ponies, and carrying with it all the idealism of childhood, it feels like note-perfect characterization to me. Really excellent stuff.

Are all the toys you-know-what? :pinkiegasp:

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