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Josh, Bill and Blue are hard-working Earth Ponies that haul freight around Ponyville. Sometimes, Bill and Blue envy the freedom and power of the Pegasus and Unicorn Ponies. Josh, older, wiser, and a bit of storyteller, tries to comfort his teammates with the "secret truth" about the other types of ponies. And Bill and Blue... well, there's a short distance between between being open-minded and empty-headed.

These were my first two MLP:FIM fan fictions. The first, "The Truth About Pegasus Ponies," is a little rough, but it was one of those stories that just appeared in my head, whole and entire, and demanded to be written.

The second, "The Shadow Over Ponyville," is a bit more polished. Despite the title, it's not really a Lovecraft pastiche, although HPL obviously influenced my description of Blue's reaction to the "blasphemous truth" about Unicorns. ("Kelpies," by the way, are a real thing, or at least real in terms of folklore. Sometimes, this stuff just writes itself.)

When I wrote these stories (during the break between Seasons One and Two), I thought I had cleverly immunized myself against changes to the canon. Josh is, of course, only telling tall tales, so any changes to the canon couldn't affect his stories. Baby Cakes, however, makes these stories a bit implausible. Still, I'm fond of them anyway.

Josh's full name is Joshington Traveller Pie. In my personal canon, he's Pinkie Pie's uncle, the "bad" one that ran away from the rock farm to join the circus. Oddly, I have yet to write a story that includes both Pinkie and Josh. When I write about him, I imagine he sounds like John Goodman.

Edit: If you liked this story, you might also enjoy my story, "The Boneyard," which directly follows the events in "The Shadow Over Ponyville."

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this story is....hilarious...do more NOW! ...that is if you don't mind :fluttershysad:

Fun! I liked it!
... Or however you spell that.

Marvellous! Funniest godamn thing. You realise now, that this is now headcanon for me.


:rainbowlaugh: This was HILARIOUS! Nice work there! :pinkiehappy:

Mmm, I love me some good thaumobabble.

I'd almost forgotten about these. Truly funny stuff! :pinkiehappy:

I remember this from last July on EQD. I still love it. The one thing that stands out to me is the moment when Josh calls Rainbow Dash "princess" and she giggles. That right there, along with her initial reaction to the parasprite in Swarm of the Century is when her characterization rounded out for me and I was able to properly view her as both a tomboy and a girl in balance. Before that I was kind of conflicted over her character. I just wanted to thank you for that.:scootangel:

That and the end of Ch 2 gave me diabeetus. Not sure I should thank you for that one...:unsuresweetie:

It is now plain that the Pie family is related to the Barnum family.

The most well known member of that illustrious family being Phineighus T Barnum.

Josh could sell iceboxes to snow ponies, and most likely has. Keep this one going please.

Critical... Brain... Meltdown... Can't handle... ALL.. THE... D'AWWWWWS
*explodes, Then explodes again*

Woah, this is on fimfiction? I remember reading this on EQD ages ago and absolutely loving it. Great to see that it made it to the community over here so that people who weren't around back then can come across it without digging through the EQD fiction archive.

A side note: Josh has a scene in "Today I Will Be A Princess," in which you get a little more background on his circus career. (Josh's cutie mark is three rings.)

Traveller, of course, was the name of Robert E Lee's horse.

Hilarious and heartwarming, reading this story is a great start to my day. :pinkiehappy:

The tallest tales in all of Equestria. Just hope that they don't try to tell Snowball he's really a turkey...

Nice bit about the power of belief. It might not turn earth ponies into unicorns but it does inspire people to strive and it inspires even the commonest and humblest of ponies to dream of the stars.

This chapter is also a warning, of course, about the potential problems that arise when you tell credulous beings stories that imply the existence of Cosmic Horrors. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, what a bunch of derps those colts are.

Heh. Nice to see the origins of these guys, before The Boneyard. I think I still like that story better, but this was pretty nice, too.

I can't tell if Josh is just fucking with them or he actually believes all that trite but either way it's bloody hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm favoriting this, it's too damn funny to do otherwise.

Josh just likes to spin a good yarn. I think the point of these two stories is that Josh wants to help his teammates feel better about being Earth Ponies. And maybe have a laugh at their expense.

My story, "The Boneyard," might be thought of as the concluding chapter of this story, as the boys learn a little about what makes Earth Ponies special in their own way.

And the worst part is that this premise could be turned into a 200k word epic.

And thus began Blue Grass's campaign to free ponykind from cephalopodic tyranny, one cone at a time...

The Great and Powerful Twinkie!

That's a big Twinkie.

Unicorns are Goa'uld. Who knew?

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