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Chosen Undead in Equestria - Zombie Overlord Kog

Enjoy Dark Souls? Enjoy crossovers? Enjoy pastel colored ponies? Maybe give my story a read than.

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The Little Knight and a Taboo Word

You slept that night. The first truly restful sleep you can recall having in...well, decades. And you dreamed. Of what? Of peaceful days and tranquil nights, of Scootaloo in full regalia with you at her side, of happiness without end. And then you awake quietly, the first few rays of soft sunlight filtering into your room. A mirthless chuckle escapes your helm. Dreams and nothing more...

You swung your still armored legs over the side of your bed. Fluttershy still didn't understand why you never took your armor off. You still didn't understand why she didn't sleep with a battle ax or other sharp instrument next to her bed. The relationship between you two was a strange one. But that wasn't important right now. Judging from how the sun was hanging in the sky it was still quite early in the day. And if you thought right...a light rapping came from your window.

Sure enough, little Scootaloo pushed open the window and poked her head inside. You had thought she would take more time in coming to such a heavy decision but she made it clear she wanted to be your squire. With such determination you didn't rebuke her into taking more time. And after you agreed you had told her to come back to Fluttershy's that next morning, bright and early. And here she was, a tad tired looking, but overall excited and eager.

"Good morning, Anonymous!" she greeted you with a chipper voice. You cleared your throat and turned to face her, the faceplate of your helm still down. "Oh! Right!"

She bows, with eyes closed, as best she can from her spot in the window. "Good morning, Sir Anonymous. How are you this fine day?"

"I am fine squire." You nod lightly. Proper etiquette was the first of her lessons.

She cracks open one of her eyes and grins, "Like that, right?"

"Yes, like that, very good," You laugh softly. "Did you do as I instructed before you came?"

"Yes sir, Sir Anonymous! I made sure to eat a big breakfast and stretch a lot!" She responded with a giddy headshake.

You give a wordless nod and get up from your bed. "Meet me at the hill. I will be with you shortly."

"Yes sir!"

Scootaloo bowed and scampered off while you left your room to prepare a light meal in the kitchen. After a simple helping of milk and bread, with a few fresh fruits to go with it, you stepped out of Fluttershy's cottage and into the warm sunlight. You breathed deep and tasted the mild air that spilling into your helm. Today was going to be a, hopefully, uneventful day. You didn't need to be fighting manticores and dragons every minute of the week. Your chest was still sore.

You head towards the hill to meet with Scootaloo and begin her lessons when you glance off to the left of the cottage. The...remains of the dragon were still there partially buried after the efforts of Fluttershy and her animals. She was...understanding of your need to slay the beast but she had refrained from speaking with you for the remainder of the night. You hoped her mood would improve with time.

Fluttershy was...a friend. As strange as that word was to you, at least when it came to a talking equine, it was becoming truer and truer as the days passed. And her giving you the silent treatment was uncomfortable. But you couldn't be worried about her right now. You needed to focus on this training session. Though, how much could you actually teach a pony-child with no thumbs...? Only one way to find out. Returning your attention to the task at hand, you look towards the hill not far in front of you now. Scootaloo is there as you asked. She's seated on her haunches and seemed to be staring into the middle distance.

"Squire, are you well?" You call out to the tiny pegasus and she visibly stiffens in surprise.

"S-Sir Anonymous! You scared me." She quickly exhales a breath to clam herself and turns around to face you. "So, are we gonna start now sir?"

"Aye, that we are."

Scootaloo grinned and sprang to her feet. Uh, hooves, rather. This was going to be a challenge. Hours upon hours pass. Scootaloo is a quick learner, which surprised you more than it should have. This filly had proven she had determination in spades, after all.

"Man, this is harder than I thought it was gonna be, sir." the pegasus wiped sweat from her forehead.

"Aye. Training is a tiring and difficult process for a beginner with no experience. However, you are doing exceedingly well. Take a small rest, if you must."

Scootaloo gives a shake of her head, her fuchsia mane whipping back and forth. "No, I'm ok. I want to keep going."

"...Very well. We'll move on to proper footwork then." Scootaloo nods and the lesson resumes.

You're quiet for a time as is Scootaloo. It's not an uncomfortable silence but you get the feeling your squire has something to say, but is hesitant to do so.

"Something on your mind squire?" You decided to break the slight tension for her.

Scootaloo audibly eeps and bashfully kicks at the ground. "W-Well, I was kinda wondering...if, maybe you'd..."

She mumbled something you didn't quite catch.

"Come now, speak up girl, no need to be shy around me."

Your squire gulped nervously. "Well, could you tell me about, you know, yourself? I mean, you did say I reminded you of you... I'd like to know more, sir."

She was curious about your past was she. You keep the sigh building in your gut to yourself. The past was the past and to dredge it up was pointless. But those eyes Scootaloo was giving you... Difficult to resist.

You roll your eyes. "...Very well. If you are truly interested I...suppose I could tell you."

The little filly beams at you and trots over, taking a seat in the grass at your feet. You join her on the ground and get comfortable. You clear your throat and--

"Oh! Uh, sir? Could you...take off your helmet? Please? It's just...sometimes it's hard to hear you clearly and I don't wanna miss a word of this!

Remove...your helm?

"Squire, I don't..."
Those big, purple eyes...

"Very well."

You unclasp the binding securing your helm to the rest of your armor and pull it free from your head. Scootaloo gasps when she sees your face for the first time, unobscured and unprotected. A normal response, the gasp. After all, you were missing an eye, the jagged scar running from the top of your forehead all the way down to your chin. Though missing might not be the right word. It was still in its socket, but it was damaged beyond repair. Now it was just stark white and blank.

"Sir Anonymous... I-I didn't..."

"Know? Of course not, how could you? But please, squire, it is fine. I feel no...shame from this scar. It is simply...a reminder. Now, let me begin this tale. It begins in my homeland; the land of Astora..."

--Several hours later--

The story is much, much longer than you expected it to be. Too long, really... Scootaloo was, well, the look on her face was one of sadness and sympathy. You...appreciated the fact that she cared.

"Wow... I mean, you went through so much, sir. I don't know how you could stand up against all that. Like when you lost your eye to...him. He was... It's just so sad. And how you...you died."

Telling her the truth about you being Undead was perhaps the hardest thing to explain. But she seemed to grasp the concept.

"Sir, I'm...sorry I made you--" You raise a hand and stop her from continuing.

"Please squire, you did not force me. Perhaps it is better you know of my history." Scootaloo nods softly but still looked quite forlorn. "Scootaloo, please, do not dwell too deeply on my past. Think of it in this manner: had I not gone through all those hardships I would have never met you."

"Well...I guess that's true."

You tussle the pegasus' mane lightly. She giggles and nuzzles your hand. To see her frown and be so distraught was...unacceptable. You always wanted to see her smiling that bright smile.

"Now, enough talk of the past, let us focus on the present. Let us resume the training." You say enthusiastically as you raise to your feet, helmet tucked under your arm.

"Right! Yes, sir!" Scootaloo gets to her hooves herself and--


Was that?

The little filly blushes and sheepishly looks to the ground.

"Ha ha. If you were hungry squire, you should have spoken up."

"I-I'm just a little starved is all..."

"Then we shall postpone training until our bellies are full. Does that sound acceptable?"


You and your smiling squire headed back to Fluttershy's to acquire potations. It was a simple but enjoyable lunch in Fluttershy's kitchen. You did hope she didn't mind you rifling through her supplies and...odd ice-box contraption.

"So, Scootaloo, I have told you of my past. Would you indulge me with your own tale?"

Scootaloo seemed surprised by the request. "Uh... Well, I'm don't really have much to tell. I'm not anywhere close to being as old as you sir, so, I haven't done a lot."

"Mmm. Tis true, I suppose. Perhaps I should simply ask you questions, yes? So you do not have to scour your memories."

"That sounds fine, sir."

But what to ask? You didn't want to pry too deeply for fear of upsetting her but...there were things you wanted to know. Namely...

"May I ask about your parents?" Scootaloo is taken aback slightly by your request. And again she looks dour. And here you just said you hated seeing her like that. "Er... Never mind, I--"

"No, it's ok sir. You don't know so... My mommy and daddy, well, I don't know where my daddy is. And mommy is...in Elysium."

Elysium? That sounds like... Life was too hard on this child.

"I am...sorry, Scootaloo." That was all you could find yourself saying.

The filly shakes her head. "It's fine. I know mommy is in a better place. And...I never knew daddy so...I can't feel that bad about him. Besides, I'm a big filly! I can handle stuff like this! No problem! And Miss Cheerilee takes real good care of me."

Such a brave front she put on for all to see. Though you could tell, she wanted nothing more than to break down and cry. A quick flash of past memories races through your mind. It's you as a boy standing in front of a grave. Tears are streaming down your face, but you're doing your best to stem them. Teeth clenched and sniffling hard, your face is flushed red and you hands are tightened into shaking fists. The memory comes and goes as quickly as it arrived.

You gently shake yourself clear. Don't... You return your attention to Scootaloo. The question of her parents was only one of two burning queries you had. The second was the matter of her wings... You had already come this far.

"Another question, if I may." Scootaloo looks at you and gives you the ok to go ahead. "Your wings...do you...not know how to fly?"

Her little wings flutter momentarily before folding back to her sides.

"My wings...can't support my weight very well. I, uh, I've been told I'll never be able to fly properly..."

Without realizing it, you slam your fist down onto the table. "Nonsense! Do not let anyone ever tell you that. You are capable of anything you put your mind to. If you wish to fly, you simply must want it enough. With both heart and soul..."

Scootaloo is speechless after your sudden...outburst.

You look down and see you fist is trembling. You take a deep breath and slowly release it.

"My point is; strive to achieve your dreams, no matter what others may tell you."

"I...I understand, sir. I'll make extra sure to ask Rainbow Dash for more pointers and tips!"

You quietly nod and return to eating. Scootaloo does the same. Internally, you berate yourself. You should have left well enough alone. And now your squire was in, no doubt, a sour mood. You needed to fix that. But how? You can't teach her how to fly. Perhaps... Yes, that could work if they are available.

"Squire, would this world happen to have blacksmiths?"

The filly quickly gulps down a bit of hay in her mouth and thinks. "Uh... Yeah, there's blacksmiths. I mean, somepony had to make those suits of armor for those awesome Royal Guard ponies. Why do you want to know sir?"

You smile to yourself. This would be a fitting surprise. But you don't tell right now, don't want to spoil it.

"I...was simply wondering if there were any here with the skills to repair my arms and armor. That is all."

Scootaloo purses her lips and scrutinizes you. Like she could almost tell you were hiding something. But she soon goes back to being Simple Scootaloo with a simple shrug and a grunt. You smile and think to make time to ask Fluttershy where you might find a suitable smith for your...idea. Though now a new worry enters your mind. How would you pay for it? You doubted very much that these ponies used the souls of others as a means of currency. And you had no physical tender besides a few scant coins of copper, silver, and gold. That would most likely not be enough, if they even did accept...foreign money. You...could perform odd jobs, perhaps. Not the most glorious of propositions for a knight but you wanted to do this for Scootaloo very much, so you'd grin and bare it if it came to that.

Raising from the table, you reaffix your helm. "I believe it is time to return to your training. Provided you've had your fill?"

The filly devours the remaining bit of food on her plate and chugs the glass of juice to her side. The she lets loose with a raucous belch. A quick blush covers her cheeks as she embarrassingly covers her mouth.

"E-Excuse me. Heh heh heh..." You chuckle warmly and simply pat her on the head.

The two of you return to your spot on the hill and continue from where you left off. The next step; would be weapons training. This was a slightly easier problem to solve; you had many a dagger and short-sword. You simply need to find the right one to suit Scootaloo. You pulled out the Bottomless Box and rummaged through it. Anything bigger than the broken sword hilt would most likely throw off her natural agility and balance. Hmm... There had to be--Ah. Here we are. You pull the Parrying Dagger from the box and examine it. Yes, this would do. Light, perfect for thrusting and slashing attacks, and once Scootaloo had properly learned to parry this would be come a fine weapon for her.

"Here you are, squire." You carefully hand her the dagger, which she takes in her mouth just as gently. She forms a tight bite on the daggers grip.

"Ick, kinda groady-tasting, sir." Her voice was naturally muffled with the weapon in her mouth but you understood her well enough. Though you didn't know what groady meant. No matter, she would get used to the, uh, taste of the weapon.

Soon enough she's following-up with more complicated maneuvers after simple slashing and thrusting. She's taken to the dagger quite well. That's reassuring but, you did honestly hope she would never have to use it. At least not until she became a little older. No child should ever have to be forced to fight. Another hour or so pass in a comfortable quiet. And you can tell Scootaloo is exhausted. A light sheen of sweat adorns her tiny body.

"That is enough for today, squire." Scootaloo looks surprised and mumbles something you can't quite make out.

She stabs the parrying dagger into the ground at her hooves. "Bu-But I can still keep going!" She pants and her tongue lolls just slightly out of her mouth.

"Squire, you are about to collapse. You did remarkably well for your first day."

"But that's just it! You'll be...gone in a few days.

That...was true. Maybe. There's truly no guarantee that was going to pass, it was simply the preferred outcome. Or, it was... No. You...still needed to get back to Lordran. Needed but steadily not wanted as time passed. This land had bewitched you. And the few, scant inhabitants you had met only deepened it. You...were beginning to not want to go home. You were beginning to want to stay. Such a selfish notion. You couldn't stay in Equestria. You were not of their world. You simply didn't belong, no matter how much you had grown accustomed to it. With a light sigh you push those thoughts away from your mind and re-focus on Scootaloo.

"That...is possibly true, squire. I may be returning home in a few days time, but nothing is set in stone. I may end up staying longer then anticipated should the meeting with your princess lead nowhere."

Scootaloo gives a little, hopeful smile.

"So, do not think you need to rush training. We will have time."

She bows respectfully. "Does...that mean I should head home then?"

"Yes. Take the remainder of the day to...frolic if you'd like."

"Frolic? Tee hee, you take funny sometimes, sir." With a giggle Scootaloo scampers off to do...whatever it is filly children do.

As for yourself you return to Fluttershy's cottage. To have a moment of relaxation. You take a seat on her couch, as it's the only piece of furniture that's large enough to support you. You merely sit and rest. The events of the day replaying through your head. Though they are cut short when you hear the front door creaks open. And in trots Fluttershy messy with dirt and grass stains. Her hooves...are tinted a light red as well. Attending to the slain dragon, no doubt.

"Oh... Hello, Anonymous." Fluttershy is a soft-spoken as always. Perhaps more so in this moment.

"Hello Fluttershy."

At least she's speaking to you now.

"Are you...finished with the dragon?"

The meek pegasus lightly nods and walks past you and over to her stove. She grabs a pail from next to it, walks to her sink and begins filling it with water. Grasping the handle in her mouth Fluttershy returns to the outside. You choose not to follow after her, but from you spot on the couch you can hear her sniffling and huffing lightly. Wishing the blood from her hooves must be a...new experience. You can't even recall the first time you had to wipe the blood from your sword. You are grateful for the fact your faceplate is down. You didn't want Fluttershy seeing the grimace on your face. The front door creaks open again and with pail in mouth Fluttershy comes back in, her eyes are just slightly reddened and puffy.

You want to say something but nothing comes to mind. And Fluttershy herself says nothing as she pass by again to return the pail. Continuing the silence, she quietly flies up to her room.

"Anonymous... Could you...come up here please? I mean, if that's alright with you."

Inviting you into her bedroom? That was...strange. And wouldn't be proper to accept on your part. However it sound like she wanted to talk privately and personally. Polite manners would have to step-aside in this instance. Rising from the couch you head up the nearby stairs to Fluttershy's bedroom. You see she's seated at a vanity mirror, brushing her mane, as you crest the stairs.

"You wish to speak to me, Lady Fluttershy?" She stops brushing and turns to face you.

"Yes... I...I'm sorry. About not talking to you. It's just...I'm not used to...death. At least not in such a violent way. But I understand you absolutely had no choice but to...k-kill him. He would have done horrible things if you hadn't stopped him. Really you..." Getting up from the mirror the pegasus trots up to you and rests a hoof against your leg.

"You really are a hero, Anon."

You feel your chest tighten when you hear the word... That word...

"I am...no hero." The words barely escape the metal confines of your helmet. But Fluttershy manages to hear them.

"But...Anonymous you are! You beat that mean dragon! You're being a role-model to Scootaloo! You're a genuine knight! A hero!"

Your teeth clench, and you can hear your heart beat pounding in your ears.

"I am no hero! Do not say that word to me!" Your shouts echo through the small cottage.

Fluttershy's eyes widen in shock and she takes a step back. "Bu-But why? You are a hero. I'm sure Scootaloo sees you as one. And...so do I. Why would you say you're not?"

"Because...a true hero wouldn't have entertained the thoughts I have..."

Do you tell her this? Will she understand? Would you jeopardize this friendship?

"I don't...what do you mean, Anon?"

Tell her...

"Lady Fluttershy... I... I held the fate of my world in my very hands not to long ago."

She doesn't seem to grasp what you mean but remains quiet.

"And in those final moments... I thought, for just an second, to let the world fall to the darkness. To just...not care anymore."

"But...You didn't right? You didn't let your world down did you?"

"I don't believe I did. Ultimately, I followed through with what I had come to believe in. With what I had been told I was meant to do." A heavy sigh resounds from your helmet.

"Then that proves it. You are a hero. In the end, you did the right thing. And that's what matters."

"...I don't truly know if I believe that, Lady Fluttershy. I should not have even mused about the thought at all... The mere prospect of my people, my home, everything falling should have keep such thoughts away. But it did not. So, until, I can resolve these feelings about myself and my ability to...care, please, refrain from calling me a...hero."

Quietly Fluttershy nodded and walked back towards you, again resting a hoof on you leg. "Alright, Anon. I'll respect you request but... for what it's worth I already think you care plenty about others. Scootaloo is proof enough of that."

With that the pegasus leaves you alone with your thoughts. Thoughts of the day you might be able to call yourself worthy of the title of hero...

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2158301 magic wasn't OP before dark magic, it was just really annoying

I see the "Anonymous in Equestria" thing but my first thought was "Oh god why does his name have to be anonymous?" I cringe whenever characters are named anonymous or anon. It sounds silly and kind of works in comedic fics but if this is anything like Dark Souls (which I played for like 5 hours today :p) then the name really doesn't fit the tone. And yes I know you can name your character anything in Dark Souls.


Well, he's supposed to Anonymous; literally a blank slate for you to fill in how you want. It's part of the reason these stories are done in second-person perspective. Really, if you feel so inclined, you can think up any name for him you want in your head and it won't detract from the story. I ask you judge my story by the content therein, not by the name of the lead character.

2161049 The problem there is that if I try to immerse myself in the story I lose it whenever I see the name. I definitely imagine him having a different name, just as I replace "we" with "I" whenever I read people write Luna's dialogue (pet peeve of mine that I could explain but I won't here). However that doesn't stop me from reading the fics and I am certainly not judging yours by it; I just wanted to let you know it could be distracting to the reader. I plan on reading this in an hour or two.

That music that plays when you first enter Gwyn's chamber is so good though.

I like the story and how it's progressing, but having the name of the character actually be anonymous is what ruins it for me. Usually, they will make a comedic interruptions whenever the anon introduces himself (thank you, Pinkie) or just avoid it altogether. I will put in my own name (or the name of my DS character for this fic) when reading anon stories, but seeing the word anonymous still makes me cringe.

Yay. A Dark Souls and MLP crossover that isn't sad or a tragedy. :raritystarry:


Well, you got me there.


I wanted some sort of progression, in terms of things to fight (which will only be getting bigger). And I wanted it to seem believable that, no matter what Anon fights, he's still just a man. He gets tired, he gets battered, so on. I mean, I could have Anon steamroll everything he encounters, but I don't think that would be a terribly interesting story.

Really love this crossover! :pinkiehappy: Cant wait for the next chapter, sure hope scoot learns to fly in this story. ^^

Please write more. I want to see more between Fluttershy and our knight here.
Scootaloo after attaining knighthood.

I'll try and bang out a chapter within the next week or two. Life is hectic, you know.


I do hope that's a good wow instead of a bad one.


Yes, technically. If you read comment #57, I explain a bit as to why that is.

Most likely that these thoughts would go through my head too, I am no hero.

2933521 If a person shoved a sword in my face, I wouldn't just immediately shrug it off and continue on my merry way, I would be a bit more... panicky, to say the least.

I may not have been clear with what I meant in my comment, and for that, I apologize. :twilightblush:

Gotta say I was a little sceptical about how well this story would portrey the game and the character. I am pleasently surprised how it all played out. Definitly done right and I hope this story still has some life in it.

this crossover kinda makes me want to buy the game:pinkiegasp: thanks for the awesome story:heart:


Well, if it makes you wanna buy it I feel I've done my part in some small way.

3107526 hell yea you have! also im a sucker for dark fantasy:pinkiehappy:


Glad I could provide in that case. The dark fantasy, I mean. And stick around. This is story ain't dead yet.

3107834 dont worry im not going anywhere:pinkiehappy: ill be looking forward to see more from you in the future:heart:

Good story I'm liking it. Please don't kill off any1 too important please, with the whole invasion thing I'm a little worried. Although I think if Unicorns had half a mind to they could rip apart the creatures with a little practice.

So... a full year... you alive? Any chance on continuing this?


Alive in some state or other. And yes, there's a chance. I've just had numerous other things crop up. But I always try and finish what I start.

4003421 Alright. Also, if you're planning to give Scootaloo a knight/fighting/dark-souls cutie mark... May I suggest the Crest of Artorias, maybe slightly altered to be more Equestrian?


I have plans for Scootaloo. Don't worry about that.


It's not exactly exciting to read about heroes casually beating enemies like it's nothing. And it teeters on the Sue-ish side, if you ask me. Besides, for all the CU has accomplished, he's still human, more or less. He's not super-powered. Well, maybe if he were a pyromancer or sorcerer, but that's an entirely different matter...

Great fic so far, love the relationship this brooding Knight have withthose two adorable pegasi.

Please continue this my good sir. The chosen undead must link the fires.

If you don't finish this story, I'll fokin bash ur head in, mate.

...something tells me that Bro-lair fell to the sunlight maggot and attacked Sir Anonymous

8082735 Will it ever see the Light of the Sun?


Who knows. Maybe. I'd like to say this year will be different from the previous ones.

I love this, beatifuly written, great idea. I hope we'll see more of it sometime

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