• Published 7th Dec 2012
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Chosen Undead in Equestria - Zombie Overlord Kog

Enjoy Dark Souls? Enjoy crossovers? Enjoy pastel colored ponies? Maybe give my story a read than.

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Stuck in a Strange Land

Twilight was on her back, her eyes swirling around in their sockets.

"Did I do it?" she asked in a confused if mildly cute manner.

"Nope." Spike said flatly.

"N-No, I'm afraid not." Fluttershy mumbled.

You add to the rest with an angry grunt. Of course, when you want sorcery without a hitch, it goes careening off a cliff and explodes into a fireball when it hits the ground. You do not want to be stuck here.

"I'm sorry Anonymous, I guess my magic isn't strong enough to send you back..." Twilight has righted herself and was casting a forlorn stare at the floor.

For the love of... She genuinely looked disappointed over her failure. And it was making you feel...guilty over that grunt you snorted out. She did try at least.

"It is...fine, Mage Twilight Sparkle." You don't sound too reassuring but the gesture seemed to make her feel better and she gives you a small smile.

Thanking a mage for a failed casting... Truly, this world was cursed with something most evil.

"Wait a minute!" Twilight perked up even more. "Maybe Princess Celest--Oh, no. Darn it." She became downtrodden again.

"What is it, Mage Twilight?" You ask, hopeful that it leads somewhere useful.

"Well, if Princess Celestia was here, she might have the ability to send you back to Lordran. But she's on official business in Manehattan. She'll be gone at least a week. And Princess Luna is busy with an ambassador trip to the Griffon Kingdom. She'll be gone just as long, if not longer."

Stuck, stuck, stuck is all you're hearing. Stuck in the equivalent of a child's story book. It could be a shade worse upon reflection. Just a shade, however... You didn't have any other options here; what else was new? So, you'd wait for this princess and when you meet her you'd get her to send you back to your world. Via persuasion or force, for you they were somewhat the same thing.

"If I must wait...then I shall wait."

Now wait where was the question at hand.

"Uh, um, if-if you like, you can stay with...me. I mean, if you want to that is..." Fluttershy fumbled around her words as she spoke them. "I-I mean, I'm still about your wound and-and I'd like to make sure you get some good food in you."

Still she was going out of her way to try and watch over you? You may as well take advantage of it. She was quiet and timid, she wouldn't dare try to harm you. She didn't have the fortitude, not even through trickery.

"Very well, Lady Fluttershy. I accept your proposal." You kneel on one knee and extend a hand to her while bowing your head respectfully, it was a pose you've taken many times before at every lonely, cold bonfire.


At least, you could have sworn you saw those words before your eyes afterwards.

"Well, I'm glad that's one problem solved," Twilight quipped with a grin. "Anonymous, I'll let you know the minute Princess Celestia is back in Canterlot."

You nod simply in response.

"Um, if it's ok with you Anonymous could we head back to my house? I have some chores to take care of and I'm sure Angel is running out of patience."

You nod once more, you really didn't feel any need to be in Twilight's home anymore than needed and start to make for the door. Fluttershy says her good-byes to the purple-horse-mage and follows after you.

The walk back to Fluttershy's cottage is a quiet one until you notice a buzzing noise drawing closer. Fluttershy doesn't seem to hear though. You raise the Crest Shield just to err on the side of caution when suddenly something blue and feathery slams into it. The force of the impact actually sends you skidding back several feet. You look down at your shield and see another flying equine like Fluttershy stuck to it like dried mud.

"Oh my goodness!" the butter-yellow pony glides over to you before getting a surprised look on her soft features. "Rainbow Dash? What are you doing?"

Rainbow Dash. These names never cease to be fanciful and silly. And true to her name, her mane is literally the seven colors of a rainbow.

"Ugh... My head..." the cyan-hued would-be missile groaned.

You give the Crest Shield a hard shake and the one called Rainbow Dash comes undone, tumbling to the ground in a heap.

"Dash, are you ok? What were you doing?" Fluttershy asked as she helped the other flying equine to her hooves.

Rainbow Dash brought a hoof to her no doubt sore head as she started to speak something other than groans. "I was flying by and saw this...thing sneaking up on you!" The hoof that was rubbing her tender spot was now being pointed at you accusingly.

"Oh no, Rainbow. He wasn't going to hurt me. This is Anonymous. He's, um, from out of town." Fluttershy explained as she hovered next to you.

You can't help but feel like some sort of attraction.

"What is he anyways? He walks on two legs. He some kinda jumbo Diamond Dog?" Rainbow asked quizzically, and having regained enough of her senses to fly again.

She floats a few inches from your helmeted face and heavily scrutinizes your overall appearance. And what did she call you? A Diamond Dog? Those sound truly fearsome. Rainbow Dash carefully knocked her hoof against your faceplate. You snorted in response. Rainbow quickly flapped backwards, as if she expected smoke to billow from your helm. Soon enough, she's right back in your face.

"This things is...kinda cool. His face is totally made out of metal!"

"Human." You correct her. Enough with being called 'thing'.

"Hu-what?" Rainbow Dash cocks an eyebrow.

You remain quiet. You don't have the time or patience to give her a full explanation. How would you even begin to describe the Undead aspect? Better to not bring it up at all.

"Lady Rainbow Dash, if you don't mind we were traveling back to Lady Fluttershy's cottage and I'd like to resume that activity."

You say plainly and brush past the blue flying pony. You hear stifled laughter behind you that soon erupts into full-blown guffawing

"L-Lady Rainbow Dash? Ha ha! Dude, way, way, too formal. Who talks like that? Ha ha!"

You're not surprised this one is so uncouth. And what in Lordran was a 'dude'? Rainbow Dash wiped away a tear from her magenta eyes.

"Just Rainbow Dash is fine or RD, none of this, pfftt, lady stuff."

You grunt in slight annoyance and resuming walking back to Fluttershy's.

"Well Fluttershy, I need to get back to work. This little diversion kinda set me back a little. I'll catch ya later!"

You hear the loudmouthed one race off with hurried wing-beats and you also hear Fluttershy calling after her.

"Ok Dash, I'll talk to you later then." she gives a little wave before chasing after you. "W-Wait for me,


"And just how are our forces coming along?" the voice was jovial and lighthearted, but just under the surface one could hear mania and dementia.

"Very well. In one weeks time the land of Equestria will know of the monstrous hordes of Lordran. And the two of us will have our goals ever closer to fruition." the second voice was noble in tone, almost regal, but also sounded terribly ancient. The voice dripped with darker intentions and machinations.

"So glad to hear it. Just remember our deal."

"I know quite well what our agreement is. In fact, I feel I should be the one to remind you."

The more lighthearted voice chortled. "Come now, Darkstalker Kaathe. If you can't trust the god of chaos, who can you trust?"

"Do not try my patience, Discord. And do not fail me as he did."