• Published 7th Dec 2012
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Chosen Undead in Equestria - Zombie Overlord Kog

Enjoy Dark Souls? Enjoy crossovers? Enjoy pastel colored ponies? Maybe give my story a read than.

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Ponyville, Sorcery, and A Puny Dragon.

Perhaps not as eternal as you thought, though. Your tired eyes flitter open and the small amount of sunlight seeping through the slit of your helm nearly blinds you. You can hear a multitude of birds tittering and singing, and the smell of fresh grass and water finds its way into your nose. Are you still in the forest? You certainly don't recall the forest floor being this...soft. Groggily, you sit up and notice a soft blanket has been draped across you. It amusingly small and barely covers you at all. You also notice that you yourself are situated on a couch. It's also quite small for you. This was all...a first. Typically, passing out lead to a moment of respite before you saw the familiar sight of a bonfire in front of you again. You suddenly remember the battle against the strange monster in the dreary woods and your hands go to where the creature stabbed you with its toxic tail. It was just above your heart... The wound has been treated, cleaned and covered with a light gauze. Impressive work, what with you still being in your Elite Knight armor. As you push yourself up off the couch and get upright you nearly strike your head against the ceiling. Wherever you were now stayed to be running with the theme of the blanket and furniture; it was all small to you.

You look over your surroundings and see all manner of woodland creatures scampering back and forth. Asides from the wildlife the dwelling was lightly decorated, nothing as grand as Anor Londo, however. You began to hear a soft humming coming from not to far off. Best to be cautious... If it's a foe you might be able to get the drop on them. If it was an ally they may be able to explain a few things. Quietly, which isn't an easy task when in a suit of full armor, make your way to the source of the humming. You come to an empty doorway and peer around its corner. There's a simple kitchen and...the same flying horse from before. The moment you see it, it sees you. The tray it was holding in its mouth clatters to the floor and it screams in terror before dropping to the floor and cowering behind its light-pink mane.

"P-P-P-P-Please don't hurt me!"

The horse just...spoke. Still not the oddest thing that's happened to you thus far.

"I-I-I-I-I was go-going to bring-bring you some sou-sou-soup."

Soup? Indeed, now that you allowed a slight pause in your defenses you could catch a whiff of something appetizing. You look towards the bowl adorning the ground and see it was a simple vegetable soup. You can't remember the last time you've eaten anything, or if you even could anymore... You shake your head. What are you thinking? This could easily be a trap of some sort. Though...if she wanted you dead she could have done so much faster and easier when you were in the woods. Not to mention she treated your wound. Why do that if she desired your life? ...No, you couldn't afford to trust anyone or anything right now. Besides, every time you've done so, it ended...badly. For all involved. The small winged equine in front of you continued to whimper and hide behind its mane. You sheathe your sword. You wouldn't trust this thing, but you'd do your best to get some answers out of it. With weapon put away the butter-colored horse steals a peek at you from behind her mane and begins to lessen her shivering.

"You-You aren't going to-to hurt me...?"

A simple nod of the head is your response.

"Th-Thank you... Uh, um, I-I'm Fluttershy. An-And you're...what exactly?"

Fluttershy? What sort of moniker was that? It was apt with her voice being just above a whisper, but still. And why was she asking you what you were? It was as if she had never seen a human before, undead or otherwise. You offer no answer to her question, anyway. You...don't speak much. Fluttershy started to fidget in place when you didn't respond.

"Can-can't you speak?"

More silence is all she gets from you. This must be difficult for her, you're not one to speak often and she can't read any facial expressions you might have with your faceplate down.

"Um, well, what were you doing in the Everfree Forest?"

You shrug your shoulders. You hadn't a clue. Maybe if you did you'd inform her as such.

"An-And did you...kill that manticore?"

This time you nod a yes to her question and her eyes immediately grow to the size of diner plates and she begins to yell, the softest one you've ever heard.

"I-I-I can't believe it! Who-Who do you think you are!"

Her personality certainly flipped around quickly enough. But is she honestly surprised by your actions? This 'manticore' creature would have torn you apart if you hadn't fought back and slain it. You don't go looking for trouble, it generally finds you. Though you don't say it, this realization seems to dawn on Fluttershy and she reverts back to being soft-spoken and meek.

"Oh! Oh, I-I'm so sorry... I guess you didn't have a choice but...still..."

She genuinely looks distraught over the death of that monster, even tearing up a bit. You simply don't understand it... This situation is making you, of all people, uncomfortable. You clear your throat loudly enough to catch the equines attention.

"O-Oh, excuse me," Fluttershy sniffles a little before turning her focus back to you with a slight smile on her face. "Maybe my friend, Twilight Sparkle, can help? She knows all sorts of things."

Twilight...Sparkle? Sounds like the name of a...mage. You disliked mages. Greatly... But this...Twilight Sparkle may be able to provide you with a means to get back to Lordran. Hopefully, wherever it was you were it wasn't to far from home, but...you never heard of a land of talking horses before. And you thought the inhabitants of Catarina were bizarre. You motion towards the front door of Fluttershy's home, letting her know of your desire to leave.

"You want to leave now? But aren't you hungry? I could make another bowl--"

You cut off Fluttershy by thrusting your arms a bit more forcibly at the door this time.

"Al-Alright, we'll leave now. Give me a second, please."

You roll your eyes, not that she could see it.

"Angel Bunny, come here," she calls out. You watch a white rabbit trot past you like you weren't even there. "Angel, I'm going into town to talk to Twilight about my...um, new friend here, and I need you to watch the house, ok?"

The rabbit stares up at you, its face one of complete contempt. Hollows and demons alike have not glared at you as hard as this rabbit is. Maybe it is a demon... Note to self: slay small rabbit demon at earliest opportunity. Fluttershy leads you from her tiny cottage and quietly trots in front of you as the both of you make your way down a simple dirt road. You're constantly looking at the beautiful landscape all around you. It's so very...colorful, with its azure skies, viridian grasslands and hearty trees. Overbearingly so... You absentmindedly paw at the hole in your armor while you glance around. You'd have to patch that eventually. The moment you find a bonfire and have a moment to... Wait a moment. What if...what if there were no bonfires here? That could be problematic, to say the least. Hell, what if this wasn't some distance land far from Lordran after all? What if this was all just some illusionary world crafted by the unseen mage? It's not unheard of. The Painted World of Ariamas was all to painfully real. You were beginning to worry just slightly.

"We'll be in Ponyville soon enough." the winged horse in front of you chimed in.

Fluttershy's voice snapped you from your worrying thoughts, and replaced them with further thoughts of how ridiculously named everything here seemed to be. Ponyville? That must be a joke name, correct? It has to be... It's not. It's really nothing but ponies of varying bright colors wandering around the town as you crest a hill just outside it. Some were working stalls, others tending to gardens, a few were taking care of their fanciful homes. Not a single human in sight. Not. One. If this was the unseen mage's idea of a joke you truly don't understand it. At all. As you feel a headache starting to come over you, Fluttershy pipes up once more.

"There's Twilight's house up ahead. I'm sure she'll be able to help with this whole situation."

You see your equine companion looking towards a rather large tree. Naturally a mage would live in a tree. Fluttershy gently rapped on the door of the tree-home as you stood behind her. The door swung open a moment later and there was a small reptile of some kind standing there. You recognize a dragon when you see one but this was...pathetic. He barely came up to your shin. Though, better small and worthless than another Seath the Scaleless. You stare down at him. It stares up at you. Dead silence for a full minute. It slowly takes a step back and quietly closes the door.

"Twilight! I think it's for you!"

A second or so later the door reopened and a purple-tinged horse was standing there.

"Well? Who was it...Spike...?"

Joy unbounded, another staring contest. And again, utter silence.

"Um, hello, Twilight." Fluttershy waves at the stupefied violet-eyed horse. Twilight never breaks eye contact as she turns to speak with her to her friend.

"Hi...Fluttershy. Uh...who or what is this?"

"Well, I'm not really sure. I found him in the Everfree Forest. He was hurt, so I had to help him."

Twilight nods in understanding as Fluttershy gives the short version of the events.

"Ok, that explains some things. But not nearly everything. So...uh, you, what's your name? Where are you from exactly?" Twilight begins to lob questions at you.

These horses were so hung up on names. Why did they care? No one else did... You inwardly sigh. Not speaking was proving to be a problem. You weren't even sure you could speak after forgoing it for so long, but short simple answer should suffice for these creatures.


You're surprised by the sound of your own voice. It's so low and gravelly, and muffled by your helm. Fluttershy also looks surprised, it seems she didn't quite believe you beforehand when the speaking query came up.

"And you're from...? Twilight continued to probe with questions.


Lordran...you can honestly say you miss it. Hollows, demons, and devils all.

"I've never heard of, what was it, Lordran?" Twilight pursed her lips as she brought a hoof to her chin. "Maybe there's something in my library. please, come in."

The purplish horse waves you and Fluttershy inside her library/tree house. You actually have to duck down in order to clear the doorway. You survey the hollowed-out tree once you inside and find it to be a fair deal larger than Fluttershy's miniscule cottage. Though, it's roughly equal in terms of furniture. But every available inch of wall space seemed dedicated to rows and rows of books. It was no Duke's Archive but impressive for a tiny, talking, purple horse.

"Now, let's see here." Twilight began to eye her collection of tomes before the horn that adorned her forehead started to glow with a magical aura.

Sorcery. You stealthily reach for your sword and unsheathe the blade slowly.

"Spike, can you help me find Ends of Equestria: Lost Lands and Legendary Locales vol. 1?" the sorcerer-horse called out for aid from her dragon-assistant.

"Sure thing Twi--" Spike, the puny dragon, said eagerly as he came down from the second floor. He froze in place when he saw you sword in hand and where it was currently pointing. Fluttershy was whimpering and shivering in terror behind a nearby potted plant.

"What in the world is wrong with you two?" Twilight asked, turning to face you as she spoke. You could hear her breathe hitched in her throat as she came to see your sword leveled perfectly with her right eye, it was just inches away.

"You..." Your tone is threatening and cold.

"M-M-Me?" Twilight stammers out a response.

"You brought me here...with sorcery." Twilight's eyes are locked on the sword tip.

"N-No I didn't, all unicorns can use magic. I-I'm not the only one. A-And I certainly don't remember cast-casting a teleportation spell that went haywire."

She seemed to be telling the truth. A sword pointed at one's head tends to bring about honestly. Or she could just be lying, playing dumb, and not willing to own up to her mistake. But...you can't help believing her. It's a worrying feeling, to trust this easy. You return Astora's Straight Sword to its sheath and the whole room lets loose with a collective sigh of relief.

"N-Now, if all of you help me, we can try and figure this out." Twilight states to the room.

You and the rest nod, and begin searching the room for the book she apparently requires. You distance yourself from the two chatting horses, and the least intimidating dragon you've ever seen, to look on your own. Left alone with your thoughts as you scour the shelves. Why did you believe that...unicorn? Or whatever she was. She simply told you the "truth" and you believed her. That...just didn't add up to you. She must have some ulterior motive in mind. She'll want something in some capacity for her efforts. They always do...

"I found it, Twilight." Fluttershy's soft voice came from overhead and brings you back to the task at hand.

"That's great Fluttershy, lemme see it." Twilight's horn glows with magical energies again and the book levitated through the air to her location on the first floor.

You hoped this would be the key out of this...madhouse. You lean against a nearby wall and rest for a moment as the trio gloss over the dingy old tome.

"Lordran, Lordran..." Twilight repeated to herself as she thumbed through the book. How she did that with no actual thumbs, you could only guess. "I'm not seeing Lordran anywhere in here. Not past the Griffon Kingdom, not in the Dragon's Valley, just nowhere!" The purple pony huffed and slammed the book closed. "Just how did you end up in the Everfree Forest?"

"Blacked out. In the Kiln. Woke up here." You answer is simple and to the point.

Twilight seemed to be getting edgy over the fact she couldn't this problem out. But she visibly calmed when an idea seemed to pass in her mind.

"Then maybe... But, no, that's not possible... At least it shouldn't be..." You didn't like where this was heading. "Maybe the reason Lordran doesn't appear in the book is because, well...it doesn't exist here. That means...you're from another world entirely!" Twilight gushed excitedly and pointed a hoof at you.

Another world? The thought had crossed your mind. After all, Lordran had its own bizarre occurrences, though that had more to do with time than this world-hopping business.

"Than send me back. Now." You weren't asking.

"I, uh, I can give it a try, I guess. Come over here please, Anonymous." Twilight waved you over in order to stand before her.

She starts to focus and her horn lights up like a torch and begins to throw off sparks of magic. You feel light again, hopefully this'll be nothing more than a minor hiccup in your life. The light around Twilight's horn pulsates and throbs. Yes, this'll be a memory and nothing more soon enough. Twilight is visibly straining now with teeth clenched and sweat dripping down her forehead. The ethereal light in the room becomes blinding and a low rumble could be heard building in the air. And all at once the sorcery in Twilight's horn, and concentrated around you, explodes in a terrific flash of colors and noises. Fluttershy yelps, Spike takes cover, and Twilight yells over the otherworldly sounds as the arcane light envelops everything. Several heartbeats pass before the light dissipates and you finally see... You're right where you were before, although the black ring singed into the wood at your feet was new. You growl in annoyance and aggravation. This was turning out to be such a long day...