• Published 7th Dec 2012
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Chosen Undead in Equestria - Zombie Overlord Kog

Enjoy Dark Souls? Enjoy crossovers? Enjoy pastel colored ponies? Maybe give my story a read than.

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Kindness in a pony form.

Night had begun to fall over, what did Fluttershy call this place again? Equestria? A fitting name, if nothing else. After arriving back at her cottage, Fluttershy had given you more of a tour of the dwelling; ending with a spare room that would serve as your bedroom. It was enough for what you needed it for. After her tour Fluttershy left you to yourself, said she had to prepare diner for herself and her animals. She offered to make you something as well, but you politely declined. You needed some time alone to think about your...predicament. So you sat on the simple bed provided for you and thought. Long and hard. What if this...Celestia couldn't send you back to Lordran? What if this was a permanent problem, being stuck here?

A sigh escapes your helm and you rub the back of your neck to workout a knot you can feel building just below the surface. You glance out a window next to your bed. The moon was hanging low and fat in the sky, so low it felt like you could almost grab it. Maybe the fresh air and change in scenery would do you some good? You quietly leave your room and walk into the foyer of Fluttershy's cottage. She didn't appear to be around. Perhaps she already went to bed? No matter, you didn't want the company.

You let yourself out and find a nice, serene hilltop to rest on not to far from the cottage. You gaze up at the swollen moon and just enjoy watching it. You hear a small rustling coming from behind you and immediately you spring to your feet, your sword already drawn. You were formulating a plan to compensate for the lack of a shield you had so foolishly left in your room. But then you heard a familiar whimpering. It was Fluttershy, again in a shivering ball. You return your blade to its sheath.

"Oh, Lady Fluttershy. Apologies." You say with a bow. "I should have informed you not to approach me from behind."

The butter-yellow pony unfurled from her protective ball.

"O-Oh no, it's ok. I-I really should have told you I was here."

You return to your spot on the hilltop and Fluttershy joins you, taking a seat right beside you.

"Oh, this is fine, right?" she asks meekly.

You nod that it is, Fluttershy was like a specter when she was quiet. She wouldn't be a bother. The two of you are silent, not a single word is spoken for what seems like hours. Both of you just drink in the gorgeous sight of the moon.

"Anonymous, what are you...thinking of?"

Fluttershy breaks the silence with that single question. You're quiet for a time, so long a time Fluttershy tries to retract her question but you begin to answer her.

"Lordran. My...home."

It wasn't much of a home, but it was yours. At least now, anyway.

"I suppose that's to be expected." Fluttershy said with a slight nod.

She starts to ask something else, but you don't give her the chance. You just can't stop yourself from rattling on, the words just come.

"I just want, need, to get back. I...I can't survive here. This world, this Equestria, it is too...peaceful."

Fluttershy looks confused. You can't blame her, it's an odd thing to say.

"Peaceful is...bad to you?" she stares at you like you just told some sort of horrid joke.

"I am...a being of strife and chaos and bloodshed. It is...all I know of. I cannot survive amid peace. I do not know how."

You're quiet again and so is your companion. Suddenly you feel Fluttershy nuzzle against your armor-encased arm gently.

"What was that for...?"

Her response is just above a whisper.

"It just looked like...you needed it."

She continues to nuzzle to you and you don't stop her. Not tonight. Not now. Tonight you'll accept the fact that she isn't getting close to you in order to stab you in the back, or because she wants something in return. No, she's doing this because of the kindness and compassion in her heart. Kindness and compassion, two emotions that died in you long ago...

Morning arrived in your new, hopefully temporary, home. You didn't sleep after your time with Fluttershy, though she went to bed the moment you two got back inside her home. You just stayed up for the remainder of the night seated on your bed with your gaze turned towards the middle distance. There was a light knock on the bedroom door followed by Fluttershy's soft voice.

"Anonymous? Are you awake?"


She opened the door and gingerly trotted in, rubbing the sleep from her eyes like a child and her mane was tussled and unkempt. She yawned and it sounded like a cross between a puppy, a kitten, every other baby animal you could think of. Heartwarmingly cute...

"Good morning, Anonymous."

"Good morning, Lady Fluttershy."

She notices you're not under the covers.

"Oh, didn't sleep well?"

"I...did not sleep at all, actually."

She looked concerned. "Oh my, that's not healthy, Anonymous."

You dismiss it with a wave of your hand.

"I'm quite fine Lady Fluttershy. Please, believe me."

She scrunches up her face and gives you another look.

"Well, if you say so. But you are going to be eating with me this morning."

You begin to protest again, but the glare she gives you... You wordlessly nod in agreement and feel a shiver run down your spine. Breakfast is pleasant enough if not your...usual affair of foodstuffs. An awful lot of flowers and hay... But Fluttershy quickly prepared something more preferable after you explain you couldn't exactly digest flora and dry hay strands. The simple bit of bread with butter and the juicy oranges the pegasus provided were like a kings banquet to you. You had honestly forgotten what food tasted like, too long were you sustained on the Estus. After the basic but very enjoyable meal you were at a lost to what to do. There was no...goal for you to work towards. You didn't have to cut through countless, bloodthirsty Hollows to ring a bell. Or slog through lava to retrieve an ember for a blacksmith. You had...free time. This was an all together new concept to you and you didn't like it. You needed to keep busy with something, anything.

There was a hurried knock at the front door. Fluttershy excused herself from the table to answer it. You follow her from the kitchen, curiosity somewhat getting the better of you. Fluttershy answered the door and seemed pleased to see whomever it was on the other side. You spy from your spot in the kitchen and see an orange-colored pony standing there with a dirty blond mane, chatting with Fluttershy. The blond horse wore the most ridiculous hat on her head. She, you guessed it was a she, lacked the wings and horns the other ponies you've met had. How many different kinds were there? The pony with the odd hat looked to be asking Fluttershy a question and she looked flustered trying to find an answer.

"Is there a problem, Lady Fluttershy?" You ask as you walk into the foyer, earning a quick gasp from the hat wearing pony when she sees you.

"Who or what in the hay is that, Shy?"

Fluttershy giggles and gives her friend a short version of the events up to this point.

"Well shoot, sugarcube. That is some story. Name's Applejack."

Now that you could hear her a little more clearly, this Applejack had quite the bizarre accent. She offered a hoof to you, which you blankly stare at. You instead bow to her.

"A pleasure, Lady Applejack."

"Hoo-whee! Ya'll talk real proper like, Anonymous."

It was a proper way of speaking...

"Anyways Shy, can ya help me with mah problem?"

Fluttershy snaps back to fidgeting and thinking.

"Oh, Applejack... I'm sorry, but I have to go to Canterlot for the day."

Applejack stamps her hoof and snorts lightly.

"Dang! Ah really have time ta deal with this mahself."

You get an idea suddenly.

"Well, perhaps I could help with this...issue, Lady Applejack." You suggest plainly. If you could help out Fluttershy for all she's done for you, it was the least you could do.

Applejacks ears go flat against her head as she thinks. "Ah...dunno. Ah mean, Ah don't really know ya..."

Fluttershy chimes in in her tiny, flighty voice.

"I think he can handle it fine, Applejack. Anonymous dealt with a manticore. This should be easy for him."

You hoped you didn't have to fight another one of those for this problem. But honestly even if it was something major there was nothing Equestria could throw at you that you couldn't handle.

"Weeeeell, if you trust 'em Shy, Ah can too. Ah really appreciate this, sugarcube. Ah'll be sure ta get ya back fer this."

You nod simply, somewhat humored over what exactly this problem could possibly be. Most likely terrifying weed pulling, or horrifying house painting, or some other small, menial chore. Applekack glances over her shoulder and shouts unexpectedly.

"Alright girls! Ah found ya a sitter fer the day!"

Wait, what? Three even smaller ponies come rushing into Fluttershy's home and collectively gasp in amazement. What? In an instant they were upon you. Tugging at your sword, darting through your legs, knocking on your helmet, and bombarding you with questions. WHAT?

"Ok girls, Ah'll pick ya up later today. Ya'll play nice with Anonymous, ya hear?"

Applejack had already left by the time you looked up to protest this...favor.

"I'll be leaving now too, Anonymous. I'll be home later tonight. Have fun with the girls."

And with that Fluttershy flew off from her cottage as the...children continued to run rampant. Today had started so well...