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Chosen Undead in Equestria - Zombie Overlord Kog

Enjoy Dark Souls? Enjoy crossovers? Enjoy pastel colored ponies? Maybe give my story a read than.

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Smoke, Blood, Fire, Courage

--Anonymous' Perspective--

Such drudgery, this housework. With the three fillies playing quietly outside you didn't have much else to do. So you took to...sweeping. How did women do this day in and day out? And that rabbit; Angel, staring daggers at you all the while. What did Fluttershy see in that...creature? No matter, keep to the task at hand. Perhaps you'd...wash dishes after this. Though, maybe you should call for the girls? It was staring to get somewhat late, the sun beginning to set behind the horizon. And it was oddly quiet around the cottage. You were no expert, but children were typically vocal when playing, were they not? Especially these children...


That sounded like...Sweetie Belle. You recognize the voice-cracking. It sounded like she was in some sort of distress.

Before you have a chance to wonder if some first-aid might be needed for a simple skinned knee Applebloom burst into the cottage foyer and nearly slams into an armoire in her haste. You were about to reprimand her as you walked into the foyer yourself, but that's when you saw the tears streaming down the fillies face.

"Applebloom? What...has happened?"

"Anon! It's Scootaloo! Ya gotta help Scootaloo, please!" Applebloom cried, practically in hysterics.

Scootaloo? Wait, where was the tiny pegasus? She seemed to be missing from the group.

"Well, where is she? And why are the two of you crying, and so out of breath?"

"It's a dragon Anonymous!" Sweetie Belle sobbed out.

You felt a stone drop into your stomach. A...dragon? Here? No...

"Dragon?!" You were at a loss. Dragons in Equestria. This was beyond problematic. Wait. Scootaloo was missing and this information of a dragon, coupled with the girls' reactions... "Where! Where is this dragon!"

You didn't mean to shout but now time was of the essence.

"Th-The Everfree Forest! That-a way!" Applebloom shakily pointed to the east.

With surprising speed you fetched the Crest Shield from your room and, as calmly as possible, strode back into the foyer. You kneeled to meet Applebloom and Sweetie face to face.

"Stay here and wait for Lady Fluttershy or Lady Applejack to return. I will save Scootaloo."

"Ya gotta, Anon! Scootaloo, she-she saved us! She distracted that mean dragon so we could get away!

"Please, Anonymous, bring her back..."

With a stern and determined nod, and a pat on each fillies head, you rushed from Fluttershy's home to the Everfree Forest. You would not fail in this.

As you galloped to Everfree your thoughts drifted. You would save Scootaloo, that was a certainty, but... Why do you feel so strongly about it? You've known Scootaloo all of a few hours. What was it about her specifically that drove you feet just a little harder? Sudden realization jumped to your forefront of your mind. She...reminds you of someone. She reminds you of you. Hearing Applebloom's words of how she willingly chose to distract a creature as fearsome as a dragon... That was the trigger. With an angry sigh you pushed the distracting thoughts aside. Thinking such thoughts now would do you no good. Focus. You had a dragon to kill. Hopefully, not a dragon that would require Gwyn's lightning bolts to injure...

You break into a more hurried sprint and see the tree line of Everfree just meters away. Scootaloo would be fine... You rush past the first few trees of the forest and get struck with nostalgia, coming to a slow jog as a result. This was the forest where you had arrived in this world. Where all this began. Everfree...such an unfitting name. A faint stink brings you back to reality: smoke and brimstone. Dragons fire.

You return to sprinting at full speed and trying to hone in on the stench. You hadn't a clue as to how large this forest was, but you wouldn't let that stop you. You had an unearthly sense of direction. With that burning stink filling your nose you delved deeper into the Everfree. Minutes upon minutes pass as you ran through the woods, but you've yet to see hide nor hair of Scootaloo, or the offending dragon. Did the dragon already...

No! None of that! You will succeed. You. Will. Succeed.

Pushing harder you amble over a gnarled tree root and feel the temperature rise sharply. You're close... And a piercing scream confirms it. You dash towards the source of the scream and break into a slight clearing...filled with white-hot fire, upturned earth, and choking smoke. And hunched over in front of you was the beast; the dragon. Though it didn't resemble the dragons you were familiar with. Good. It was clawing and snapping wildly at something at the base of a cliff face. Another scream rang out. Scootaloo! You draw Astora's Straight Sword and bang it loudly and rapidly against your shield. You need to get the hulking monsters attention.

"Here! Here, lizard! Me! Face me!"

A low snarl came from the dragon and it craned its serpentine neck to get a look at whomever was stupid enough to interrupt it. A quick burst of black smoke shot from its nostrils when it saw you standing there. Excellent, you had its undivided attention. Now comes the hard part.

"You'll face me, damn you."

The dragon turned its immense size to face you. It glared down at you with malice and contempt in its eyes. Thick, acrid wisps of smoke seeped out of its maw and its monstrous claws dug deep into the ground. It was sizing you up. This idiotic lizard had no idea some of the things you've battled against. Things far bigger than it. Things you've vanquished in the end. Its intimidation was lost on you. You dropped into a combat stance and raised the Crest Shield.

"You are nothing to me. Come."

A thunderous roar echoed across the Everfree Forest as the dragon attempted to smash you with one of its mammoth claws. You roll to the side and take the opportunity to stab your blade into the beast. The dragon pulls back its now bleeding claw and growls; deep and low. Its giant maw suddenly screams towards you and you slash and the fleshy opening of teeth. You feel your sword make contact and hear the dragon yelp in pain. You see a large fang drop to the ground and you smirk.


The smirk drops from your face when you hear Scootaloos tired and haggard voice come from behind the steadily angering dragon. No time to think, you can already see the glow of fire building in the dragons throat. You race past the beast and to the young filly while screaming at her to run to you. She does so as fast as she can. You two meet and you scoop up the tiny pegasus in your arms. And not a moment to soon as the gout of dragons fire engulfs the both of you.

--Scootaloo's perspective--

Your eyes were slammed shut. You were sad to die by burning to death, but you were glad you weren't alone. But wait...the fire isn't catching? You cautiously open up your eyes and see Anonymous with his shield deflecting the raging inferno attempting to wash over you. The roaring fire rang in your ears but you clearly heard Anonymous when he spoke.

"Scootaloo, listen carefully. The moment this flame abates I want you to jump from my arms and flee. Flee all the way back to Lady Fluttershy's home. Do not stop. Do not look back. Do you understand?"

You sniffle and nod that you do. Anonymous... He came. He really came. You were sorry you ever doubted him. Even for a moment...

--Anonymous' perspective--

You told Scootaloo your orders. You would have to trust that she would follow them. The cone of flame was beginning to dissipate, thankfully. The Crest Shield wasn't built to withstand prolonged exposure to fire of this magnitude. As soon as the fire flickered down Scootaloo did as told and leapt from your arms and scrambled to the trees and away from the remainder of this battle. The dragon tried to follow after her but you made sure its anger was focused on you. You did this by sprinting up to it and viciously slashing at its chest. That certainly did it. The assault was back on. You and the dragon exchanged blows. You cleaved one of the dragons toes clean off. It, in turn, whipped at you with its tail, which sent you flying straight through a tree. Two of them, actually.

You are unsure how long this fight has lasted up until this far. But you were getting tired. But the dragon didn't seem to be sharing in that aspect. This needed to come to an end. You pushed up the faceplate of your helm and drank from the Estus Flask. Its rejuvenating power flooded your body and you pushed yourself to your feet, and out of the tangled mess of broken tree trunks and branches. Where was there a weak spot on this dragon? This type of dragon anyways. When it tried to reduce you and Scootaloo to ashes you had noticed the glow coming from its throat. But how to get to such a vulnerable area? ...Heh, of course. Start climbing.

With renewed vigor you rushed at the dragon, nimbly avoiding its deadly claws and flailing tail. You move into place behind the snarling beast as best you're able, and to the dragons surprise you begin to clamber atop it. Its claws cannot reach you this far back, and when it tries to snap at you with that razor-lined mouth you bash in its face with the Crest Shield. In anger, and perhaps panic, the dragon starts to rampage in earnest. It bucks and heaves, roars and breathes flames, it even tries to smash its back into the cliff face. Nothing works. You cling to it like a tick. Screeching, the scaly creature in a desperate ploy does something you had foolishly overlooked in your haste. It beats its leather wings and slowly begins to ascend into the sky.

You didn't care for heights. Especially when on the back of an infuriated dragon that wanted you dead and charred to a crisp. But to abandon the plan now was not an option. So, follow through with said plan and slice this lizards damned throat.

Whipping winds and cottony clouds wash over you as you slowly make your way to the dragons' horned head, while it soars over the Everfree. The dragon naturally doesn't make your climb easy. It pitches and yaws, trying to shake you loose and to your death. You can feel the bile rising in your gullet as you and the dragon cascade through the air. Seeing the ground race beneath you was making your head pound. You shake it off. Be queasy at a more opportune time. Swallowing your breakfast back down you tighten your grip on the dragons scales and delight at the thought of being back on the ground again when this monster was dead.

The dragon pulled a new stunt that sent your bubbling gut into back flips; it began to climb obscenely high into the clear blue sky. Oh no... At the height of its ascent the dragon sharply turned and shot back down to the earth like an archers arrow. You can feel your grip loosening, no surprise given how fast you're now flying. The idea going through your mind was most likely a bad one, but what choice did you have?

You drive your sword deep as you can into the dragons lower back and hope it sticks as a makeshift handhold. The dragon is...less than pleased with your idea. Its howl of pain was deafening even with the roaring of the wind swirling in your helmet. It pulls out of its dive-bomb, buzzing the treetops of the Everfree. But now that you're relatively righted you see a new, far more terrible problem. And if you see it, so does the raging dragon...

There running on the open field under you was Scootaloo. And she was heading right towards Fluttershy's cottage. You could already smell the smoke.

With a loud curse, you yank Astora's straight sword free and get into a low squat on the dragons back. The dragon didn't notice, it was too focused on the grim plan it had in mind. As quickly as you could you jerkily and haphazardly ran up the dragons back and through its beating wings. Though you were lower to the ground now than before a fall from this height still might prove fatal. The Crystal Caves all over again... Time to put this dragon down just as you did Seath.

You made it to the dragons neck and wrapped a hold of it tightly. The heat building within was intense. Move faster. MOVE FASTER. You glance back to the ground and see Scootaloo meeting up with her friends whom where waiting for outside. And the see you and the big problem you've brought with you.

"It's Anon!" Scootaloo points and yells in your direction. Her expression is one mixed with both happiness and fear.

"Get inside! Now!" You don't know if your voice reached with your helmet muffling you and the rushing wind surrounding you.

But the girls seemingly got the idea and hurriedly ran inside the tiny home. Not that it would prove much good against dragons fire. But you weren't going to let that happen. You scaled the dragons blistering hot neck, got into what you deemed the ideal spot, drew your sword and...felt a claw grab you around the waist. Your ribs popped and cracked in your chest and you could already taste the blood creep into your mouth and feel it dribble out of the corners. And you could see the terrible lizard opening its massive maw to deliver a fiery death to the young fillies. Without thinking you cast off the Crest Shield, its weight and girth weakening you already floundering grasp. The shield slammed into the ground below and you, now free of your burden, dug your armored fingers into the dragons neck-flesh.

You twisted your sword downwards and sliced at the claw restraining you. Wild, unclean, but ultimately useful slices that caused the beast to let go. But the fire was... Now! Strike now! You thrust upwards and pierce the dragons throat. You grasp the handle of your blade with both hands now and pull down with all your might. A torrent of crimson is the first thing that sprays over you and then...liquid flame comes bubbling and spilling out of the gory wound and great dragons mouth. The ghastly orange goo sets small fires the instance it splashes to the ground. Gurgling and choking on its own fluids the dragon veered off-course form Fluttershy's home and crash-landed into the earth just behind it, skidding for what seemed like miles. Finally it came to a rest, steam and fire springing up in its wake.

"Anonymous!" It was...Scootaloo. "Where is he?!"

You couldn't see them. You were pinned underneath the dragons carcass. One of your legs was definitely broken. You managed to free yourself, despite the searing pain in you shatter leg.

"Anon! Answer me! Please! Don't... Don't be dead!" It was Applebloom this time. She sounded to be completely panicked.

"Girls..." Your voice was weak and exhausted. But you were alive.

You shambled out of the dragons shadow and over its twisted and broken neck.


All three young fillies squealed in delight and raced to you, they wrapped themselves around you in a binding hug, crying all the while.

"Girls, please, I am fine. Let me just rest a moment."

They didn't hear you or chose to ignore you because not one ceased in nuzzling you. With a tired chuckled you lifted your faceplate and sipped from the Estus once more. You could instantly feel your shattered bones and bruised organs beginning to mend. It still felt as if you fought a damn dragon though. But this soreness was worth it. It was worth it.

Around an hour later Applejack returned as did Fluttershy. You didn't think such small equines were capable of such anger. Well, Applejack anyway. Fluttershy was deathly quiet during the telling of the events. The three fillies were keeping silent behind you and staring a hole into the floor.

"Please, Lady Applejack, do not be to harsh on the children. It was my tale that inspired them so. Though I had no idea it would do such a job."

Applejack's glare wasn't as soul-searing as Fluttershy's from before but the point got across all the same.

"Harsh? Harsh?! Ya ain't seen harsh yet, part! Ah mean, honestly! Applebloom, what were ya thinkin'? Ah know ya want yer cutie mark, but dragon huntin'? Consarnit, bloom, what if Anon hadn't put down that dragon?! What then, huh?! Ya want me ta bury my only lil sister? Not that there would be much left ta bury after that monster was done with ya! Ah'll throw yer ashes inta the pond by the farm, howa 'bout that?!"

Fluttershy tried to put her forehoof around the hysterical, but ultimately justified, Applejack, but the hat-wearing pony slapped her friends hoof away. It was then you could see the tears running down Applejack's cheeks and hear the hiccups building in the back of her throat. Applebloom was loudly sobbing as this point and went to her older sibling, embracing her in a hug. Applejack didn't return it at first but within a heartbeat she had her forearms wrapped around the young filly.

"Big sis... Ah'm so, so, so sorry..."

Scootaloo sheepishly trotted out from behind you, sniffling and crying as well.

"Applejack, it was all my idea. I shouldn't have dragged Applebloom and Sweetie Belle into such a stupid stunt. I'm..." She couldn't continue her apology, her voice was too wracked by sobbing. In a move that surprised you more than you let on, Applejack waved Scootaloo over and brought the pegasus into the emotional hug.

After the crying and emotions died down a bit everyone seemed to be in a more agreeable mood.

With a heavy sigh Applejack wiped her nose and readjusted her strange hat. "Shoot, that's better now. Weight offa mah chest and all." Applebloom wore a slight smile as she stood next to her big sister. "Ah just don't know how Ah'm gonna tell Rarity about this... She's likely ta lock Sweetie Belle in a vault or somethin'."

Sweetie Belle paled a little back quickly went back to grinning. "Don't worry about my sister, Applejack. I can handle her. I'll make sure you're not in any trouble. That goes for you too, Scootaloo. Though... You Anonymous, I don't know... Uh, just don't come by Carousel Boutique for a few days or so."

You pat the unicorn on the head and nod in affirmation. You didn't know what a Carousel Boutique was anyway.

"Welp, that's settled. Come on gals, Ah'll get ya home now."

You raise a hand to get Applejack's attention before she can leave. Time to go through with this idea you had...

"Uh, excuse me, Lady Applejack, but...may I have a moment or two to speak with young Scootaloo? Privately?"

Every pair of pony eyes was on you after your request. And Scootaloo's are the size of dinner plates. Applejack didn't look to keen on the idea. You couldn't blame her you suppose.

"Yer not gonna tell her another crazy story are ya?"

Story? No, though this could be as "inspiring".

"No, this is a more...personal talk."

The orange pony purses her lips and gives you one final glare. "Just make it quick, ya hear?"

You bow in thanks, and then ask the little filly to follow you outside. She giddily accepts and trails after you. You return to the small hill from last night. It had a nice, calming view. Serene. Tranquil. A fitting place for the discussion that was going to take place. Scootaloo takes a seat on her haunches while you remain standing, hands clasped behind your back.

"So...what did you want to talk to me about, Anon? You're not gonna cry and yell to, are you?"

You stay quiet for a moment. You hadn't really heard her question.

"Scootaloo. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle told me of what you did when the dragon was upon you." She looked confused, like she couldn't quite remember the event in question. Considering the incident , that wasn't shocking. "Of how you distracted it while they fled to safety."

She wordless ooh's and nods, her fuchsia mane bobbing lightly.

"Now, I am not pleased that you foolishly went looking for danger." Scootaloo was crestfallen and averted her gaze to the grass-covered hill. "However."

She gets a spark back in her bright eyes and glance up at you.

"What you did in that moment was brave. Exceedingly brave. I did not think creatures such as you ponies would be capable of such courage. But one as you as you have proved me wrong."

There was a light blush playing on Scootaloo's cheeks. "I-I just...did what I thought was right. Thought it was what you or Rainbow Dash would do."

Did what she thought was right. Hmm, that sounded familiar...

"Mmm, indeed. Scootaloo, do you know why exactly I asked you out here? Besides to offer you praise?"

She shrugged her tiny shoulders.

"It is because you...remind me of someone."



The shock on her face is almost comical. You stifle a light chortle.

"I now offer you a proposition, young Scootaloo. Will you hear of it?"

Another wordless but energetic nod.

"Would you like to become my apprentice? My squire?"

The filly thinks for a moment, a moment that lasted all of one second. She excitedly bounds up from her spot and prances around you, whooping and cheering. Her little wings were beating as fast as a hummingbirds.

"A squire?! Me, a squire?! Yes, yes, yes! Of course! ...Uh, what's a squire?"

You stifle another fit of laughter.

"A squire is a lowly rank, but a stepping stone to knighthood itself."

Scootaloo's jaw dropped at the mention of knighthood.

"A knight?! Like-like you?! Me?! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!"

"Yes, like...me."

Hopefully not exactly like you.

"But..." Scootaloo ceased her cheering and dancing. "Why me?"

"Did you not listen before? You remind me of myself in my youth. And that needs to be watched carefully. You are reckless, ambitious, and foolhardy. But along with that I see courage, bravery, and a will of solid iron. You could go on to do very great things with the proper guidance, Scootaloo. I merely want to see that your potential isn't wasted."

Scootaloo was uncharacteristically quiet now, most likely contemplating this offer with more thought now.

"Do...I have to answer right now?"

"No. I am simply giving you the choice."

The choice you never had.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay. Far Cry 3 is a helluva drug, kids.