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I never make mistakes. I thought I'd made one once, but I was wrong.


I'd heard it all, the arguments for and against Conversion. I finally made up my mind and decided to go through with it, and heard the same stories of the Dream. What I didn't expect was for mine to take a left turn into the unknown.

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A neat twist on the usual convention. Some more building on the character would've been nice, or at least delivering the information we have through a means other than Celestia just telling us. Still, good symbolism and a pleasing read.

Amazing. Just awesome. Favorited because I like this.

First... oh god dammit. AND ITS NOT DOGS OF WAR! Oh well this shall sefice.

Nice. Short. Simple. You had me worried there for a moment that something bad was going to happen, but in reality, it was just misinterpretation. Have a thumbs up. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, just needed to get this idea out of my head so it'd leave me alone :rainbowlaugh:

4 views 12 likes >.>

just once i want to find a CB story were humanity wins and the ponies are stopped is that to much to ask for :fluttercry:

1681958 That would be good

A nice short story.
I would have liked to hear an explanation for that machine gun. Like the face of his first crush flashing through his mind as she dumps him so we get a bit more insight.
I wonder if it is enough to get rid of the armaments or if he has to pull down the walls too. And of course the princess didn't lift a hoof to help. That lazy pony! :trollestia:

Oh greetings Cloudhammer its been a while how've you been?

1682086 Been pretty good. Building up the backlog of TCB to publish once I has arts :rainbowlaugh:

Ah I see hope your coming up with some good stories. Unfortunately I've all but abandoned writing at this point I've basically decided I'm not really cut out for it. I'm a good storyteller I just can't seem to be able to put my ideas on paper. Shame though I had a lot of TCB ideas before I stopped.

Instead of forgetting, you (yeah, I'm saying "you" since this is a self insert) kept your past inside you like a dream, and even built a fort around it. But the guns... would those mean that you'd be willing to violently defend this fort should someone try and take a peek? I can see a little bit of myself in some of there, but not much.

And... I totally subconsciously compare this to Aftertaste, even though while being a self insert, this one retains relateability (what a horrendous word), and I purposefully made Aftertaste mostly into an inside joke to myself. (Yeah yeah, despite shamelessly advertising my own story here the sort of funny jokes and the twist ending are the only reasons to touch that piece of trash "literature".)

One more thing -- the opening line: "I wondered why hospital examination tables always seemed to be colder than the room around them"
We learned why that is in elementary school.


There's plenty of that out there. We prefer happier stories of Conversion, thanks.

This was quite clever. Conversion dreams are underutilized as character exploration tools, I am thinking.

1683902 I myself am one for darker story's but o well to each his own.

1683933 T'was my thought, anyway, and figured if I was going to explore any character, might as well use myself

Try Not Alone.

Personally, I don't really see why you felt that this was the ponies winning. I felt this was more about the character learning to open himself up and accept change, not another man absorbed into the pony horde or whatnot. I could be wrong, but that's how I saw it.

1686714 i think it is just the fact that i am so used to seeing CB story's were all the ponies are brainwashed smiling zombies. Were humanity is going to go extinct and so many authors write this as a good thing i mean their are no doubt some very good cb story's out their and this one is good two.I like the setting just not the way most authors approach it.

P.S. I read Not Alone and i did really enjoy it

Yeah, it is quite annoying, isn't it. There is also Greyscale, which I thought was a refreshing take on the genre. For once, neither side is depicted as downright evil, and the story centres around the morality of conversion (in a slightly different context to the usual TCB, mind you).

1688608 Yes Greyscale was a very good story. You know what i like the genre but i hate and i mean hate story's that are about the per and try to make them out to be some kind of good guys

I agree. Usually I dislike any story that just takes one side and makes them blatantly evil, or takes something generally bad and tries to show it as a good deed. Not Alone was a little bit of an exception to this because although Celestia was doing something horrible, she honestly believed she was doing the right thing. It made for a rather scary representation.

I know you've already explained yourself but I really would have like to have seen this be a little longer, a few thousand words rather than a nice little oneshot.

Yeah, same here, actually. But I'm just not that interesting a person to warrant that many pony words :rainbowlaugh:
There are more words coming though... so many of them... just need cover arts :pinkiecrazy:

1700684 I only cover art the fics of mine that I feel are good... so far it sits at 1/3'rd of 3 posted fics

Yeah, I do want to get these stories out, but the sad truth is stories without cover art, no matter how good, get overlooked in favor of those that do. Besides, my dear friend rigomi is putting a ton of effort into making the cover art the best it can be, and want to wait till she gets it done :pinkiehappy:

1700711 I think that's why I don't put cover art on stuff unless I feel passionate about it. Anyways, back to my pony words... not like I have work to go to anymore...

Sorry bout that dude, it'll work out *patpat* :twilightsmile:

1700729 Nice thing about my company, we might have lost the site, but they aren't going to scapegoat me for it, good guards are hard to find... I just have to go back to praying for work. It was nice to have a permanent site but I survived winter before with this company, I just starve towards the end of it.

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