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Sky Limit is an earth pony. An earth pony born to two pegasus parents. He's always had his head in the clouds with his ideas, but when he gets it into his head to try to prove that the skies aren't just for pegasi anymore, he'll embark on a journey that will take him all over Equestria. But can a pony without wings truly fly?

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Many thanks go to the people who helped me with proofreading, Microshazm and Silver Tie both. Many thanks also go to MidnightShadow for the use of both Sharptooth and the town of Tacksworn.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the read.

Once again, bravo, Cloudy. Been waiting a while on this one.

Dah this was AWESOME! Brilliant read and I really enjoyed it :pinkiehappy: Great work as usual!

Incredible story. I swear, everything you write is gold. The characters were greatly defined, the storyline was amazing, I couldn't even find any errors, and the fic was, in general, truly enjoyable.
Another great addition to FiMFiction from the amazing Cloudhammer.

Wow Dan... this is both Fake and Gay at the same time that I can't call it that... its Epic Bauws Sause to the level 11.

Dammit cloud, if ya keep this up people are gonna realize I'm a shit writer.

Good fucking shit right here.

Astounding. Wonderful work, and I completely agree with Jake The Army Guy's comment.

My friend, this was pure gold. While words could express how utterly awesome this story was, I am currently having a hard time coming up with any. The characters were superb, and I loved all of the dialogue between Sharptooth and Sky. That right there is going to be a glorious friendship, one for the ages I think. The little bit you had in there about Dragon Hoards was also interesting, though I'll freely admit I was disappointed that Sky didn't react to the mention of a Dragon having slaves.

I have to say, for a brief moment when Storm left off in a huff, I pictured myself telling Sky that if Storm was a true friend, he would be there to catch him when he falls. Friends can disagree with each other, and can even have fights, but a true friend is always there when the chips are down.

Now, that said, I did see a few errors, I don't think spelling so much as here and there lacking a word, making a sentence sound off. If I have time, I'll go back through and hunt them down if ya want.

Considering that this is part of the Cloudyverse...I have to wonder what Sky would think of the advances humans made in the realms of aviation. He would probably feel a kinship with Leonardo DaVinci, as well as the Wright Brothers.

Otherwise...an excellent story, and if this is any indication, I shall enjoy reading the rest of the Cloudyverse,...and any other stories you happen to have. Your being added to my watch list.

Oh believe me, there will be a story involving Sky and... well, the skies of earth :rainbowlaugh: just need to get my current stuff out of the way first :pinkiecrazy:

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