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I really enjoyed this. Its suggestive but not vulgar, and was written beautifully. Definitely painted a picture into my mind as I read. I look forward to more. :twilightsmile:

5/5 Moustaches good sir. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Well written with an engaging storyline. I like where this is heading, and it sets a nice stage. The author has built a solid foundation and has done a great job of capturing a snapshot of the inner working of a spa-pony's mind in all the critical aspects. A tip of the hat to you.:moustache:

I agree with the above comments.

its like i was there
9 out of 10

i really like this, plz continue!

An interesting portrayal and idea well executed. Bravo.

Also prompts hilarious mental exchanges in my head.

"Gonna do her."
"No we talked about this."
"Come on, she's practically comatose. We're nearly done. They call it a happy ending for a reason."
"Don't do it."
"Ima do it!"
"Don't you do it."
"We should've given her a pillow. Then she'd have something to bite."
"No wait stop why do you always do this"

Aloe, at least, seems to be having fun.

These are damn good. Very VERY good.

~Skeeter The Lurker

i like it,
but i hate humanized stories.
but i like this.
so conflicted.:scootangel:

Fantastic - I don't see them as too long - I was disappointed that it wasn't longer. Other people's milage / attention spans may vary of course.

Would love to see more of these - more Twilight sessions would be great, but the overall style is brilliant whoever you choose to focus on.


You write Twilight really well, too.

i do so look forward to these updates:twilightsmile:

I have never heard of this kind of activity before, and this is coming from a person who has friends that are some of the weirdest you could think of. (If you know what I mean)

I must say this was by far the most interesting clop-fic that I've read, which is in close competition with Frisky Fillies (1 and 2).
I'm eagerly awaiting for the next one... Dash you say (strokes chin thoughtfully) What is it with her and not wanting any pony to touch her hooves? (Raises eye brow)

very very good .. cant wait for more awesomeness ..

I really love the way you did the spa ponies in this, and the way you managed to keep that characterization completely intact when you swapped over to humans was a nice surprise from most human fics.
I'm super looking forward to any more chapters.

Just wow. The Twilight chapter was just wow nothing else to say xD

This is just amazing. I've read the Rarity and Twilight chapters and I'm awestruck at the depth in the story. The amount of detail and thorough inspections, on being a masseuse and experiencing pleasure, is incredible. And not to mention the characterization. That really shines too with how vividly Aloe and Lotus personalities are made apparent through Aloe's inner monologues.

Though it can be pretty long with the amount of detail provided, the accounts and introspections of the spa ponies, I very much enjoyed every bit of it. I like how long the chapters are.

Alright, I already have a thing for massaging. This, this was glorious. There is no other word I know to describe it. The vivid imagery, the description of sensation, the subtle characterization. Just... glorious. And I find myself hoping for things between Twi' and Aloe to get a bit more emotional as well. I know it is a fool's hope, but I can dream.

In other news, this is my third time reading this, and I just now find the words to say how much I love it.

I would like to start by saying I'm not a fan of "clopfics". They have been, in my experience, nothing more than an outlet for random writer A to take their favorite characters and put them together in a situation that doesn't ever seem to be explained. As a result, I avoid them as a general rule and very very rarely read one.
That being said, nothing in this story made it feel like a clopfic to me. The story was sensual and erotic without feeling like smut of any kind. The situations felt real, and the emotions always fit to me. You did a wonderful job of putting me in the shoes of Aloe and, while it was a little different to be in the shoes of a female, it was a pleasant experience the entire time.

While I may have been sent here from a picture on Derpibooru, my friends are being sent here by me.

5/5 Magikz :coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto:


Possibly the best porn on the site, in all honestly. Screw the Mating Habits of whatever, this is quality stuff.

You write very beautifully, and while I feel dissuaded from reading the pony stories, I have to say that the Twilight Sparkle chapter was a fantastic piece of work. I know my opinion will go against the grain very much here, but if you wrote a human Rainbow Dash chapter then you’d pretty much be my new favourite author.

I admit to having been brought here by That One Pic on Derpibooru. I wasn't even looking for a fic, but by god I found one, and it is right up my alley. You have an incredible talent for sensuality and eroticism in your writing, and thoroughly impressive skill at working a slow buildup without making it take too long. (It doesn't hurt that you picked one of JJ's works I've always wanted to see a story about.)

There are plenty of good fic writers out there, but there's very, very few I'd call great. I think I just found one.

This is a well written, beautifully sensous collection of shorts. It does the subject and focus of the spa sisters fine justice. I'm sincerely looking forwards to more.

So thanks for that.

Hot, hot, hot, hot, HAWT! I'd been reading clopfics for so long that I'd forgotten what it was like to read a well crafted sex story with humans. Seriously, I haven't been this turned on by a story since the last KiGo (Kim Possible/Shego) story I read on Fanfiction.net. Thank you; a thousand times over, thank you. //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Octavia_cake.png

AAAA this is awesome.
Please don't take this wrong, but I put my pants back on halfway through. I love how you write Aloe, and I think the whole deal with their special talents and earthie magic is going to become my new headcanon. Also all the Rarity things besides the services she enjoys. I particularly liked how you injected her Element of Generosity into the story very subtly.

Nice. Though I must ask, why the change to Humanized here? I mean, I know this story would have been super, super awkward if they were ponies but... well the other chapters have ponies and this one doesn't. And yet they're all part of the same story, right? Little odd.

The towel controls the mind.

I laughed way more than I should have at that.


I think I just burned myself on this story, hottest thing out there since forever!

thanks for sharing :D

This is erotic. Out of all the clopfics I've read, this one has the slowest build up. But that is not a slight against this story, quite the opposite. This is one of those FEW clopfics where the sex is almost beside the point in relation to the quality of the writing of the characters. This is a more blunt, straightforward portrayal of the spa sisters, but I love it. I didn't mind that there are both pony and human chapters in this. It makes waiting for updates exciting, as you're never sure which one you'll get next. Besides, both pony and human are written beautifully, and without breaking immersion or character. This is one of the VERY few stories that involve anything sexual happening in it that will be on my favorites list. Not that I don't enjoy clopfics, but they are usually so centered around sex that everything else ends up in poorer quality as a result. This was an amazing story so far, and I cannot wait for more.

So. Chapter 3. You've heard this before, but HOLY CRAP. Your grasp of imagery and immersion is absolutely astounding. I mean, I pride myself on my ability to draw a reader in, and you've BLOWN ME AWAY. Just... Holy crap. My abilities as a writer have been overshadowed completely, and I'm LOVING IT.

On a specific thing I have to say: Being able to draw someone in with third person past tense, to the point where I actually forgot that it was using third person past tense, and was seeing the scene as it was being presented. Just... Very much yes. Not even touching on the erotic side, just the writing ALONE makes it awesome. So when you take writing like that, and include in an engaging story (helped on by the way it's told) you get something that makes me VERY interested in seeing other stories of your's.

So yeah, that's me gushing for a while. I'll go ahead and stop, after saying "You've earned a regular (reader) of your own." Yes, I had to go there~

This is very good, I came, etc.

I'm really jealous of your writing ability. I expect it's a combination of raw talent and hard work. But somehow you teased me as I read. That chapter with rarity I was in disbelief for a little bit, wondering, is her sister really eating Rarity out? Of course she was but the way you wrote it was teasingly ambiguous.

So I wanna ask--when you write, do you plan it out? Do you have goals for what to make the reader feel? Or do you just let words flow out, polish them afterwards, etc.?

This chapter was especially good too. You gave such character to them all and made yourself appear to be an expert in spa treatment and sex work. Twilight really sounded like Twilight. I admit sometimes I had trouble following the motion, but whatever. That's on me.

I really hope you have more tricks up your sleeve and that you write more. Thanks for an enjoyable bed read!

Edit: oh, this is old school. Well, still great read.

This is really amazing and even years after I'm waiting for more.

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