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Music was in Vinyl’s blood, no one who listened to her would ever deny it. It was her favourite class in school, she almost never watched TV if the stereo was free, and her best friends, teachers, and mentors were all musicians—well, at least until her career took off and she had to start dealing with the rest of the industry.

But for someone who would be happy only ever having to think about music and people who love it as much as her, teasing apart and getting bogged down in every nuance of the culture surrounding it, Vinyl somehow forgot how much there can be below the surface when it comes to one colleague in particular. Finding herself chastised for thinking like an industry stiff and not the professional she is, Vinyl remembers that musicians are often as complicated as their work, and that she’s no less prone to making sweeping generalizations.

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Captivating story. I admit that I don't quite get the join between the prologue and the main body, but both were good, and well told. Thanks.

Huh. Felt like a story like this would've had a lot more comments of the glowing variety.

I really enjoyed this, it was less one of the clumsy shipping fictions I usually stumble upon on the site; more the start of a character piece that branched into a familiar-distance in the pair's overall companionship before topping off with a realistic, undefined and somewhat shameless romance. What I'm saying is that you wrote this excellently and I'll undoubtedly end up reading it again at some point.

Nicely done.

She would have been too intimidated to draw on it, way too intimidated to learn on it.

Great observation. I had never consciously noticed how big of an influence this really is.

This had lots of interesting stuff in it besides romance. I found it very much worth reading despite it being relatively long for a one-shot.
It was a bit confusing how the prologue, the flashback and the main story fit together, though, probably because of how long it took until we were told what place the prologue takes in the story.

That felt like listening to a conversation. Got a bit lost on who was talking at points - would have to back up a bit sometimes. But I really enjoyed it, those two were really characters.

Sometimes I come to this site for a great comedy, or adventure. Other nights I care to find a tale deep in good dialog or deep in a characters thoughts with a strong but calm drink. This story knocked the latter right out of the park for me. There's a great tension of coming to understand where these two are with each other and mystery in how the prologue relates, and it rides it out perfectly to the very end.

Cheers 🥃🥃

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