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I write about small pastel-colored ponies and do bad things to them. Ask me about anything, I love talking about my stories even more than writing them.

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Wow. Quite the detail.

Love it!!!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I try to be as detailed as I need to be without getting exhausting. Glad you liked it! I think this is a pretty fun one. :pinkiehappy:

I looooove buildup. The climax is so much more fulfilling when you've been chomping at the bit for it. TBH I also love denial of pleasure, so maybe all the buildup I love so much ties into that. Maybe the first half of this is a bit of that for the reader :P

Thanks for the comment!

Now we NEED a fic of Fluttercord during her heat


On the one hand, Flarity. It's a criminally underrated ship and I just love it to bits.

On the other hand, you've got a laundry list of fetishes there.


We shall see.

This is not a story about shipping them, though they do have a moment :heart:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Not to sure about that, though they may get a mention in a future "Behind Closed Doors" story.

6589765 Hmmm... I'd honestly feel better if it was, or if it was the start of something. Seriously, they are fucking adorable together. The only ship I like as much is Raripie, and the only ship I find that tops that is Flaripie.

What is Flaripie? Haven't heard that one before!

And yeah, this is a story about Fluttershy being in heat and needing lots of dicks. The romance is definitely light and secondary.

Loved it! Great job!

The story flowed great. Y'all should make a sequel

I'd like to see a second chapter to this that shows her next heat and what happens with Discord. *WolfGrin*

"Well. Lets see whats in the featured box today. Hm. Another FS tree fic. Dislestia fluff. ANOTHER SunTwi Fic. "

See's story.

"Oh Buck..."

Next, make RD and PP go. I would love to see some of that action. :rainbowkiss: :heart: :pinkiehappy:

As mentioned in the notes and description, "Behind Closed Doors" will be a series of clopfics about various places involved in "sex business".

The next story in this series, actually, will probably be featuring Minuette(Colgate) as a dentist. I was inspired by someone in a forum thread mentioning that someone else brushing your teeth is a rare fetish, and I know exactly how I can make it really sexy.

But Velvet Plush 2 will come out before that one. ;)

Nice tea party ending

I have to say that despite the fact that I don't read that many clop fics, mostly because most of them are shit, this wasn't that bad. I like the idea of Fluttershy having some 'stress' relief when she was in heat. I love Fluttercord, probably my favorite ship of the series, and I love how unlike most stories none on the character were well out of character.

The story flowed well, and despite its length it didn't take me that long to read the entire thing. Great story I'd love to read another one by you.

Others exist! Be sure to check my user page. My other one shot clop is called Velvet Plush.

Oh god, that was a great stoty!

Satch #19 · Nov 2nd, 2015 · · 3 ·

Hm... after reading the description, I first thought it was about equine (aka: female) glory holes. But reading the content, it heavily leans towards being human (aka: male) gloryholes. Have to say I found that a little disappointing, though I guess that was mostly due to unintentional misleading so to speak :P Human gloryholes are after all the most used in the pony fandom ;P

Does kinda seem like you're using the classic "reverse logic heat" xP But all and all, it seems well structured at least. Love that you actually included a spoiler content area. Far to many skip over that vital part...
Though, in case this is actually a equine glory hole fic with female focus, do feel free to correct me, though that seems highly unlikely considering one of the comments I just read about "lots of dicks" xD (I might have missed something secondary though :P)

But yeah, for those into illogical reverse heat and male focused pleasure in human glory holes, it seems like this story delivers that excellently ;D

The males are not the focus of this whatsoever. I'm not certain what all those terms you use mean, and I am probably going with a "fake" heat style. I'm not sure what you mean with human vs equine glory holes. I only know glory holes as one thing: a hole in the wall that a male pushes himself through. The female on the other side takes the dick and does as she pleases with it, the ultimate goal hopefully being the anonymous pleasure of both parties.

For this story, I portray heat as a "time of the month", making it relatable to a human meunstration cycle, but for a pony mare, she becomes incredibly horny, wanting to be taken and released into as much as possible.

The male pleasure you mentioned is obviously present, but our female is certainly also pleased as punch. The whole situation feels so mutual, in not sure how a differentiation can be made, though I'm willing to learn if you're willing to explain.

In the end, I think it's good fun for all characters involved, and for Fluttershy, the prospect of getting to do this without the embarrassment of her partner seeing her or her having to see him is beyond enticing.

Edit: also , maybe this is what you mean? The holes in this are tall and ovular, allowing the female to press her entire mound outside of the hole to the other side. Or to press her muzzle out.

Also, heeeyyy guys, don't downvote someone's comment just for voicing an opinion. :(

I upvoted your comment. Not that comment votes matter that much.

This was after I read Velvet Plush and without even knowing that you were the author of that said book... I have no idea on what my reaction should be to the fact that I'm now getting to reading clopfics. Uh... I have no idea at all right now... What should my reaction to this be?

Spy: Laughs Well now, getting yourself worked up eh?

Honestly Spy, I have no idea on what my reaction to reading clopfics should be...

Oh man, I was you a while back. Let me tell you, your reaction should be a grin. :P

Spy is probably right. :pinkiehappy:

6591711 But I'm not grinning at all! Sure I had a few moment where I laughed and what-not but I'm feeling blank for the rest of the story... Not that I hate clopfics in general! In fact I actually have a few favorites including Velvet Plush, but throughout all of them I always have this blank expression. Just no emotion felt, like I don't even know what should I feel, happy, pissed, sad? And it's been common through all clopfics I've read... I just can't describe it better than me being well, empty when I read these fics...

Do you enjoy reading other kinds of erotic fiction? Perhaps sexual content is not stimulating for you, and that's okay. Generally, I'd think most folks who enjoy erotica have a feeling of sexual desire and satisfaction when reading erotic fiction. So that's what you'd expect, anyway.

I, for one, always have enjoyed erotica. Pony erotica came naturally. I actually have an upcoming story that's basically an allegory of my discovery and love of clop. :P

6591785 I guess that could be it, maybe I'm not enjoying these from an erotic perspective. I guess I'm enjoying these more so for the writing that you authors put, the details, the words themselves, the emotion, you name it, which isn't a bad thing. I'm a sucker for good writing and I tell you even clopfics like this and Velvet Plush have my attention for the good writing themselves not for the kinky stuff! :twilightsmile:

I do tend to be envious of authors of any fics in general whether cloppy or not with their writing, but that just makes me more determined to give it my all for writing. Sorry, if this was off-topic but I wanted to say that. All in all, I may not find clopfics stimulating for me, but boy do I love any of them with good writing like yours :raritywink:

Well, thanks for the compliment, and who knows, maybe someday you will come to enjoy the sexy bits, too.

As for writing, its like any art form. Just do it, and do it a lot. Practice makes perfect.

Funny enough, I had someone telling me the first sentence of this fic is terrible last night, for the pronoun use. :( but yeah. Practice! Also, I think the sentence is fine. :P

6591823 When I might enjoy the sexy bits? The world will never know... :moustache:

I laughed at this. I liked that the actions foretold in the description were very easy to pick out and in chronological order (in terms of the story's remembered events). Though I saw quite a few cases of a lower case "rarity" when it should have been capitalized. Same with a "dash" or two.

Discovered 2x lowercase Rarity, but 0x lowercase Dash. Thank you!

As an aside, I am not sure if it's good or bad that you laughed at it! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmmm, I saw something else that gave me pause, but if it wasn't a "dash" than I can't remember.

I thought it was a little ridiculous but I liked it. Made me think of an old story were Fluttershy basically fucks a stallion named Lucky into the ER or something like that. It was far more ridiculous than this though, having been intended mainly as a comedy.

The Humble and Apologetic Trixie enjoyed this one, oh indeed she did!

Very good characterisation, along with delightful attention to detail make this a splendid piece of lewdness.

We adore it, dear author, very much so!

Very nice!

But, alas, Discord kinda killed the mood for me.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ya know, the inclusion of him was actually alternate, as a "possibility" footnote on my work file. Pre-readers were very enthusiastic about it, and I admit, I liked the idea of inserting some light shipping as a side note of sorts into a story that's mostly just setup then sex. I am surprised no one else has complained that it seems a bit shoehorned already. Looking at it after the fact, it feels that way to me as well, though I don't think it really ruibs it. I do love the dialogue at the end, too :P

perhaps someday dear author shall write a story like this with the Humble and Apologetic Trixie getting her reward for being so humble and apologetic. ;P


If you don't write a chapter two, I'll haunt your profile with reminders!

Prepare to haunt, although "Behind Closed Doors" shall be a series of sexy stories. With alliteration.

6596256 Oh, my word! Such boldness, such bravery, admiting such before your object of affection!

It is perfectly normal, mind you, to be infatuated by my humbleness. I wish you the best of luck with your work, dear author!

Trixie is to far too delicious to deny.:heart:

Well that sure was some awesome B-clop if I ever read one. Fav'd. :twilightsmile:

I'm going to decide that the B stands to Bestest :P

6597362 No, I mean B-rate. Like B-movies. It's not derogatory in any way, of course. It's just the style you write in. No more story than is absolutely needed, mostly action/sex, dirty, smutty, with everyone into everyone. Is good. :pinkiehappy:

I know, I just thought I'd play the blind egoist there :rainbowlaugh:

I'm actually a big fan of B-movies. Ash vs Evil Dead just started as a TV show on Halloween, and its absolutely chock-full of 80's horror cheese, and I am loving it :P

Fun story! Any chance of you exploring further what Lotus was doing to Filthy Rich? I absolutely love the idea of blowjobs being one of the "massages" a character could relax with at the spa.

After all, I can't imagine anything more relaxing than that XD

Well, you see, Filthy Rich is married to Spoiled Rich, and she refuses to pleasure him because she is so spoiled. So you see, he's actually there with his wife's permission.
"Come on, Sweetie... Just once?"
"No way, I am not putting that in my mouth. Why don't you just find somepony we can pay to take care of that for us?"
"... And you would be okay with that??"
"Why wouldn't I be? You should clearly get what you want, and I'm certainly not going to do it."
"True, that. Money really can buy happiness."

And so he became a premium member at the spa and goes every week for a massage with a happy ending, and lived happily ever after. :D

6598023 I wrote my comment too ambiguously, I think!

I meant a story in general about the spa characters doing such things. I.E. A story about Aloe/Lotus pleasuring others for relaxation, but from their own perspective. Exploring how it makes them and those they serve feel, etc. apart from just Fluttershy and Rarity. I quite liked the idea you had going with Filthy in this story, and would love to see more of that nature.

I'm sorry about the misunderstanding! I'm bad at commenting. That's a funny backstory, though. Lol.

And of course, I'm not asking you to write the story I mentioned above, I'm just hoping it gives you an idea!

An interesting idea. I think in my mind, at least for this story, Aloe and Lotus are two ponies whose special gift is making other ponies feel good/relaxed. They can help them forget all their worries and live in the moment, a moment of pure bliss.

Thus, expanding on that, I like to think that they get off from giving pleasure to others, too. So for them, the sheer act of even just massaging a pony until they are almost falling asleep with their mouth hanging open in relaxation would be enough to really get them going.

So all in all, it'd be interesting to maybe write a story about the origins of their sex services. Their first foray into it. Maybe at first they would even feel guilty because they are using their customers to heighten their own pleasure. Who knows.

Alternatively, there could be a story about them being uncomfortable at first but slowly easing into their practice.

It hung on for three days, but it's finally fallen out of the feature box. Thanks to everyone who read, I hope you enjoyed it. :heart:

It felt a bit off. Mostly with the OOC interactions.

Wasn't terrible, didn't really enjoy it either.

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