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Samhainophobia (pronounced Sow-wen-ophobia): A persistent, abnormal, and often very intense fear of the holiday Halloween (Nightmare Night).

Fluttershy has not been herself lately; she has been suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, lack of sleep, and has been locking herself tight in her cottage. The reason? Nightmare Night has come once again. This year when her friends take notice of her growing paranoia, they decide to try and help her overcome her unusual fear. However, when Princess Luna has a frightening agenda to scare everypony in ponyville, will the night be an unpleasant trick, or a surprisingly delightful treat? Only one thing is for certain: this will be a Nightmare Night that Fluttershy will remember for a very... long... time!

(My first fanfic! So don't forget to rate and comment!)

If you liked—or disliked—the story, please explain why in the comments. :)

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Comments ( 22 )

Oof--She really gets scared of Nightmare Night, huh? :applejackconfused: Anxiety vomit's serious.

I like the concept, I do, and I like your passion; this was written with the urgency and seriousness of someone who legitimately wants to write about this and leave an impact. I've gotta say, however, it can use a little work.

Thankfully, I'm here! :pinkiehappy:

Personal PM soon to follow--please, take a look. :twilightsmile:

Awww That was a sweat story. This so would've been made an episode. [sigh] but alas such potential for an episode will missed. This a good fic for Halloween/Nightmare Night. :yay:

:raritystarry:Wow, five likes within the first twelve hours of publishing. I think i'm off to a pretty good start.

Shame this is not getting more views, try submitting it to Equestria Daily.


I actually submitted this to EQD last night, I'm currently awaiting results. Glad to hear you enjoyed the story. :yay:

Excellent! It's not possible to fail to enjoy a story in which Fluttershy conquers something difficult and ends up having a great time. There were still a few inevitable issues, particularly with Luna's archaic dialog, but over all this was a lot of fun.

It looked for a while like Twilight was going to spend the holiday with "all" her friends and neglect Spike, making this yet another equine-exclusive story, but luckily you are not as biased or inattentive as some other authors.

“Oh boy, now we’re all finally here together!”

Looks like Pinkie Pie forgot him, though.

What a wonderful story. I can definitely relate to Fluttershy.

Being legally blind, sudden loud noises scare me. As a kid I had a phobia of fireworks. So around July 4th and New Years Eve I would have panic attacks. Not fun at all. I have gotten over it (although I still get nervous).

I could totally relate. Well done.


Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I remember back in the summer when I got the idea for the story, I started out by doing a lot of research on the fear of Halloween, to develop a better understanding of how things would look from Fluttershy's perspective during Nightmare Night. What I found out about those with samhainophobia, fueled me even more to write. If you watch Fluttershy's scene from "Luna Eclipsed", you can tell she simply did not dislike Nightmare Night, but was beyond terrified of the day. You'll notice that she carries a lot of symptoms for the phobia: Her house was pitch black; she yelled at anyone who knocked at her door to leave; Twilight had to drag her out of the house, by magic as a last resort, in order to help Luna; she abandoned all kindness and politeness to try and run back into her house; she almost fainted out of fear when Luna hugged her in appreciation.

The scene was funny due to the situation and context (I still laugh at it and I really enjoyed the episode overall), but at the same time I really felt sorry for Fluttershy. Since Halloween is my favorite time of year, I think it's extremely unfortunate for someone to have a phobia of a day that's suppose to be fun. If they ever do another Nightmare Night episode, I think this would make a great concept for the plot. It's also great to hear that you could relate to it. I guess as a writer, that means I made a pretty big accomplishment. :twilightsmile:


Would you mind telling me specifically why you enjoyed it? Not trying to sound hard, but just wandering what I did well. Then again, this story was written almost a year ago, so I could of completely improved overall at this point. :derpytongue2:

There are several reasons why I enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:
- Fluttershy getting over her fears = always cute.
- The choice of costume for Fluttershy was a nice touch.
- Fluttershy's friends banding together to help her out (in more than one sense of that phrase) was perfect, right in line with the way the characters behave on the show.
- Playful Luna = always cute.
- The build-up in Fluttershy's anxieties leading up to Nightmare Night makes this believeable as a huge problem to her, and helps both set the scene and build up sympathy. (As if we really need help rooting for 'Shy, but you know what I mean.)
- The callbacks to "Luna Eclipsed" (and other episodes) show that (unlike some writers) you actually pay attention and/or have done your homework.
- Fluttershy winning at games/competitions = cute.
- Luna with arachnophobia? Amusing and cute.
- Luna calls Fluttershy a badass: awesome and cute.
- Fluttershy the talented dancer: sweet and cute.

Does that give you enough to work with? :pinkiehappy:


It does. Thank You.:twilightsmile: I'm one of those writers who wants to know specifically why their writing is good (or bad). I think it both helps me find my weak points, and motivates me to keep at it. I really wanted to keep this story as true to the show as possible, so 'Cute' was really a main factor that I was aiming for. It was great to know that I've hit it though.

The way this is written, I wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro/DHX Media used it as the script for the next Nightmare Night episode.


:twilightblush: Awe, you just made my day! Thank you!

Thanks for submitting to my folder in The Pleasant Commentator and Review group:pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed how your story followed a clear line of events and I never got lost. I also really liked your choice of dialogue for Princess Luna:derpyderp1: she is best horse!
An excellent one-shot all around, you are to be commended. Probably the only gripe I have is your nods to the show. While I think everyone can appreciate your dedication to the source material, I think your story would've stood just fine on it's own without them :rainbowwild:

Congrats, your story has been reviewed!
This awesome link right here!
The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group thanks you for your submission!:twilightsmile::scootangel:


And I thank the group once again for a very well detailed, honest and fair review. Much appreciated.

Spread the word around to your friends:twilightsmile: Always happy to help.

Can't leave much useful comments from my phone but this was well written and a fun read!

Well written and very enjoyable

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