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What can Fluttershy do when she has a problem? Not just any problem. A problem that may change how everypony sees her. A dilemma that can make her look like a threat. A terror. A freak. A monster. Who can she turn to for comfort, without having them fear her? At least she's still Fluttershy... right?

Rated Teen for a scene featuring violence and blood. Tagged 'Alternate Universe' because I don't believe her change to be permanent, but I still thought it would make a good story.

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I always loved my little brother. He has always been one of the friendliest, sweetest, and most unique colts you would ever meet. But I always had the knowledge that he was different, and a lot of ponies would hate him for it. It wasn't until this most recent spring that the cruel reality of the world would break him down. From that moment on, Celestia could only tell what his fate would bring. My name is Fluttershy, and this is the story of my brother, Mockingbird.

Rated Teen: For language, strong homophobic slurs, violence, and sexual content.

Special thanks to thedarkprep, OfTheIronwilled, and Wireframe for helping me proofread, edit and revise.

Cover art by the lovely miss Dotterall (Head over to her deviant art account and give her work the much needed praise she deserves!)

Now on YouTube!

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Samhainophobia (pronounced Sow-wen-ophobia): A persistent, abnormal, and often very intense fear of the holiday Halloween (Nightmare Night).

Fluttershy has not been herself lately; she has been suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, lack of sleep, and has been locking herself tight in her cottage. The reason? Nightmare Night has come once again. This year when her friends take notice of her growing paranoia, they decide to try and help her overcome her unusual fear. However, when Princess Luna has a frightening agenda to scare everypony in ponyville, will the night be an unpleasant trick, or a surprisingly delightful treat? Only one thing is for certain: this will be a Nightmare Night that Fluttershy will remember for a very... long... time!

(My first fanfic! So don't forget to rate and comment!)

If you liked—or disliked—the story, please explain why in the comments. :)

Chapters (1)
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