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Shining Armor's life is pretty good. He's an excellent guardspony, he has a loving family, and he's even pretty sure a certain pink mare likes him. But when he finds out his favorite little sister is still upset over her loss of control at the CSGU entrance exam, there's only one thing to do: share a story about a colt who made a big mistake.

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Many, many, thanks to my amazing editor Silicas, for all of his hard work helping me get this ready for prime time.

Also thanks to dm29 for the use of their art for the cover.

A nice heart-warming, feel-good story. I could almost see it as an episode, if it were toned down just a smidge. Very good. Nice to read just before I go to bed :)

Many d'awwzz were had.
Needs its own episode in season 3.

that was really really sweet :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. =) Glad to know you all enjoyed it.

I am very proud to have worked as an editor on this story. It tells a narrative which is well framed and weaves canon together with new content expertly. In the end, it's a quick read that really helps to flesh out Shining Armor and his rather lacking canon relationship with Twilight.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on it! Editors love feedback too, you know.

Awesome story! Loved the theme, the premise and the writing. I'd take my hat off if I were wearing one.

Love the story. Kid Perspectives are interesting you know.


Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

"Are you sure?" sai his father, Nightlight.

"Sai" should presumably be "said".

Shining stared at the drawing.. He had only just started it moments ago. "It's, um.... I forgot."

You have an extra period after "drawing".

He forced more energy into his horn. and his head started to pound.

The period in the middle of this sentence should presumably be a comma.

This is excellent, Alpha.

This was a charmer through and through... Nicely done!


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Well written. Exciting action and sweet ending.

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