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Have you any dreams you'd like to sell? (He/Him)

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Very nice story.

Very nice pairing

There are some grammar issues, but the story’s nice. It would’ve been better with a heavier focus on her heavy state, but I can recommend reading it.

That was a great story, Petrichord! I liked how you made the story a drama with Big Mac trying to figure out how to fit in with the Pie family, as well as the fact that Limestone's dislike stems from Mac being an outsider (and having just a tinge of jealousy). The idea that Marble has started to come out of her shell enough to clap back against Limestone's outbursts was another fun character moment, and I liked how Igneous and Cloudy are accepting enough of Mac despite the awkwardness. The clop itself was fun too, with Mac having to be creative in positions as Marble grows bigger. The playfulness of Marble during the final scene is great too, and highlights that for all the troubles Mac may have with this new family, he's going to be alright with his wife-to-be around to love him.

Thanks for writing this story!

If anyone wants to find the cover art, here is the derpi image id: 2851321.

great pairing! and I liked the family aspect - made me wanna review it - so here you go :rainbowwild:


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