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Winter time is here. Snow's fallin, School's out, and that means a fun day for our favorite residents of the Castle of Friendship! It's the first Medley Snowball Fight! Kids VS Adults. 10 on 5. Who will win? And who will be buried in the rubble of their Snowfort? Find out in this surprise one shot I came up with in under 24 hours!







Ok This should be long enough for the more button to appear. This story is more an experiment than anything. So, You might have noticed that the ratings were disabled for this one. Well, I think It's time we identified exactly how many of SH's Dislikers are common trolls and are from folks who genuinely do not like Sparkling Harmony.

So what am I going to do? There should be a comment under this story with a Twilight Smily Face on it made by me. If you like this story, like the comment. Now, I realize that all the ratings could be genuine, but my hunch is they’re not all genuine because for my most recent story, it got dislikes before anyone coulda finished reading the chapter. My guess is the trolls are too lazy to put in the work to scroll down and dislike the comment if all they're doing is disliking the story without reading it. And I am going to do everything I can to make sure they HAVE to scroll down.

To those of you who genuinely do like the story and genuinely want to rate it. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Your support is what keeps Sparkling Harmony going.

And if for whatever reason you do dislike the comment…maybe give a reason please? You’re already down there so what’s the harm? I promise I won’t come after you.

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nicely done! short but good!

the likes, are you not missing something? Or is this a joke


If this story gets 25 upvotes, I'll update Sparkling Storytime.

You can't reach 25 likes if you disable the rating

right, pardon for the missunderstanding

My guess is anger on the...Mature SH.
But that doesn't give the right to immediately downvote the next story before ever reading it.

Before any of you say it. No this isn't selfess, she just wants to know whats going on

“Not if there are more kids than adults.” Sparkler reasoned. “The sextuplets, Flappy’s triplets, and Spike. That’s 10 kids, Vs a maximum of 5 adults, you me Flappy Starlight and Flash.” She explained.

uuuuhhhh.......... That sounds very naughty

"Together we are"

"The SEXtuplets!!!"




Like, It was just one story.

and what the fuck is there to be angry about? It's a Mature story. At some point EVERYTONE is going to end up writing one. It's no biggie.

This story kinda makes me think of

EThe Great Ponyville Snowball Fight
Applejack's Army battles Rainbow's Rebels for control of Ponyville
8686 · 11k words  ·  798  8 · 10k views

Hope you enjoyed it as much

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love you sparkler you can have all the likes you want ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I know this is an experiment, but it's well written non the less! Going in my favs!

Thank you. I still tried my best with this one. :)

“And they have 6 Alicorns while adults only have two.” Sparkler said.

You still severely underestimate Starlight.
That's how villains lose usually.

At the end of long day of several fights, everypony had been tired out so Twilight called for hot cocoa for everypony, which everypony enjoyed.

Oh, come on, at least say who won!

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