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A child prodigy, a stallion running out of space, agents on a mission, a mage at the height of her power, a farmer in search of a new beginning, and a pony that just wants to keep her secrets buried. The caretaker who watches over them all.

Empty roadways after dark, lit only by the pale moon and distant lights. Living rooms void of furniture and life, with only ghosts lingering where warmth once was. Supermarkets with full shelves, and distant songs playing overhead with the hum of electricity flowing through the air. Places where life should be, but isn't. Places where you can't help but feel that you do not belong.

Ponies that have nothing and everything in common, in places that wear familiar faces but are haunting all the same. In a world beyond space and time, the tower teaches them the lessons they must learn.

This a tale of liminal spaces, twists of fate, and a tower that looms over everything and everypony below. It will update twice a week until it is complete, usually on Tuesday and Thursday. Strap in for a long ride.

UPDATE 14 April, 2023: The second arc is now complete, so there will be a temporary hiatus till the third arc is ready. Stay tuned!

Cover image is a commission from Shaslan.

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Interesting premise, and an equally interesting start to go with it! I've got a soft spot for liminality, so let's see where this goes!

Quick question: the title is listed as The Twilit Tower in the header… and as The Twilight Tower in the artwork. Was that intentional?

Malevolent and horrible, squatting over the horizon like some vast, hideous toad.

Anything that puts me in mind of The Second Coming is a win at great imagery.

Now this looks like something right up my alley

This is very intriguing, will follow with great interest.

Twilight, you could have tried to make other friends. I mean seriously. No attempt in how many years?

The filly struggled onward through the darkness. Unseen branches and thorns caught in her fur and tugged at her skin. Far away, a crow cawed. Fog curled around her hooves, and Twilight suppressed a shudder at the slow dampness of its passage over her flesh.

Now this--this is interesting. Not necessarily because of the exactness of the sensation - which is there, for sure - but rather for the voice. I hear a very distinct voice. Deliberate, yet driven. I hear the crooning of a wizened old storyteller sat over a fire, inviting one to not speak, to listen. There's a certain authentic taste to that voice--a carefully derived melody--and it appeals. It invites. It intrigues.

The story's description says this story is complete. I am happy to see that, in it being completed, its voice emerges quite truly and developed. :raritywink:

It’s always exciting to see a new face on this website that can write this well. Looking forward to what the next arc brings.

The alicorn bent low, and though Twilight instinctively backed away, that great purple spire of a horn kept coming. A gentle touch to her forehead, and Twilight was filled with the same transcendent light that threaded the alicorn’s starry mane. It began in her horn, spiralling down the grooves in the bone, and then it drilled down into her brain with a sudden white-hot fury. It hurt, it burned , and Twilight heard a voice that sounded too high and full of pain to be hers. It kept screaming. Why did it keep screaming ?

Of fear

The tower watches a new pony leave. An old pony. Older than anything, but still only seven.

but what?

Was starting to worry that part 2 wasn’t coming. Strong start to the new arc, seems really promising.

I wonder which one of Twilight writes?

Sorry to interrupt but am I the only one that notices the story's name in both the title and cover art are different?
Title: The Twilit Tower
Cover Art: The Twilight Tower

Like, something's definitely odd here. But I dunno. Just saying.

Staring back at him, was a sea of differently coloured ponyquinns.

damn it

“Great job, Flash!” Mulberry greeted him. “Now, you need to get up! We have more work to do.”

Is this really "great work"? Or they can't say otherwise

“Why do you keep talking to him like that?!”

“Honey, I have no idea what you—”

“You know exactly what I mean!”

“Now listen here young filly, you can’t talk to your mother like that.”

“Oh, so it’s fine if you do it, but if I do the same thing it's suddenly bad?”

“Yes! You can’t talk to your parents that way.”

“It’s very troubling.”

“Are you kidding me?! You absolute—”

I knew Flashs parents were bad with this. Just not as bad as they turned out to be.

Comment posted by Bronie312 deleted Mar 30th, 2023

Woah! Why so many dislikes? I was only pointing out a small error, that's all!

I really like the high priestess arc!

Жаль... И это очень жалит. you are doing a good job

UPDATE 16 nov 2022: The first arc is now complete, so there will be a temporary hiatus till the second arc is ready. Stay tuned!

Shouldn't get rid of this by now?

Oh wow, this is incredible. Love this chapter.

This chapter and the previous one are a delight to read.

he concept of liminal spaces and the mystery surrounding the Twilit Tower has me hooked. Can't wait to see where the next arc takes us.

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