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Not every day you see an mlp isaac crossover

that's interesting, I hope many more chapters of this fanfic!

The basement waited for its one lonely ghost to go once more into its depths, unaware that perhaps this time, something was different.

This time, he wasn't alone.

"MANE 6"




Apologies, good sir, but your narrative is simply too exciting to warrant any lesser response. I don't think you realize just how utterly astounding this story is so far, so let me assure you: this is incredible.

Your grammar is impeccable throughout both chapters thus far, so I'll start with that and see if I can praise everything in a timely manner. With what humble grammatical knowledge I possess, I was entirely unable to detect any issue worthy of note. This is a wondrous feat that is admirable in its own right, but you did not stop there.

One thing that really stood out to me was the superlative formatting. This is always a challenge for fanfictions everywhere, but you display a mastery of FimFiction's various options for formatting, in particular with the Mane Six disappearing into the chest last chapter. A simple italicized onomatopoeia would have aptly sufficed, but you chose to present their screams of terror in a much more pleasing way. (Er, with regards to the form of the letters--be assured that I find no joy in screams of terror...)

I must also compliment the concept you chose to write about. While I am not familiar with the Binding Of Isaac game, I still feel that there is a plentiful host of options and directions this story can take. Many of those are very original and would be valuable additions to this site. I eagerly await finding out what direction you choose, and from what I've seen thus far, I am reasonably sure that it will be stunning in its presentation while utterly enthralling in nature.

Finally, I must express my ecstasy for the premise! From what little I do know of Isaac, he is definitely someone who could use some help. My favorite stories are of victims getting the treatment they need, so this is right up my alley. The Mane Six--Fluttershy in particular--seem like exactly what this poor child requires and deserves.

Now all that's left to see is if they can live long enough to get to him.

It's a fun scene to imagine where they're cornered with no hope of escaping as enemies draw near, but Isaac comes in at the last possible second to deus ex machina them out of there. It would then become a duel rescue: Isaac saves the ponies from the monsters and they save him from his terrible situation.

Maybe that's not even close to the direction you're going with this, horror tag considered, but it's still food for thought.

In any case, I thank you for releasing such an absolute gem to us. Rest assured that you have one reader who eagerly awaits future updates and prays you not discontinue this narrative.

I hope to see more of this later!


Wow. Thanks for the glowing review :twilightblush:

I hope to be able to deliver on your lofty expectations with the rest of the story. And rest assured, I have no intentions of discontinuing this. My current planned schedule is one chapter at least every two weeks until my editor and I can catch up with the remaining chapters I've yet to write, but if I do end up missing that goal, I will try to get a chapter out as soon as possible after.

I would love to see a fanfic about Isaac finally escaping the chest instead of being trapped in his own deformed hell.

What a twist, I thought they were going to stay trapped with Isaac. Can't wait for the next chapter.

I hope Pinkie finds bozo Item

Her letter arrived too late, their in the chest now.😂

Well, I must say that this certainly didn't go the direction I was expecting, but I'm all for it!

I think another thing that you do really well is translate actions from the video game to written story format. One of the greatest challenges of such crossovers is describing the mostly-visual mechanics of the game in words, and you have the added challenge of maintaining the horror tone. I must applaud your excellent success in this endeavor.

I can't wait to see what happens next! What will the Sisters' reactions be upon learning that the Mane Six disobeyed their not-so-timely order? Will said friends be able to locate Issac again, or will they be lost forever in the maze of horrors? Will I ever get enough sleep with all of this mounting anticipation thrust upon me, among other factors?

Probably not!

Regardless, you have a great narrative going on here, good sir, and I eagerly await its continuation.

The sad thing is that all of this could have been avoided if the Princesses had just put up a warning sign.

*blinks* ... well idea of somepony picking Brimstone is cute-riffying (except Pinkie, this would be A class jumpscare horror + almost instant chest speedrun). I'm kinda curious what is nature of mother, I get a feeling she had too much autonomy/intelligence for a construct of child's imagination but at this time I will just file it as "It's magic, enough said". Nice story by the way. :heart:

I appreciate the interest, and I'm glad you're enjoying it :twilightsmile:

And yeah, the idea of Pinkie getting... a lot of items, is pure nightmare fuel. There are a lot of possible fun/terrifying interactions to be had from the ponies getting ahold of the different transformative items, but unfortunately there won't be much, if any, of that in this story. I didn't want the focus to purely be on the items, and I had to narrow down what I wanted to include a lot due to the constraints of the plot. Maybe some other Isaac crossover can focus on those aspects missing here.

As for mother, you would probably be right that she has too complicated of a personality for Isaac's imagination to cook up, but then again, the world within the chest in and of itself is very complex. My interpretation of how it all came to be will somewhat be explained later, but it isn't that far off from "Magic, 'nuff said" :rainbowlaugh:

... well Fluttershy took a pill that gives 3 blue hearts for that action. :rainbowderp:

Somehow I'm not surprised that Celestia and Luna failed, their powersets are not quite ... good for that. I mean sure even without empowerment from the sun and moon princesses are powerhouses of debatable destructive potential, plus Luna has access to the dream realm but this is the situation where atomizing problem isn't a solution no matter how cathartic and Issac is kinda undead and as far as I know, those don't sleep so no dream therapy (not to mention that for all power and knowledge princesses are not psychiatrists, in Luna case in need of one).

Fluttershy is not exactly on top of my list of MVPs for this problem but I must admit she's quite high.
Personal list goes as such:

Honorable mentions: Sunset Shimmer (a more human approach plus psychometry could help discover more chest history and nature but it could also kill her or vegetize her with an equal chance) Starlight Glimmer (powerful meta-mage with a talent for spell modification and exotic applications, also equestrian cultist-communist and that is not someone who Issac need to talk to, his mother is enough:twilightoops:)

6. Rainbow Dash - nice speedy PVP combatant with weather manipulation and a stubborn streak (as long as AOE/sure hit attacks are not in use) but as I said violence in this case is not a solution.

5. Rarity - Mane 6 merchant-enchantress-seamstress-detective and high society go-to pony with rather dangerous telekinesis and charismatic personality, unfortunately most of those are not in high demand inside of the chest.:derpytongue2:

4. Pinkie Pie - Reality breaking friendly eldritch being in a nice pony-shaped package that wants you to smile smile smile. It would be nice to cheer Issac but in my opinion, it would be applying a band-aid to cauterized lightsaber hole where the blood pump should be. A nice gesture but the hole is still there.

3. Fluttershy - team medic and spymaster with potential ":flutterrage:" button with addition of animal army, rabbit of Caearbannog-lite, and Chaos Spirit on speed-dial. Flutters is extremely emphatic and has the means to either change Issac's outlook or with a big "If" do the same to chest creation (a small chance but an existing one) but I don't believe it would be as easy as one therapy session. There is also a nuke option with Discord but in my headcanon born from different magic systems that Chaos Magic = Change = Life and that has a long-standing policy with death and undead things of "no touchie" so Discord would probably look at chest and nope outta here.

2. Twilight - team archmage with a rather strange disposition towards transmutations and mental magics. Twilly has a variety of options to sewer connection between Issac and Chest from more ethical (like educating Issac to give him some other thing to identify himself except what religious nutjob has already done with his psyche) to less ethical (mind manipulations and body changes (but considering all things in game and items Issac already has fluid identity plus rather non-existent connection to humanity so even permanent change of race to pony would not merit even shrug)). Besides Twilight has a history of making situations before making them better, and even something as innocent as giving Issac an education can have cataclysmic effects considering that the chest world is borne partially from imagination. Knowledge is Power after all.

1. Applejack - team strong-mare and logistic expert with not quite small addition of chlorokinesis and honestly blunt disposition. I believe that bluntness could be the key to shattering Issac's prison with the least collateral damage to both the boy's psyche and to the surrounding area by forcing a confrontation with his issues. It would hurt, and there would be explosions but you need to break eggs to make an omlette.

Well at least that's my small analyze, I'd rather wait to read what will happen in the next chapter.:twilightsmile::heart:

Wonderkid125 You little fucker you made a shit of piece with your trash Twilight it's fucking Bad this trash fic I will become back my money I hope you will in your next time a cow on a trash farm you sucker.
Hope you get the reference, interesting mix ngl, quite curious to see how this goes


Took me a second XD

I'm not sure where that originates from, but I have heard of it. At any rate, I'm glad you're interested.

You have no idea how long I've wanted to see a good Isaac/MLP crossover. Isaac has been my favorite game and MLP my favorite cartoon for more than a decade now and none of the other crossovers I've seen ever really hit right, or they just stopped updating after a while, but this one so far has most of what I'd want to see. Still a few bits missing, I'd love to see the ponies reaction to one of Isaac's more horrific power-ups and the fact that the kid routinely mutilates himself for the sake of power (I'm enough of a sadist I'd probably have him pick up something like "The Intruder" so they never get any sleep again.) or some interaction with Isaac's other playable personas.

But it looks like we might be hitting endgame soon since we're on the Ascent path now, still with or without those I'm enjoying this quite a bit, and Isaac is such a massive game that if you wanted to have the cast thoroughly explore it this fic would get really long. Looking forward to the next chapter and thanks for giving my favorite game the kind of crossover it deserves.

Fluttershy comes in for a save with devastating (for Issac's depressing thoughts) success.:yay:
And so ascent begins, should be if not easy then at least fast considering literal alicorn cavalry support.
Let's hope that this temporary dimension collapse didn't release something ... too big into Equestria ...:pinkiecrazy:

And so fated battle comes evet closer.:heart:
Let's hope that nothing managed to escape chest in the meantime.:unsuresweetie:

I’m really wondering how the pony crew will react if Isaac picks up one of the items that mutilates himself in some manner. Also, I love how you made Isaac’s Mom’s death cry both pained and saddened - with how good this crossover is, I’m rolling to believe that you really know your Isaac stuff and it’s representative of the theory that it’s Isaac’s Mom finding Isaac’s corpse within the chest.

Absolutely aces fic so far dude!

I just binged the entire story, and I´m loving it so far!

And please dont tell me that Dash is absolutely dead

Glad to hear you're enjoying it. Next chapter should be up in the next couple of weeks.

I guess you'll have to wait and see :)

A new chapter! It was a great one.
Also, Dash, dont complain about what you get, just accept it

So what happen exactly I am little lost

Did you accidentally skip the last chapter? I uploaded the final two at the same time. If not, I'll explain below.

Spoilers: The group freed Isaac's soul from the chest, and he moved on to the afterlife. Since Fluttershy died, she joined him.

I'm actually impressed. I didn't expect you to give it a harsh and realistic ending with such bittersweet notes. Some might cry foul at the ending being less than perfect for everyone, but I respect your decision to end it this way.

I've been too nice with my stories thus far. I figured I was overdue for at least one that didn't end on a totally happy note. Plus, this is Isaac after all. It wouldn't feel right to have too lighthearted of an ending.

Oh oh oooohhhh

A bittersweet, but very fitting ending for the story. As much as I'd want a fully happy ending, it probably would have felt out of place considering how tragic and dark a game Isaac is. I felt this struck a good balance, and it even made me tear up a bit. This is definitely my favorite Isaac crossover fic, and I'm glad to see it reach a satisfying ending. Nicely done.

Glad I could do the game justice in the eyes of a true fan.

Such a sad ending, but with how the things end in BoI that Is how everything had to go

A beautifully fitting end. Had the OST playing in the background as I was reading.

This was a fitting ending.

Go with grace into the great beyond.

This is so good!
I hoped we would get more bosses like ??? Or hush but this is fine too.
I can now only hope for maybe a precuel about Luna and Celly adventures with Issac

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I don't currently have any plans to make a prequel to this. If I were to make one featuring Celestia and Luna's time with Isaac, there wouldn't be much of a story other than them going through and fighting various enemies while fruitlessly trying to find a way to free him. As it stands, the combat sections in this fic started to drag on and feel repetitive, at least to me. I tried to spice it up as much as possible, but especially toward the end it kind of went downhill, which is part of why it took so long to get these chapters out.

If enough people want to see something like that, I guess I could try to make it someday. But, I make no promises. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff will just have to wait to be featured until someone else makes another Isaac fic. I certainly wouldn't mind someone else copying this premise, as this is the only story I've seen that features the mane six getting sucked into Isaac's world.

A sad but worthy ending for Isaac and Fluttershy. Thanks for writing this story.

Wow, I've got 2 copies of this game but never played it.
I didn't know it was such a deep game with such meaning.
The end was powerful and meaningful and emotional, a triumph of a crossover story.

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