• Published 31st Oct 2022
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Unbound - wonderkid125

An old chest lies locked away deep within the Castle of the Royal Sisters. Dusty and forgotten, neglected and abused... They should have left it that way.

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So what happen exactly I am little lost

Did you accidentally skip the last chapter? I uploaded the final two at the same time. If not, I'll explain below.

Spoilers: The group freed Isaac's soul from the chest, and he moved on to the afterlife. Since Fluttershy died, she joined him.

I'm actually impressed. I didn't expect you to give it a harsh and realistic ending with such bittersweet notes. Some might cry foul at the ending being less than perfect for everyone, but I respect your decision to end it this way.

I've been too nice with my stories thus far. I figured I was overdue for at least one that didn't end on a totally happy note. Plus, this is Isaac after all. It wouldn't feel right to have too lighthearted of an ending.

Oh oh oooohhhh

A bittersweet, but very fitting ending for the story. As much as I'd want a fully happy ending, it probably would have felt out of place considering how tragic and dark a game Isaac is. I felt this struck a good balance, and it even made me tear up a bit. This is definitely my favorite Isaac crossover fic, and I'm glad to see it reach a satisfying ending. Nicely done.

Glad I could do the game justice in the eyes of a true fan.

Such a sad ending, but with how the things end in BoI that Is how everything had to go

A beautifully fitting end. Had the OST playing in the background as I was reading.

This was a fitting ending.

Go with grace into the great beyond.

This is so good!
I hoped we would get more bosses like ??? Or hush but this is fine too.
I can now only hope for maybe a precuel about Luna and Celly adventures with Issac

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I don't currently have any plans to make a prequel to this. If I were to make one featuring Celestia and Luna's time with Isaac, there wouldn't be much of a story other than them going through and fighting various enemies while fruitlessly trying to find a way to free him. As it stands, the combat sections in this fic started to drag on and feel repetitive, at least to me. I tried to spice it up as much as possible, but especially toward the end it kind of went downhill, which is part of why it took so long to get these chapters out.

If enough people want to see something like that, I guess I could try to make it someday. But, I make no promises. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff will just have to wait to be featured until someone else makes another Isaac fic. I certainly wouldn't mind someone else copying this premise, as this is the only story I've seen that features the mane six getting sucked into Isaac's world.

ZZZ_ #14 · July 28th · · ·

A sad but worthy ending for Isaac and Fluttershy. Thanks for writing this story.

Wow, I've got 2 copies of this game but never played it.
I didn't know it was such a deep game with such meaning.
The end was powerful and meaningful and emotional, a triumph of a crossover story.

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