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A soft reboot & prequel set in the dark future of CyberPone. No knowledge of prior works is needed to enjoy the following tragicomedy.

Listen to the Main Theme by Saphire Systrine.

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Golden Ray remembers what the sky looked like before the temples of glass and neon were erected. Before all of Canterlot was turned into a parking lot for the rich, but most ponies don't care. They're kept just content enough not to revolt against their elected slave masters. Enslaved by the next trend of what each one thinks their ideal self is. Ray is sick of this. The people need the tools of information to learn. Ray intends to save them by diving into cyberspace, for the first time, to free the architect of the whole system. He can only hope they know how to make information free once again.

Golden Ray will do whatever it takes for his people.

≫⊂===== ⋈ =====⊃≪

*Featured! | 5/28-5/29 | My first ever one!*

Edited & Proofread by: Ahroozle & Cupute
Cover art by: | Cupute |

Based on Snowcrash & Tron with a hint of Mr. Robot

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That stream of code and the way it all falls into place like that gives me chills! Love it

I so happy to hear that!~

Damn. I love this.

A very good and detailed story! Love it bunches and so happy to have helped with this story. Ya did a phenomenal job!

Thank you so much!
Thank you for helping so much!

I say, good show! You did great. I love the little hex section! Thank you for letting me make music for this, it's an honor! Your fics are great, and your writing style is top notch :twilightsmile:
Hope to see more from you!

Will we get more stories based on this universe, I loved it!

Honestly? I'm currently on the fence. The last time I tried to do my cyberpunk genre world it got a little too massive, so I've decided that splitting them into Magicspace or the System, the cities, and everyone else. I would love to continue but I would need to think about what and how to continue on. I can only hope!

This is the ending of a paperback book, and brutha i wanna buy and read the whole thing

While I would have liked a deeper dive into how bad this future Equestria truly has become, the strengths of Ray Ray more than make up for it. He's an archetype, yes, but very earnest. This young cyberpunk hero looking to upend the system. There's a definite vibe that this is what Sunny Starscout could have become if G5 had gone a more male-orienteted, sci fi route. The plot genuinely surprised me at times and even elicted a tear at one point, but I am a big softy hehe. Genuinely good work, though improvement is always possible.

I'm glad you enjoy it! Frankly if I had a higher word count, I would've made this much longer. There was an older version of this that was muti-chapter but it didn't work for the reequipments to I had to streamline. Thank you for your comment and the read!

But I do gotta ask... Did you translate the hexcode? :3 nvm.

That was a pretty good story, I'm glad I had a chance to read it and that you were able to enter it into my contest. :twilightsmile:

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