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In a literal sense, for me, MLP is a life savor. It saved me from a dark place, it has given me hope. I write stories here, very personal stories. Set in a darker version of MLP, a version with hope.


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{Flower - Description} The documented events caused by the AI known as Cardinal, the first and final major failure, and ultimate downfall of the Shy Project. Footage found is a combination of computer history and recovered security camera recordings, along with a large amount of footage decoded from the AI's own database, all put together by CreeperZone, with the help of PeerImagination with compilation and editing. Available for public study and use in creative commons. Best viewed with regular visual settings, turn off Night Mode or any plugins affecting colour for best experience.

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Comments ( 9 )

Damn...this is getting intense...I -like- it~

Her response was nearly instant. The only delay was the little animation of the chat bubble appearing from the bottom and growing as it glided up under the previous message. The smiley face at the end of her message left Cardinal raising an eyebrow.

Left Cardinal raising an eyebrow? Probably Seeker. ^^;

Twilight seems intense too. :twilightangry2:

And as the conversation ended in an instant, Seeker unplugged, barely a second after she first went in.

“Before you paint me, one more rematch!” Seeker rotated herself to face him while still laying on the counter space, sliding the chess board in between the two of them.

Seeker is moonlighting for Cardinal? Goodness, she gets around.

Also this story is awesome and gritty. I love it so.

Somepony needs to get her strapped down somewhere...wowzers.:flutterrage:

And so the hunted becomes the hunter...

It's so sad, how a good story ends...like you are saying goodbye to someone you had just gotten to know. How you were with them through thick and thin. How you've gone to see what they've seen and experienced. Realizing that it is over...but in a way, her story isn't really over is it? In a way this is a new beginning, too...

Thank you for this. It was tragic, heart warming, intense, and had an ugly beauty to it.

I can only hope they see each other again. To learn what love really is for them both.

Wow, I was pretty surprised to open Fimfiction to see 8 notifications, but wow, thank you for the kind words!

I am very happy you enjoyed the story, and if you like this style of world I hope you are pleased to know that I am working on making an interconnected series of stories based on this world, (The only other currently that is out is called War Pony, but there will be lots more.)

Also thank you for pointing out some mistakes, my editor can only get so many of them and with my dyslexia, there is a lot. I've been trying to fix them as they are pointed out to me but I am slowly getting better.

Anyways thank you for reading and commenting, it truly is inspiring. - Cz

Glad to give them for a great story! I read some yesterday, but then I just sat down and couldn't pull myself away! That kind of story that just pulls you in and keeps you tied to it is great to see, and I am immensely thankful for the chance to read it.

I must say I am curious to know how things got to such a state in this AU, and to learn more about the world that Cardinal found herself in. As ugly as it may seem at some points, there is still kindness and beauty to find within it. Hope, as you put it. I'll have to read War Pony soon, and am eager to see what else you put out, connected or not to this world you have brought to light.

I have some slight issues with reading comprehension at times too, but the important thing is to keep working at it. A pointer here and there about a mistake is a chance to improve and make a connection with someone, so I feel that's something that can bring out the best in both sides of the conversation! That and I was almost miffed at how nobody had posted -any- comments in this story, good OR bad! With how this story reached me I felt I should put at least something out there and hope others will too, so you and others can make their own connections with you and this great read.

I now see the near-wall of text I've put up, so I'll finish by saying thanks again, and I hope to read more of your works soon!

This was an amazing and also emotionally draining and sad read. Apart from a few spelling errors and grammatical issues, this was an absolutely beautiful story.

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