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Comment posted by TherealNightblader deleted Aug 21st, 2022

He slicked back his mane. "Sure I can do that—wait a second. Isn't that Princess Petals? You're telling me she's going to be drinking my cum?"
"Slurping it," Sunny said as she turned around and presented herself to him.

Green Pegasus: *excited stallion noises*

Oh, and of course, his cock pulsing and twitching and flaring, pumping her full of thick, milky cum.

I had imagined she would push him off at the last moment and let him cum all over the smoothie instead.
This way the smoothie would gain the taste of pure stallion instead of stallion mixed with mare.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

This was a fun little fic! We haven't had many G5 sexquestria-ish fics yet, so it was nice to read some headcanons of how each of the Mane Five handle their heats. Especially Zipp; that mare would either be a lust-driven succubus or an awkward, hopeless mess - no in-between!

I would've liked to see it go on a bit longer and explore the scenario in more detail, but I guess it accomplished what it set out to do. That's worth an upvote in my book! 👍

Not nearly enough cum eating/drinking fics around. Noice work.

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