• Published 26th Mar 2022
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Mistress Massage - Nefarious Porpoise

Using their massage parlor, the Dazzlings work to hypnotize and enslave the Rainbooms. Starting with Sunset, of course.

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Happy ending (?!) The college years would be interesting !! Ha ha ha

An excellent fic this one is, truly a good story with the use of hypnosis and, certainly an original ending.

This was a blissful ride indeed.

Awww. This was actually kinda a cute ending. Despite Twi's new status as a true mad scientist. XD

Woo!!! That was an amazing read, thank you!

I still hope for an alternate ending where the sirens win.

I'm very satisfied with this ending. I like how Twilight can't just snap her fingers and set everyone back to normal, and there's her own temptations being hinted at here where she doesn't necessarily want them to go back to completely normal. So in effect, her friends have substituted one mistress for another, but one that would be kinder to them, at least for now.

It's a nice middle-ground. The Sirens did not win, but the Rainbooms did not exactly get completely freed.

awesome story, seriously awesome, great wrap-up. i wont deny id still have liked a siren victory the most i think, but i really enjoyed this ending and there r no complaints, its a great conclusion naratively and super sexy! and i cant deny that i really love a good scene of the predators unconsciously becoming the slaves as they're taken further and further into hypnotic hedonism - u did the best job of this with the orgy scene last chapter that i've seen since a scene in 1 of madam kistulot's works way way many years ago. this was great great great stuff; i hope we see more sexy f/f hypno-clop from you in the future! if you ever feel like making a non-futa version of the dear sister story, i'll love checking that one out too!

I'm glad you liked it! fwiw Dear Sister only has one futa scene in a dream, they're normal females otherwise all throughout.

oh well in that case maybe ill check it out then and just skip that 1 part, thanks for telling me! and thanks for writing this it was great!

That was a good story.

Wow. This story was absolutely amazing.

While I really don’t like the ending- it’s nothing against you, I just don’t like “happy endings” for this kind of story (I’ve probably been reading too many Human Domestication Guide stories)- this is a fantastic piece of writing, and the ending with Twilight keeping all the brainwashing but co-opting it for good, despite not being my thing, is very clever. Thank you for this!

Thank you for reading! I'm not usually one for 'bad ends', but I do appreciate 'grey ends' (ie with Dear Sister) quite a bit.:rainbowkiss:

Does this need a #Narcotics tag, since drugging is a recurring theme?

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