• Published 1st Mar 2022
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Prank Master - Quoterific

The day Rainbow Dash learnt a valuable lesson

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Revenge's Best Served Colourful

Pinkie Pie awoke with a loud yawn and stretched out her front legs. Today was going to be a great day, her Pinkie Sense was telling her so. She rose from her bed to find Gummy asleep on the covers. She smiled as she gently picked up her pet alligator and suddenly embraced him, the poor critter waking up to be smothered in Pinkie-style affection and candyfloss mane.

“Good morning, Gummy,” Pinkie said as the alligator bit on her mane, “We have a busy day ahead of ourselves.”

She reached into her mane and pulled out a to-do list from within its depth.

“We have three cutie mark parties to plan, five birthdays and a whole lot of baking on our hooves down at the bakery! Isn’t that great!”

Gummy, as usual, didn’t reply. He was too busy munching her his owner’s mane to simply care. Pinkie let Gummy go where he found a loose balloon to be an alternative chew toy.

Pinked jumped out of bed and headed over to her bathroom. She was going to jump her way into the shower when she froze mid-jump at the mirror. She landed in reverse onto the tiled bathroom floor and her head turned slowly at the sight of her reflection. Her very colourful reflection. She ran towards the mirror to get a proper look at her new mane colour.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, along with her signature pink, now was the new look of her usual bubbly mane. It looked like Mayor Mare’s wig during Twilight’s first Nightmare Night in Ponyville. She could easily qualify as a circus or rodeo clown down in Appleloosa.

Her mouth, literally, dropped to the floor with a thud. Gummy just licked an eye with his tongue.

Pinkie’s own eyes began to bulge out of their sockets and she reached out to see if she wasn’t dreaming.

When everything dawned on the party pony that this was her mane and not a wig that was stuck onto her, she gasped and screamed.

It was early morning down at Sweet Apple Acres and the Apple Family were digging into some pancakes, ready for another hard day of harvesting. Applebloom was helping herself to a large drizzling of maple syrup.

Applejack was about to take a bite out of her fork of pancakes when an almighty scream rattled through the kitchen. The family was quick to grab their plates and morning apple juices, tea and coffee cups as the table shook from the sound.

It took several long, agonising seconds for the scream of terror to fade and calm was restored to the family’s kitchen.

“What was that?” Applebloom turned to her older sister.

Applejack thought long and hard before she got it.

“Revenge has been exacted upon today, Sugarcube,” Applejack smirked.

This only earned her three confused faces around the breakfast table.

Pinkie Pie zoomed out of Sugarcube Corner, startling the Cakes having their breakfast as she rushed towards a certain floating cloud house.

“Was it me, dearie, but did Pinkie Pie have a clown’s wig on her head?” Mrs Cake asked her husband.

“Maybe her next party theme is the circus,” Mr Cake shrugged.

Pinkie Pie didn’t pay attention as she raced towards the outskirts of Ponyville, the house of her target floating in the distance.

She stopped at the base of the cloud house and threw an angry fist in the air.

“Rainbow Dash, I know you’re in there!” She shouted as loud as her pipes would allow her.

From the top of the house where the mare of her fury would usually nap, a pink head poked out. She had an innocent face, but Pinkie knew that this was her signature poker face when she tried to hide something she did. Pinkie can read every pony like an open book because she knew everypony in Ponyville.

“Coming,” Rainbow said calmly before gently gliding down to great her prank sidekick. She looked up at Pinkie’s new mane and pretended to gasp in shock.

“Geez, Pinks. What happened to your mane? Did you do It yourself or did some pony sneakily come into the night and did the job for you?”

Rainbow acted innocent enough, but Pinkie wasn’t having any of it.

“Very funny, Rainbow Dash!” Pinkie said through gritted teeth, “I mean, look at me! I didn’t plan on a circus-themed party! Ponies around town will now think that I am you!”

“Yes…” The corners of Rainbow’s mouth lifted upwards.

“My pink coat totally clashes with my new name! Rarity would have a fit about the combination of colours before her eyes. She would get her fainting couch out in sheer horror!”


“I feel like this is going to be such a long, hard day for me-“

“Go on.”

“And that I feel like a complete… oh.”

“Now you get it,” Rainbow flew upwards and crossed her forelegs. She didn’t expect Pinkie to jump up to her and hold her in one of her infamous bone-crushing hugs.

“Oh, Dashie! I’m, so, so, sorry! I didn’t know that my idea of a prank, and we’re pranking buddies. Team buddies should always consider how the others would feel. Could you ever forgive me!” She then let the waterworks flood out of her eyes, her downpour of tears creating a puddle around them. Rainbow Dash struggled in her pink friend’s embrace.

“Let…me…go… and I’ll call it even…” She struggled to say the sentence. Pinkie realised that Rainbow’s pink face was turning a deeper blue than her normal coat colour and she quickly let her go. Rainbow struggled to breathe for a second, coughing and stretching her wings to get the circulation through her muscles going again.

“Don’t sweat it, Pinkie,” Rainbow comforted her pranking sidekick, “Pranking buddies forever?” She got out a hoof to her.

“Pranking buddies that will always stick together!” Pinkie shook her hoof vigorously. The two looked at each other, one in pink and another with a rainbow mane, admiring each other's efforts during their prank-off.

It was then that Pinkie got that famous spark in her eyes. It was the spark of a mischievous idea.

“Say, Rainbow?” She said to her prankster pegasus friend, “Do you have any light-blue dye with you?”

Rainbow blinked before nodding. She flew up and reached in through a window and dropped a bottle of cyan blue dye to her. Pinkie then asked for the other colours of the rainbow. Rainbow, not sure what she was planning but was still intrigued by her idea, also dropped the box of dyes to her.

“Okay, wait right here!” She then dashed behind a nearby tree and Rainbow could hear the sound of bottled uncapping and dye being poured out. It was then that Pinkie emerged and Rainbow gaped at the sight in front of her.

Standing in front of her, was herself. A smiling, bubbly-maned version of herself. Pinkie’s tail had also been given the same treatment as her mane. Pinkie even managed to pull out a pair of fake blue wings.

“Where’d you get the wings?” Rainbow pointed to them.

“I have fake wings stashed all over Ponyville, in case of fake wing emergencies.”

Rainbow didn’t even bother asking more questions from that.

Pinkie Then reached into her mane and pulled out pieces of blue and pink paper and colouring pens. It was then Rainbow got what Pinkie was planning.

“Nice one, Pinkie!” Rainbow giggled in mid-flight, “By the end of the week, no pony will know which one of us is the real Rainbow and Pinkie Pie.”

Pinkie giggled with equal amounts of excitement as she draw hers and Rainbow’s cutie mark on the corrected pieces of paper. She got some tape and stuck the correct cutie mark to her flank. Rainbow did the same to her flank.

“Now come on, my pranking buddy!” Pinkie skipped down the dirt path, “We only have a week until the dye fades away. Ready to make the town pull their manes out!”

Rainbow giggled in anticipation of what they were going to do to the citizens of Ponyville.

“I thought you’ll never ask!”

The two of them giggled in enthusiasm as they made their way towards the town for a week of confusion with the residents.

Author's Note:

So many wanted to see where this would go. I wanted it to be episode-like with a nice cute ending and a ton of laughter at the end, so this is what I went with. :pinkiehappy:

It's shorter since it's the best I can come up with... :twilightblush:

Hope you all like it :heart:

You can thank superfun Twilight_Shimmer Eris Dis Harmonia
Wolfram-And-Hart and Dusk Star Shine for getting me back to my keyboards and brainstorming an idea for this second chapter

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When everything dawned on the party pony that this was her mane and not a wig that was stuck onto her, she gasped and screamed.

“I have fake wings stashed all over Ponyville, in case of fake wing emergencies.”

Yeah why am I not surprised

Okay I was not expecting another chapter but I guess you need to follow up the revenge to Pinkie and she did so instead of that now she looks like Rainbow dash and she got really upset but basically kinda taught her a lesson how she felt as well and something tells me now they're going to use the situation and Confused the other ponies and creatures in Ponyville this was a pretty fun story keep up the good work

That's a cute story. ^^
I loved the picture as Julunis posted it on Twitter, but having an accompanying story is really sweet.

Thank you and happy you liked the story with it ^^
I was challenged by friends on DA to do a story, then I got support from the artist for it as well. She allowed my to use the art as the cover as well :twilightsmile:

Yeah, she promoted you on Twitter, otherwise I hadn't seen the story. ^^

Comment posted by Quoterific deleted March 2nd

Haha this was great!

Cue Applejack accidentally flirting with Pinkie. I'm almost expecting a third chapter, where, by the end of the week the two of them, with Luna's assistance, have pranked the entire town and nobody knows who's who anymore.

Well, we have a story about a picture of a pink rainbow, now to bring it full circle we need the artist to make a picture of this story about a rainbow pinkie.

And then Pinkie makes a joke that "Even I don't know who's who anymore!" and everyone's unsettled, and Pinkie says "I could be kidding, but you'll never know!"

Awesome! I knew you could pull it off!


Well, as soon as you said you had no inspiration for a sequel I was expecting a crash when I saw the new chapter coming out, so much so that I didn't dare read it until today, but you did pretty well ^^

I really liked the reference to the "I always have a trophy in case of unexpected dance contest" from EQG.

If you haven't already made a deviation on this scene consider it as a request and I will send you the exact time-code one of these days.




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