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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


Brawny Bold has little experience when it comes to dating or interacting with pretty mares. Brawny's best friend, Feather Bangs, asks Brawny to go with him on a double date. Brawny Bold decides to try his best to make a good impression on the mares while being an excellent wing pony to Feather.

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"Feather came to Ponyville because the last place he lived in was kind of boring. He heard Ponyville was such an interesting place." Brawny said.

Oh trust me there is always something very interesting going on in Ponyville

"Yeah, we're a couple." Lyra finished. "Is there something wrong?"

I kind of guessed that feather bang didn't know that bon bon and Lyra are a couple oops

At the Bonfire Grill, Brawny and Feather were sitting across a pair of mares wearing outfits that looked like something from a cheesy 80s film. One mare was a light blue earth pony with frizzy, brown manes that were held with a pink bow hairband. She also wore a pink, ripped t-shirt with black stripes on it. The other mare was pink earth pony with long, blue manes that were tied into a ponytail. She wore a pair of yellow sunglasses and her attire was a pink, short-sleeved jacket. The two mares were just talking to each other while ignoring the stallions. Brawny turned to Feather.

Oh no it's those girls from that episode putting your hoof down :facehoof:

Well that's was a pretty interesting story so apparently feather bang invited is friend to a double date and the ones who he picked up was bon bon and Lyra and unfortunately feather bang kind of Choke because his shyness came around and basically his friend was answering the questions that the girls were asking but it was nice of him to help feather out but they didn't know that Lyra and Bonbon are a couple but it didn't stop them to have a good time so that was nice as I said this was a pretty interesting story keep up the good work

Interesting potrayl of feather you got there



Thanks, this is also the first story to include my self-insert OC.

And you did well! If i may, he is similar to mine.

Also, your Story got my attention due to Lyra, a Favorite background pony of me and a close friend

Yeah and OC character is pretty cool

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