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Small steps. Commissions are closed for the moment. Just working through my queue.

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Oh nice, I hope this story will be more chapters and be completed.

Finished reading it, it was awesome everything I could ever want from a sissyfication of Shining Armor to Sombra and the breaking of him mind into compliance. I hope this will lead to a Shining and Nightlight along with more breaking down of Shining as his final sissy form.

A great read, looking forward for the next chapter!

My my my my my!! I am going to LOVE this. Mmmm!

Hope for a sequal

What prompted you to write this? This is so dark šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£

There's certainly going to be plenty of mindbreak in Shiny's future. Sombra will make sure he'll never forget who his master is. :ajsmug:

Yep, it's my longest one by far.

Hey, that's the kind of commission that I got. If it gets too dark just imagine that it's simply a very kinky, incestual roleplay, hehe. Shining and Night are just pretending not to enjoy being degraded and used by Sombra, secretly those two cucks are loving every second of it.

Though I guess it might be pretty hard to see it like that with how I hammer the point in. :trollestia:

Well I hope the rest of it goes well šŸ‘

that's the content, why I love you. if I remember correctly, you have patreon?

Nah, not anymore. There wasn't much interest for it. So I'm just taking commissions.

Not bad though I wish you had played up Velvet a little more. Maybe have her give him a short spanking, talk about colt secrets, make her speak up for him though in a way that only brings him closer to his doom. Also have Velvet dominate Shining a little bit more on her own. That she's above him in rank.
I'm hoping that in the next chapter there will be a scene of Velvet taking Shining over her knee with the brush to punish him for disrespecting Sombra.

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I can't wait to see how Princess Cadence reacts to her new Master with her cuck of a husband on her side. I wonder if there will be any opposing forces to Sombra in this story? Or If everypony just gets sissyfied/submissified :twilightsmile:

I love it and think I will love it all, nonetheless.

Happy you're loving it! Sombra will definitely be the one calling the shots in this story. He's the King after all! :ajsmug:

All I can imagine my oc witnessing this shooting samba and going well Iā€™m officially traumatized again

Next chapter?

I suppose its late to ask but is there any chance we will get a sequel to this with cadance? I always come back to this story, very amazing work.

Is the next chapter coming?

And will Spike be next as Sombra's sex toy?

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