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In the early morning of Hearth's Warming Day, Sombra awakens.

Written for ZeroMonkey for Jinglemas 2021

Thanks to The Sleepless Beholder, Emotion Nexus, and Dewdrops on the Grass for prereading.

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.... una vista trágica para los remanentes de sombra, el original, su final ante la corrupción del Rey sombra

I'm gonna love this!!

Ah the sads. The tragedies. The Sombras!

I really enjoyed pre-reading this one for you.

I don't see many stories that handle how it was that Sombra managed to get the Crystal Empire displaced in time. This was an idea I hadn't seen before. The ending admittedly raises a few questions, both about how this is the particularly dystopian pre-banishment Empire we know of, and how Sombra managed to come back with the Crystal Empire. The lack of a death tag and teen rating is admittedly even more confusing given the very blunt ending.

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