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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.

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Quite nice!

Thanks! I'm always glad when people enjoy them. :rainbowdetermined2:

Reminder to the drive-by downvoters: Someone paid money to read this. If that someone wasn't dissuaded by the last hundred times you did this... well, did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?


Remember this is fiction. Do not stage a coup by murdering your government leaders nor expect people to line up for consensual murder no matter how hot you are.

...You know, I really don't get you sometimes. If you don't have a consensual snuff orgy with your government leaders, how are you supposed to get new ones?

I'd say fair elections, but in most of the world that's WAY more unrealistic.

Nothing like bullies who fully believe they are righteous warriors fighting for the rights of characters that don't exist.:rainbowdetermined2:

I love something creative that is not used including a very sexy snuff coup in fan-fiction once in a while! Also I hope that one of your stories Oviposition gets updated someday.

(I am not trying to do this in real life at all. Why should I try it? Well it’s only a fetish and it will be a fetish and one that I will never try… Don’t try a fetish because your fetish may actually be illegal in your country or state!)

Oviposition has been getting updates and is updated again today!:rainbowdetermined2:

Oh wow that has been fast for some reason but I don’t mind any updates today or maybe some random day. I’m not being mean I’m actually surprised!

She watched as the others in the room converged on the corpses like a swarm of horny wild dogs

I imagine in this world though the real dogs don't get any corpses the way everybody capitalizing on these necrotunities. Funeral industry probably pretty cheap. Instead of paying for coffins, I could imagine their relatives or friends paying them thousands to have their corpse 30 years before they even die by the way they getting so excited. Coffins are probably seen as some kind of cruelty. Like locking up Disney world and encasing it in impenetrable walls. Of course this isn't just average ponies here. It'd been funny too if Cadence suddenly walled up their corpses and watched her people cry as they realized she was going to be some necro banning tyrant.

That would be an excellent analogy if Disney World made sense in-world or if I could think of an adequately recognizable parody.

Las Pegasus is the only recreational centric tourist destination shown that I recall. Always wondered where Pegasi in cloud cities are buried. And what happens to Golden Horseshoe gals when they retire from life

I have realized I am a very fucked up individual just like the others here

Nah you're probably fine.
Fun fact: After research, the only serial killer I found that was a fiction author prior to arrest was a children's book author. So just don't read children's books and you'll be fine.:rainbowdetermined2:

Very nice, very hot. A fitting end for the royal sisters.

It's so ironic to hear Cadence call Celestia "useless and worthless", when she is in fact the most useless and worthless princess.Aside from the fact that she saved the Crystal Empire once(with the help of Spike and Twilight of course), she did nothing notable.Not to mention that in the last season she gets captured by Sombra, so...my headcanon is that Celestia got off on that because even she knew how useless Cadence is, but hearing her say that made her instantly cum

A favorite. I loved this.

As always your tales are a delight to read. There is absolutely nothing wrong indulging yourself in the darker side of fiction. Not to mention the joy of scrolling in the comments to find the idiotic moralizing fishies you catch with your bait.

Question though, throughout reading your works, I can't remember. Due to your name being Headless Rainbow, have you actually written a story in which rainbow loses hers?

The reason I chose the name was actually due to my original avatar, which was a cropping of hater art where some dumb character cut off Rainbow's head. The first gore story I wrote was actually Derpy's Finest Hour. I do have plenty where Rainbow dies, but I don't know if I have any where she specifically loses her head, sorry if you feel betrayed by that :fluttercry:

No, I just feel it is highly ironic lol.

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