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Lulamoon Crystal

Hello! I’d love to have comments on my story, I appreciate them! It shows me support and keeps me motivated. We are welcome to be friends too, and if you follow me then I’ll follow you back!


This is the backstory of my OC, Gumdrop the griffin

Gumdrop and her younger brother, Gabe got on very well! Until that tragic moment that separates them and changes their lives forever, what happened?

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What other fanfics does Gumdrop the griffin appear in?


Just mine? She’s my character so... no one can really use her without my permission

I think they mean like, any other stories of yours?


Oh... :facehoof:

Yeah, her only other story is “Dark Diamonds”

I enjoyed the story and in about to start one of my own with (crazy odds) a gryphon oc as well

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