• Published 22nd Oct 2021
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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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Red Bull X2019 at the Circuit of the Stars (Heat 1)

Iris looking forward to her 13 lap heat at the Circuit of the Stars as her Red Bull X2019 sat on the front row with Akula beside her. There was a problem, however.

Her sister, Dahlia Nightblaze was in on the fourth row in 8th place and she said before the race that will trounce her at the first corner. But with the top 5 being Akula, Iris, Viral, Cadenza Spark and Adriana Thunder, it will take more than skill to beat her sister. Dahlia herself was hoping the race whould be one she would forget.

The green flag dropped and both Iris and Akula got starts as left the pack in their dust. Dahlia began chasing Pasadena Dragonstorm into turn 1. Iris was leading with Akula and Viral in top 3. On the approach to turn 6, Thundershock and Cadenza Spark make contact in turn 10 but both cars still keep on racing.

On lap 3, The top 5 were Akula, Iris and Viral with Cadenza Spark chasing the Crimson Arrow with extreme awareness as the Lamborghini Formula Equestria driver was aware that is isn’t Formula Equestria, but she was charging with ease. Adriana was defending from Dahlia Nightblaze but her race pace was starting to wain slightly, As on turn 2 on lap 4, Dahlia passed Adriana.

On lap 5, Cadenza was being chased by the surging Dahlia and then… her fears were met at turn 10 when she was overtaken by Dahlia before the chicane which Cadenza tried to challenge but no avail.

The eighth lap was the beginning of the drama as the #113 car of Lolestra Maledicta, who was running in 9th, collided with Sonata which sent the Dazzling into the gravel trap at turn 6. Sonata managed to get back on track in 11th and only ahead of her fellow Dazzling, Adagio Dazzle.

A battle started on the ninth lap as Viral and Dahlia were approaching turn 3, with Dahlia getting better corner exit speed than Viral but the Speed Triumvirate member defended the podium spot like a lion, which Dahlia didn’t like. On lap 10 at the final corner, Dahlia’s driving as she nearly tank-slapped on the start-finish straight. As a result, Cadenza Spark took back 4th from her and Dahlia was now in 5th only six tenths ahead of Adriana.

On the last lap, despite a few challenges from Iris, Akula crossed the line to advance to the final. Iris came second, Viral third, Cadenza fourth, Dahlia fifth and Adriana sixth.

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