• Published 22nd Oct 2021
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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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Cloudsdale GP (2022 Season Finale) (Formula Equestria)

The situation for the championship was clear. Akula was leading the championship by 18 points over his team-mate, Viral and 23 points from Danger. Iris Dayspark lay in 4th with 235 points, but with a 98 points deficit and only 25 points available from the weekend, the title wasn’t in her sights. The battle for 5th in the standings was also on with Rusalka and Aria separated by just 6 points.

Danger knew that if he were to win his 6th title, he would have the win the race and hoped that Akula would finish 11th or lower. For Viral, she would also have to win but Akula were to finish 9th or lower. But for Akula, his job was easier, just follow Danger and Viral home. With that being said, the three headed for the 2.76 mile track of the Cloudsdale Acceledrome. 60 laps to race, one winner.

1st. Aria Blaze, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:26.449
2nd. Akula, AKV Motorsports-Ferrari, 1:26.559
3rd. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:26.792
4th. Starlight Glimmer, Red Bull Racing RBPT, 1:26.889
5th. Danger Dean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:26.946
6th. Viral Velocity, AKV Motorsports-Ferrari, 1:27.008
7th. Twilight Sparkle, Scuderia Tempesta-Ferrari, 1:27.079
8th. Sonic Flash, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:27.295
9th. Danny Dean, Scuderia Forza Nova-Ferrari, 1:27.328
10th. Rusalka Swordlight, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:27.558
11th. Jasmine Spark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:27.588
12th. Oscura Galaxia, Team Galaxia, 1:27.884
13th. Azura Dragonsfire, Lotus-Dragonsfire, 1:27.995
14th. Sayori Blitz, Renault-Dragonsfire, 1:28.047
15th. Hatsune Soulblitz, Volkswagen, 1:28.088
16th. Rainbow Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes, 1:28.225
17th. Astral Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes, 1:28.283
18th. Lightning Dust, Lamborghini Squadra Corse, 1:28.557
19th. Black Flame, Lamborghini Squadra Corse, 1:28.754
20th. Rosa Dragonlight, Lotus-Dragonsfire, 1:28.799

The race was on and Aria and Akula both got good starts of the line. Starlight lost out to Danger at turn 1 with Oscura passing Jasmine Spark. Rainbow overtook two cars on the straight and Azura Dragonsfire to slot herself into 13th place, in front of her home crowd with a sight to behold. Akula was keeping Aria honest for the first 2 laps of the race. His teammate, Viral was struggling at the start, getting overtaken by Twilgiht Sparkle at turn 10 on the first lap didn’t help and that Cloudsdale Acceledrome was one Rainbow’s favourite tracks.

By lap 5, the race was running smoothly for all 20 cars, right before Astral Dash’s gearbox went on strike and forced her out of the race, but as this happened before the start-finish straight, Astral came into the pits just in time. Rainbow, having heard of her daughter’s retirement, decided to go for broke. Her next opponent to overtake was Danny Dean. After being jumped off the line by Rusalka Swordlight, Danny settled in for a really interesting race as Rainbow was right behind him in 10th place. It taken Rainbow to pass Danny at turn 9 on lap 9. By this time, Aria maintained the lead from Akula with Iris and Danger right behind in a battle of their own.

It didn’t take long before the carnage to begin as while battling with Hatsune Soulblitz, Lightning Dust banged wheels at turn 10 and before the Lamborghini reached turn 11, it didn’t turn and Lightning Dust crashed into the tyre barriers. It turned out that the clash with Hatsune damaged the suspension and by the time Lightning reached the turn where she crashed, the steering jammed up under braking.

As Lightning’s crash on lap 12 brought out the Safety Car, the race resumed on lap 15. Viral overtook Twilight at turn 3 and was now trying to pass Danger. Meanwhile, Aria and Akula were still in the battle they had on the first lap. Akula tried to make moves on the Ferrari even performing the ‘Kamikaze’ on Aria. But Aria wouldn’t budge. At some points from 16 to 20, Aria and Akula would occasionally bang wheels and sometimes either the AVK01 or the F1-75 would cut the grass. While was going on, something happened.

Starlight Glimmer had crashed heavily into the barrier at turn 9 on lap 22 which brought out the Safety Car again. She was OK but she was out of the race. Danger, who inherited 4rd place, came in for a gutsy pit stop. Even Crimsonia gambled on the fact that Danger could win the championship.

By lap 25, the race was back on and the Ferrari of Aria was still in the lead with Akula, Viral, Iris and Danger in the top 5. Akula figured that if he could extend a gap to Viral, pit at the right time and hold out any challenge from either Ferrari, the championship was his.

While Iris wasn’t in the title fight, she was doing her best to deny Danger his 6th title. Provisionaly, Akula would be on 355 points and Danger, on 325 points. As Viral was in third, she would be 10 points ahead of him. On lap 27, Danger went for it. Picking off every little bit of the cushion pullback with immense skill and at turn 10, Danger performed his ‘Dartstrike’ on Iris get to 4th.

“You can do it, Danger. It’s hammer time!” Crimsonia said on the radio.

By lap 31, the remaining 17 race car were settling into the grove and the strategies were starting to play out. Akula pitted on lap 29 for a standard 2.5 second pit stop and was now in 3rd. Aria decided to pit on lap 32 and was in a good position via strategy. Viral also came on the same lap and as Danger was 3 seconds adrift from the Angel of Speed, the British Speedfreak was now in 2nd place.

Everyone knew there was going to be another Safety Car, but no one knew when. Although the Lotus of Azura made it easy to guess as she got a bit too close to Rosa Dragonlight and smashed the pit lane wall on lap 36. As the half-way mark approached, fortune would soon force it’s hand.

An MGU-K failure in AKV01 caused Viral to park on the side of the road under Safety Car conditions and out of the race. It brought an end to Viral title run but Danger and Akula, the battle was still on and with Twilight Sparkle and Oscura in 4th and 5th. When the race restarted on lap 41, both cars were going through hell and creation despite their vigorous driving. Aria was still comfortably in the lead but… a four car battle had emerged between Danger, Akula, Twilight and Oscura. Seeing the battle, the fans were going wild.

With 16 laps to go, the battle continued while Aria never looked back. It was incomprehensible that a battle at this level would result a massive crash. For now, the battle was rather clean until on lap 49, Oscura realised that only there was too many cars in battle and when she saw an opportunity, that was when it happened.

After getting a little bit greedy when trying to pass Danger, who was on her right Oscura jerked to the left… and collided into Akula and while immediately broke as soon as the contact was made, Oscura’s OSCGP01, barrel-rolled multiple times into the gravel. Both Akula and Oscura were OK but it would take a long time before the race would resume.

“Danger, I know you’re in second… but you deserve this title. Go and bring it home.” Akula said, trying to encourage his title.

For Danger, he heard what Akula said, as if some feeling inside wanted him to overtake his teammate, Aria Blaze. No one in Formula Equestria had the championship six times and Danger was about to make history. If Danger finished second, he would be on 332 points and would lose out to Akula. He had to go for broke As sunset began to emerge, the race restarted on lap 55. Aria still led the way and Danger was still right behind. Iris, Twilight and Rusalka were in the top 5. Aria kept a firm grip on the lead but Danger was still getting closer and closer to her. Danger tried to two moves on lap 58 which didn’t work. Then he tried again on lap 59 with three more attempts, But then on the last corner, on the last lap, Danger made the move to pass… and it worked. Danger crossed the line to win the race after a 5 lap battle. Rusalka finished 3rd to make it a Ferrari 1-2-3. Twilight came 4th and Iris came 5th. Danny finished 6th and Sonic finished 7th. Jasmine Spark was 8th, Rainbow Dash was 9th, Black Flame was 10th, Sayori Blitz was 11th and Rosa Dragonlight was 12th.

When Rosa Dragonlight crossed the line, Crimsonia was ready to give him the news.

“Danger… I don’t know how to say but… YOU ARE THE 2022 FORMULA EQUESTRIA CHAMPION!” Crimsonia shouted.


“You drove that race you wanted to and… you did it, you are a 6-time champion.” Crimsonia said,

“Thanks, Crimsonia. Thanks Ferrari and Thank you for the fans that witnessed history.”

After the race, Akula found Danger in the cooldown room and patted his back.

“You deserve it, Danger. I said that you’d make it to glory. But when Oscura crashed into me… I realised it was over for me.” Akula said.

“Don’t worry, Akula.” Danger said, placing an arm on his shoulder. “Your time will come, you can use my style of driving any time when we race each other again.”

“Thanks, Danger. It will come eventually.” Akula said, before remembering something. “Hey, Danger? Want to build some hypercars with me when we get back to Danger City?”

“Sure, why not!" Danger said.

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