• Published 22nd Oct 2021
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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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Solus Highway 100 Race 2 (Grid World Series) - (GT Group X)

Danger was actually surprised to get on the podium on the first race having started 8th on the grid. With 20 more laps to run, Danger hopes to get the lead in the league back. Only he and 19 other drivers remain drove to the grid in their starting positions and… the race was on.

Viral got a good but Danger went to the left to try to overtake Tanaka but she blocked Danger on corner exit and with both Rusalka and Nathan behind him as Akula got swarmed at turn 1 and dropping to 7th place behind Sayori Blitz. The clock was still ticking for Danger to take the lead. Danger realised that the performance from Tanaka’s Mercedes was similar to his, despite being from different manufactures.

A bit of drama occurred at turn 10 as the Porsche of Beatrice Radiance collided with the Armco barrier between turns 9 and 10. It was small impact and it was influenced by the #18 of Valentin Manzi. Beatrice headed to the pits and hoped that Rusalka can bring a good result for Team Swordlight.

By lap 3, Danger overtook Yume at turn 4 and was now in the process of chasing Viral down. The problem for the British Speedfreak was that Viral had a 2.2 second lead over him and that lead could get bigger if Danger falter within the remaining 18 laps. He also wanted Aria to push harder but Aria was having problems with the Alpine of Sayori Blitz, but that time will come for him eventually.

Starlight Glimmer was dealing with both Iris Dayspark and Oscura Galaxia. With the three battling for 9th place since lap 5 and Starlight seemed to have the advantage over both Iris and Oscura. But on lap 7 of 20, A mistake on the exit of turn 6 caused Oscura to jump to 9th place and Iris snatching 10th from her. At the exit of the final corner, Starlight used her draft to get 10th place back from Iris and with the other occupants of the top 10 long gone for either Oscura or Starlight, they continued to make the crowd have something to think about when they leave the circuit.

After a sudden seizure from the gearbox of Jasmine Spark’s Mercedes on lap 10, she retired and just like Beatrice after contact with the wall on the first lap, she wanted Iris to challenge for the points. The problem was that Iris was in 11th place and 2 seconds back from Oscura Galaxia. Iris knew that she was in need of good result and the laps were counting down for her. She wanted a miracle, fast.

On lap 12, Danger miraculously caught up with the Ferrari of Viral and decided to have a battle with her on the ‘Highway Section’ of the track. Danger tried to do a lunge at the hairpin of turn 6 but backed out of it without wanting to collide into either the wall or into Viral. By the time Viral and Danger got to turn 10. Danger hit the brakes super late and collided into rear-right of Viral’s Ferrari sending both into a half-spin. Yume saw the stopped Ferrari of Viral as Danger continued on.

Viral knew that it was inevitable that a rookie mistake would be her unmaking. She wanted to have a word with Danger after the race. The front of Danger was shredding parts off by the time he went into the pits. He believed that his brakes didn’t calibrate to the amount of force that Danger applied and caused him to miss the braking zone by a large margin. He was slightly lucky that he didn’t make contact with the Armco. Viral did however and that caused her to drop out of the top 10 by the time she left the pits. Danger dropped to 9th place as he didn’t have as much damage that Viral had.

After 15 laps, Yume led the race with Rusalka in 2nd and Akula was now in 3rd. Nathan was making as many moves as she would like to move up to fourth and Sayori Blitz was turning the heads of the fans as she was imitating Nathan was now in 5th position, 2 seconds behind the Ravenwest Aston Martin. 6th place was Starlight Glimmer while 7th and 8th was still being contested by Iris and Oscura. Danger was 9th and Sonic Flash was 10th. With the race entering its 17th lap, Sayori decided to surprise everyone if the form an overtake on the outside of turn 4 as she caught up with Aston Martin in 2 laps.

Yume cruised to the line to win the race with Rusalka and Akula completing the podium. Sayori and Nathan finished 4th and 5th and Starlight finished 6th and Oscura finished 7th after a last lap pass on Iris Dayspark, Danger and Sonic finished the top 10 and he told Viral that he missed the braking zone by a huge margin. He also told that he never done it before in some time and that he would do it again.

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