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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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Hyperstar GP (Formula Equestria)

Danger was wanting to have a better result after crashing out on the previous race, he knew that it was first time in 5 years since he made a mistake which cost him the win. With the Ferrari running the livery scheme on the SF22, he hoped that he would avenge his DNF at the Blazefire GP and bring his third win for the Prancing Horse.

1st. DangerDean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:08.558
2nd. Oscura Galaxia, Red Bull Racing Team Galaxia, 1:08.664
3rd. Sparkling Lionfire, Chapparal-Lionfire, 1:08.773
4th. Akula, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes, 1:09.118
5th. Viral Velocity, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes, 1:09.130
6th. Aria Blaze, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:09.276
7th. Rusalka Swordlight, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:09.597
8th. Fluttershy, Bentley, 1:09.889
9th. Applejack, McLaren, 1:10.176
10th. Sonic Flash, Sonic GP, 1:10.387
11th. Blazing Lionfire, Chapparal-Lionfire, 1:10.576
12th. Beatrice Radiance, Scuderia Ferrari,-Danger Motorsport, 1:10.885
13th. Lightning Dust, Aston Martin, 1:11.105
14th. Sunset Shimmer, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:13.119
15th. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:13.123
16th. Pinkie Pie, McLaren, 1:13.487
17th. Rainbow Dash, Aston Martin, 1:13.784
18th. Zephyr Galaxia, Red Bull Racing Team Galaxia, 1:14.119
19th. Kai Solarguard, Prada Pagani, 1:14.199
20th. Twilight Sparkle, Alfa Romeo, 1:14.386

Oscura was looking at the red and black Ferrari of Danger and hoping the 64 laps would be quick. The lights went out and Sparkling Lionfire got a bad getaway as the Crimson Arrows passed her. Also Fluttershy was passing Rusalka at turn 2, Aria Blaze at turn 4 and Sparky at turn 6.

With 3 laps having elapsed and the race was already heated Akula was challenged the Red Bull of Oscura who has 2 seconds behind her nemesis. If she messed up, she would have a second nemesis, in the form of the Crimson Arrow… or three if Viral was caught in the storm. Nonetheless, Viral went down the inside with Oscura defending from Akula, but with two cars coming to overtaking you… you can only pick one of the them. This resulted in Viral claiming second with Oscura only 0.2 seconds behind.

Further down the order, the Aston Martin of Lightning Dust was making places, first jumping Beatrice Radiance off the line and passing Blazing Lionfire at turn 8

On lap 5, Danger was still leading the way, but with Viral rapidly closing in on the British Speedfreak, he hoped his newly-prepared F1-75, with the Danger Motorsport power unit would hold off the CA02 of Viral.

6 laps later at turn 5 , some carnage occurred as the Chapparal of Sparky Lionfire got into a tangle with the Bentley of Fluttershy which sent the Chapparal spinning, but as she was spinning back to face the right direction… she was collected by the Mercedes of Sunset Shimmer and Kai Solarguard was hit by Sparky while trying to avoid the Chapparal. Both Sunset and Kai couldn’t see the spinning Chapparal as the tyre smoke obstructed the view.

All drivers were OK, but turn 5 was a Formula graveyard of cars.

The race was red flagged in order to clean up the mess just Danger crossed the start-finish straight.

1st. DangerDean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport
2nd. Viral Velocity, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes
3rd. Akula, Crismon Arrows-Mercedes
4th. Oscura Galaxia, Red Bull Racing Team Galaxia
5th. Aria Blaze, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport
6th. Rusalka Swordlight, Scuderia-Danger Motorsport
7th. Applejack, McLaren
8th. Fluttershy, Bentley
9th. Sonic Flash, Sonic GP
10th. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes AMG Petronas

As the race restarted on lap 12, Danger got a similar getaway to what Sparky had, falling to 4th while Iris passed Sonic, Fluttershy and Applejack and was closing on Rusalka.

Oscura got a amazing start to pass both Crimson Arrows and Danger to claim the lead of the race. She couldn’t breath easily however. As she went wide into 6 and lost the lead to Akula. She did lose 3rd but Oscura passed Viral at the end of the busstop chicane.

On lap 17, Akula pitted for a fresh set of mediums but he didn’t account the fact that Oscura only 4 seconds behind him. As a result, he fell to 4th, only just ahead of Danger.

After most of the top made their pit stops throughout lap 18 to 22, the remaining Chapparal of Blazing Lionfire had gone up to 10th place after Sonic Flash retired from the race due to a broken clutch. She was about 1.5 seconds slower in lap times to ‘Ferrari’s Fantastic Four’ and 1.9 seconds slower than Oscura. A power loss was on Blazey’s mind, but with Sparky’s crash on lap 11, it plagued her mind and wanting the race over so she treat her sister to something nice. Much like Danger in Diamond City with Aria.

Speaking of which, Danger was now on a fresh set of Softs and was now on charge, he pass Akula on lap 24 at the chicane and performing a Kamikaze divebomb on Viral who was in 4th after her pitstop. But 4 second separating him and Aria and 6 seconds adrift from Oscura.

Meanwhile, Rusalka was experiencing something weird with her F1-75. Beatrice Firefury was oblivious to it too.

“Rusalka, I don’t what’s going on, but you were massively slower than the cars in front.” Beatrice asked.

“I don’t know, but we need to check after the race.” Rusalka replied.

“If you say so.”

Up in front, Oscura was keeping a good pace and after lapping her non-evil clone, aka Twilight Sparkle, she wap hoping the next 34 laps would be a cake-walk but her radio came on to probably speed her descent to madness.

“You are a little slower than the car behind you by about 4 tenths, thought I’d let you cause I don’t want you to lose.” Anastasia said.

“Just let me drive, for fuck’s sake.” Oscura asked her sister.

On lap 32, The drama didn’t stop as Lightning Dust’s supsension on her AMR22 suddenly found the self-destruct button, causing both wheels to break off completely. Coming to the gravel at turn 5 at 160 mph, her car impacted the barrier at 20G. She was OK but she was confused as to why she found a secret button to her misery. A second red flag was needed.

1st. Oscura Galaxia, Red Bull Racing Team Galaxia
2nd. Aria Blaze, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport
3rd. DangerDean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport
4th. Viral Velocity, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes
5th. Akula, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes
6th. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes AMG Petronas
7th. Applejack, McLaren
8th. Fluttershy, Bentley
9th. Rusalka Swordlight, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport
10th. Blazing Lionfire, Chapparal-Lionfire

The race restarted on lap 33, the half-way point. Unbeknownst to Oscura, Aria got amazing start and passed Oscura at the first corner which the Ferrari of Danger decided to have a go at, despite the Crimson Arrow of Viral all over him. At turn 5, Danger made a lunge down the inside but Oscura made a move to block, but in doing so… Danger locked up and both Crimson Arrows and Iris passed both Danger and Oscura.

Danger wasn’t pleased with what Oscura did.

“Can someone get the Red Bull out of the way! She just clogged up turn 5 like a blocked restroom!” Danger said.

“No need to worry, Danger, they’re looking into it.” Crimsonia replied.

Luckily for Danger however, the race was red flagged after Rainbow’s AMR22 refused to leave the grid, making her the 5th retired driver in the race.

Aria was in front, and when the lights went out on lap 34, the bad start curse had been transferred to Aria. She was overtaken by both Crimson Arrows and Iris. Danger passed Oscura at turn 2 on lap 35… and without any body parts of either the Oscura’s RB-OSC1 or Danger’s F1-75 onto the track.

On lap 39, after inverted the position of the Crimson Arrows, Akula was leading from Viral and Iris with Danger’s Ferrari acting like a shark that’s out of blood.

Iris was getting to grips with the W13 as grew an immense liking to Mercedes and planed to race with them for as long as she wanted. She also plans to see the number 23 on the nose of her W13 in red and white.

Several laps pass with Oscura passing Danger on lap 41 due to a mistake from the British Speedfreak. While this was happening, the Ferrari of Aria Blaze was in 4th and keeping a really good pace and with a 5 second gap from Oscura.

Another Ferrari Apocalypse Horserider was also making gains. Rusalka had passed Fluttershy on lap 42 and was not far from Applejack in 7th place. But on lap 44, Applejack’s engine decided to have flashbacks to 2015 again and was suddenly slower than a Scania Levante 61-seater bus! This resulted in Rusalka being promoted to 7th, Fluttershy 8th, Blazing Lionfire 9th and Beatrice Radiance in 10th.

On lap 46, 6 of the top 10 made their 2nd pitstop. The cars that didn’t were, Danger, Oscura, Rusalka and Blazey. Because of Akula’s pitstop being 1.1 seconds longer than Viral’s and 0.8 seconds adrift from Iris. The top 10 remained the same until on lap 48.

While battling for 8th place, Both Fluttershy and Blazey banged wheels on the approach to the bus-stop. The force was enough to send the Chapparal into the tyre barrier. The impact didn’t break the suspension as Blazey broke so hard with nullified excessive force when she made contact. She got going again and as the remaining 14 cars were spread out, the Safety Car wasn’t needed.

After the Fluttershy-Blazey incident. Beatrice Radiance inherited 8th place after Blazey pitted for a new order of front wings and Fluttershy’s incident resulted in the clutch control valve being broken. This also result her being the 7th driver to not finish the race. Pinkie Pie was now in 9th and Zephyr Galaxia.

On lap 51, the battle between Danger and Oscura was still going on, with the pair switch places at various points of the race. After his mistake 10 laps eariler, Danger had caught up with Oscura and was also 5 seconds adrift Aria Blaze. The pair went into turn 12 and both of them spun out after making contact with each other. This gave Danger flashbacks to the Canadian GP in 2019.

“I hope Oscura has damage. What a stupid move!” Danger complained, not totally impressed by Oscura’s defense.

“Don’t sweat it Danger, don’t sweat it.” Crimsonia replied.

Meanwhile on lap 53, Iris and Viral were battling for 2nd place, and with Akula 16 seconds ahead of the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ the two Mercedes-powered cars were locking horns with each other.

While this was going on, Aria was now only 3.4 seconds ahead of the British Speedfreak and since his tangle with Oscura, Danger mysteriously felt that his F1-75 was slightly lighter than normal.

This caught Aria unawares as she was 0.2 seconds slower than Danger from lapv 51 to 54.

The race was realtively quite until on lap 60, when Rusalka suddenly misjudged the exit of turn 2 and went into the infield grass.

“Sorry about cutting the grass at turn 2,” Rusalka told Beatrice Firefury

“Were you helping the agricultural personel there?” Beatrice asked,

“Might be. This car cuts grass better than my lawnmower at home.” Rusalka replied.

As Akula crossed the line on lap 64 to win, Viral held off Iris to complete the podium. Aria was fourth, Danger fifth, Oscura sixth, Rusalka 7th, Beatrice Radiance was 8th, Pinkie Pie was 9th and Blazey was 10th after a last minute overtake on lap 63.

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