• Published 22nd Oct 2021
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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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The Royal Diamond GP (Formula Equestria)

With the preparations for the Royal Diamond GP a full go-ahead and with the crowd filling the seats, Fluttershy, who had a stellar weekend at Mystic Falls, was out on track, ready to hope score a pole position.

The Royal Diamond Boulevard Circuit in Diamond City is a fast street track, designed to sometimes take racers unsurprised by its two bus-stop chicanes, also the harpins of turn 2 and 12 will punish anyone for making any mistake.

Fluttershy rounded the final turn and hoped that her time was enough for a top 10 spot.

1st. Oscura Galaxia, Red Bull Racing, 1:23.458
2nd. DangerDean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:23.587
3rd. Aria Blaze, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:23.594
4th. Fluttershy, M-Sport Bentley, 1:23.799
5th. Viral Velocity, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes, 1:24.074
6th. Akula, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes, 1:24.296
7th. Sunset Shimmer, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:24.384
8th. Rainbow Dash, Aston Martin Racing, 1:24.398
9th. Midnight Skies, Eqiupe Bugatti, 1:24.586
10th. Beatrice Radiance, Audi Sport, 1:24.683
11th. Black Flame, Squadra Corse Lamborghini, 1:24.778
12th. Azura Dragonsfire, Lotus-Dragonsfire, 1:24.888
13th. Twilight Sparkle, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:25.007
14th. Cadenza Spark, Squadra Corse Lamborghini, 1:25.114
15th. Sunset Skies, M-Sport Bentley, 1:25.339
16th. Pinkie Pie, McLaren, 1:26.057
17th. Blazing Lionfire, Chapparal-Lionfire, 1:26.258
18th. Chandra Dawnsword, McLaren, 1:26.348
19th. Lightning Dust, Aston Martin Racing, 1:26.809
20th. Natalia Brightflame, Equipe Bugatti, 1:27.078
21st. Amy Thunderstriker, Audi Sport, n/a (crashed in qualifying)
22nd. Sparky Lionfire, Chapparal-Lionfire, n/a (crashed in qualifying)
23rd. Azarea Dragonsfire, Lotus-Dragonsfire, n/a (crashed in qualifying)
24th. Starlight Glimmer, Red Bull Racing, n/a (crashed in qualifying)

As the cards lined up on the grid with Danger’s primeval punching bag, Oscura Galaxia on pole, the Prancing Speedfreaks in second and third. Fluttershy qualified 4th which shocked the Crimson Arrows who were in 5th and 6th. It even shocked Danger a bit.

The field was ready for 59 laps of the Grand Prix. For Akula, it would be challenge as both Viral and Danger knew from the bottom of their hearts… and cars, that Akula has a vendetta against street tracks. But along as Viral was beside him, it would be his only port of comfort.

The race went underway with Danger getting a start probably worthy of any honorary medal in Equestria to overtake Oscura before turn 1. Fluttershy also went past Aria and was now gaining on Oscura who was now setting her sights on Danger. Further back, Pinkie, who got up to P12 after turn 1, got tangled by Twilight Sprakle’s Mercedes on turn 2 and flat-spotted the tyres. Then, drama fired it’s first shot. As Pinkie was recovering, she was hit again by the Audi of Amy Thunderstriker at turn 4. This time, Pinkie was basically a passenger of a 180-degree spin which sent her to the wall, Sparky was collected in the crash as the front of Amy’s car was in the way of the Chapparal. Meanwhile. the Red Bull of Starlight Glimmer managed to get past the wreckage.

The race had to be red-flagged as a result and 4 laps was skipped over, which wasn’t very pleasing to Oscura. All three driver claimed out of their cars OK.

“Red flag, Oscura. Red flag. Stop the car on the grid at the red flag displayed.” Anastasia said.

“Oh come on!” Oscura complained. “At least the pillock that is Danger didn’t cause it but still, it’s anything but threaputic.”

The red flag period ended and Danger and Oscura locked the front row with Aria and Fluttershy and Viral in the second.

The race went underway again with the top 4 going four-wide going into turn 1 and the driver that emerged into turn 2 was Fluttershy’s Bentley, Even though Fluttershy is timid off-track but on it, she does performances that sometimes gives Danger a run for his money. The race was becoming more calmer from lap 6 onwards with the top ten being Fluttershy, Danger, Viral, Oscura, Akula, Aria, Rainbow, Midnight Skies, Beatrice and Sunset Shimmer.

On lap 9, Danger was now looking for a way to force Fluttershy into a mistake, but Fluttershy knows that Danger has more experience in a Formula 1 car as Fluttershy began racing in 2018 with Toro Rosso and Danger began in 2006 when he tested for Renault and first began racing for McLaren in 2009.

Danger made a lung at turn 7 but Fluttershy held it and Danger made the move again at turn 8 before the second bus-stop.

Meanwhile, Akula had gone past Oscura to take fourth and was now hoping for team orders to play out. Afterwards, he can challenge Danger and Fluttershy. Further down the pack, after a really disastrous qualifing, Blazing Lionfire had overtaken 3 cars since the start of race and another 2 on the red flag restart. She found her in P12 and challenging Black Flame’s Lamborghini.

On lap 12, Lightning Dust, who was struggling in the AMR-21 had massive vibrations in the car and a power issue which didn’t help. Lightning Dust had to retire the car making her the 4th driver to not finish the race. Rainbow however was in P7 and not far away from the Ferrari of Aria. But she had Midinght’s Bugatti to worry about as well and if she made a mistake, her fight for the top 10 would be over in cloud of British smoke.

The drama continued on lap 16 when Beatrice’s Audi tank-slapped, nose first at turn 6 which brought the SC out. Danger hoped to catch Fluttershy before his first pit stop. On the nineteenth lap, the Safety Car pulled into the pits and the green light racing was back on.

Before the Safety Car came out, Fluttershy was a full second ahead of Danger. But that led was now down to less then three tenths. Danger was getting a bit oblivious as to how Fluttershy managed to do so well. He thinks there may be a Mercedes power unit involved. He didn’t want to tell Crimsonia this, otherwise he would swimming in his own career’s blood.

Meanwhile, Viral and Oscura were battling for 4th and with Akula in 5th after Aria spun off of at turn 13 on lap 20. Oscura was trying to see an opportunity at turn 2, but Viral defended so much that Oscura broke her front wing off after contacting with Viral left-rear tyre! Oscura knew that she had to pit for a new order of front wings.

The race was realatively quiet with most of the remaining 20 cars performing overtakes at various points. With Rainbow being passed by Midnight Skies, Blazey overtaking Black Flame on the straight before turn 12 and Oscura, who was 9th after pitstop climbed 5 positions in the span 2 laps. Then from lap 22 to 25, she caught up with the Crimson Arrow of Viral.

That was until lap 26 when Twilight’s Mercedes decided to a spin at turn 12. Twilight was running 14th at the time of her spin. No flag was needed as the #21 Mercedes got going again.

Then the 20 cars remaining became 19 on lap 28 as the Bentley of Sunset Skies had been reported of a terminal engine issue which resulted in her DNF. The other Bentley of Fluttershy was now doing her pit stop, so was Akula, Viral, Aria and Rainbow.

This meant that Danger inherited the lead with a 6 second gap from Oscura. But he was due for his pit stop next lap.

On lap 29, Oscura took the lead as Danger pulled into the pits. Danger thinks a one-stop strategy would be optimal the race was red-flagged at one point. He also thinks that Oscura was long overdue her pit stop, much to his dismay.

“Come on Danger, you got fresher rubber, go get her!” Crimsonia rooted for her star driver.

One lap later, Oscura made her pit stop and rejoined the track only 2 tenths ahead of Danger. Aria was third, Fluttershy fourth and Akula was fifth. Heading to turn 6, Danger made the best lunge of his career to snatch the lead from his nemesis. Two corners later, one of Danger’s tyre decided to blow up at the wrong possible moment.

“Oh my goddess!” Danger exclaimed. “It just blew up on it’s own.”

Oscura reinherited the lead from Danger and she set to take the win. She hadn’t won a Formula Equestria race since the 2019 Oscura City Grand Prix, so she reckoned that if Danger’s puncture could halt his quest for victory, the time gap from her last win would reset itself

The other Prancing Speedfreak was in Fluttershy’s sight and with Danger’s unforunate puncture meant that Aria was now second. Aria became worried over her teammate. But Brio Blitz was there for her.

“I hope Danger’s gets to the pits OK, cause that tyre blow up kind of wreck any hope of victory for him.” Aria said on the radio.

“I should hope so, Aria, I worry over him as much as Crim is right now.” Brio replied.

Danger was determined to get this car to the pits, but his exploded tyre meant the chances were about as slim as the chance of Nemesis winning a race. But alas, Danger made it to the pits after a herculean effort. Danger rejoined in 10th place and aware that Oscura was in the lead and started his fight to retake the lead.

On lap 33 at the approach turn 7, drama would strike again as Chandra Dawnsword was squeezed by Cadenza Spark of Lamborghini and Azarea Dragonsfire of Lotus-Dragonsfire and as a result, all three cars crashed into each other with Cadenza Flame getting the worst of it, Cadenza’s car hit the wall and created a small explosion and nearly turned turn 7 into the Gulf of Mexico. All three drivers though were OK.

Because of the way and the location of where the accident happened, the race was red flagged for the second time and four laps were skipped over. This was music to Danger’s ears who was in 8th at the time and was closing on the Mercedes of Sunset Shimmer

The top 10 as of lap 33 were Oscura, Aria, Akula, Fluttershy, Viral, Rainbow, Sunset, Danger, Beatrice and Black Flame.

Before the race restarted, there was a bit of confusion over the decision to skip a few laps. As the crash happened, Oscura and Aria started lap 34. Being the cool, calm, collected that the Galaxia family member that Oscura was… Oscura claimed that the race should be restarted on lap 38 and not 37. Danger though didn’t believe that as he was approaching turn 13 when the crash happened. A decision was made to put the race on lap 38. Danger completely forgot about the unwritten rule of Formula Equestria. That if a driver started another lap prior to a red flag, then the race will start on the lap that the leading driver started.

The race was underway again with Oscura holding the lead while Danger blitzed passed Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow, Fluttershy and both Crimson Arrows in the span of two corners to reach 3rd and was now hoping for team orders to play it’s role.

On lap 40, Danger passed Aria and now was back in 2nd and ready for round 2 of the battle. Heading to turn 7, both Danger and Oscura banged wheels and Oscura held the lead of the race, however on the second hairpin, Oscura braked so late in which that Danger, who saw an opportunity to pass on the inside, was hit by Oscura’s rear right wheel on exit. Danger slowed right down to avoid an innevertable collision. Which caused a yellow flag in the third sector but was lifted when Oscura got going again and was now behind the Crimson Arrows in 5th. To add salt to the injury, Fluttershy passed Oscura.

With the top 3 being Danger, Aria and Akula heading to lap 41, the race was starting to calm itself. Twilight meanwhile, had got up to 10th place after some good overtakes and was now challenging Black Flame’s Lamborghini. But then, Black Flame’s Lamborghini came over all Italian again on lap 43. With Twilight now in 9th and only 3 second adrift from Beatrice Radiance.

On lap 45, Akula was trying to overtake Aria and with the slipstream to Akula’s advantage, Akula passed Aria on the approach to turn 13. Then on lap 46, Aria and Akula were now side by side into turn one and Aria held off from an overtaking attempt at the first hairpin.

Things weren’t looking good for the McLaren of Pinkie, having heard that her teammate Chandra Dawnsword crashed in a previous lap, her car was close to giving up due to the embarassment of being potentially lapped by Oscura.

Viral meanwhile, was beginning to be reeled in by Fluttershy and on lap 50. Fluttershy shocked the Crimson Arrow by diving on the inside of turn 8 to snatch 4th and the Bentley was hoping to catch Akula in the remaning laps,

On lap 56, Oscura’s car was still compromised since her scuffle with Danger. As a result she started to lose time, so much in fact, that she was overtaken by Sunset Shimmer, Midnight Skies, Beatrice Radiance and Twilight Sparkle, in the span of 2 laps.

The final lap was a cake walk for Danger who went on to win the Royal Diamond GP. Aria finished second, Akula third, Viral fourth and Fluttershy finishing the top 5.

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