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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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The Diamond Bay - Catherdal of Solidarity GP (Formula Equestria - Sprint Race 1)

Iris Dayspark was looking forward to race at the Catherdral of Solidarity Circuit as she had been to the cathedral to get some inspiration for some car ideas for another championship she was taking part in. Having replace Twilight Sparkle and scored her first points at Crystal Mountains, she was looking like a contender for a podium. But with Danger and Akula usually duelling for the podium, She hoped to bring a podium for the Silver Arrows. She went out on track and let her driving dictate her result.

1st. Viral Velocity, Crimson Arrows, 1:25.973
2nd. Akula, Crimson Arrows, 1:26.078
3rd. Rusalka Swordlight, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport 1:26.089
4th. DangerDean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:26.237
5th. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:26.268
6th. Fluttershy, Bentley M-Sport, 1:26.317
7th. Oscura Galaxia, Red Bull Racing, 1:26.369
8th. Applejack, McLaren, 1:26.474
9th. Zephyr Galaxia, Red Bull Racing, 1:26.622
10th. Cadenza Spark, Lamborghni Squadra Corse, 1:26.678
11th. Sonic Flash, Sonic GP, 1:26.698
12th. Sunset Shimmer, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:26.787
13th. Azarea Dragonlight, Lotus-Dragonsfire, 1:26.899
14th. Kai Solarguard, Prada Pagani, 1:27.115
15th. Rainbow Dash, Aston Martin Racing, 1:27.237
16th. Riley Radiantshard, Prada Pagani, 1:27.379
17th. Lightning Dust, Aston Martin Racing, 1:27.576
18th. Sunset Skies, Bentley, 1:27.799
19th. Lolestra Maledicta, Alpine, 1:28.115
20th. Vapor Trail, Lamborghini, 1:28.457
21st. Leighanna Redstar, Lotus-Dragonsfire, 1:28.678
22nd. Pinkie Pie, McLaren, N/A (crashed in practice)
23rd. Lucia Galaxia, Alpine, N/A (crashed in practice)
24th. Amy Firepetal, Sonic GP, N/A (crashed in practice)
25th. Amy Thunderstriker, Audi, N/A (crashed in practice)
26th. Vivan Radiance, Audi, N/A (crashed in practice)

Danger was suddenly looking puzzled, this was the first time he was out-qualified by his teammate, but he wasn’t expecting Zephyr Galaxia to be in this race due his history with her. He put that to one side as he had a job, qualify on the pole after this 20 lap sprint race.

With the Crimson Arrows locking the front when the race went underway, the pair of them got good start off the line with Rusalka shutting the door firmly on the British Speedfreak. Iris went up into 4th after locking the Ferrari. Oscura went up to 6th and Zephyr went up to 8th in turn 1.

At turn 5, the Pagani of Kai Solarguard did one of the best overtakes in her life by diving on the inside of Sunset Shimmer and was now chasing Sonic Flash.

The drama started at turn 15 when Cadenza Spark’s Lamborghini spun out on the exit. She thinks she had went on the accelerator too early and didn’t switch gears in time before the spin occurred. Luckily, the only thing that was damage in the scare was her pride and kept on going in 23rd place.

On lap 3, Viral led the race with Akula and Rusalka in the top 3 with Iris and Danger battling for 4th. Oscura was still 6th and chasing her primodial nemesis. But with Fluttershy’s Bentley closing the gap between her and Oscura, one wrong move and her top ten hopes would fall apart. But at turn 13 on lap 5, that’s what happened. Oscura locked up the front wheels and handed 6th place to Fluttershy on a silver platter.

Viral meanwhile was trying to find a way to pass her teammate, but with Neon Shock hoping that it won’t end in a shower of gravel and both of them not on the podium. Viral herself vowed to not repeat what happened at Austria in 2019 and decided to back down on the fight for the lead, while Danger had overtaken Iris at the final corner on lap 7.

With the halfway mark on the sprint race on the horizon, Danger had caught with Rusalka and passed her at turn 10. With the British Speedfreak in 3rd, he was 1.3 seconds adrift from Viral. He knew that his mediums would hold out for another 9 laps as he crossed the start-finish line.

Iris was still in 5th after 2 laps and was still finding every trick in the book to overtake the 2009 Formula Equestria champion. She noticed a bit more tyre wear and this was when Iris heard a very, very familiar voice.

“Iris, it’s James, please hold position, sorry.”

“Copy, James.”

With James Vowles doing what he does best, which is giving Iris a hard time. She wanted to get some high amounts of points. but with the Bottas curse now being passed to Iris, she had to admit it.

On lap 14, the top five was Akula, Viral, Danger, Rusalka and Iris. But that was about to change as Rusalka’s engine had memories of the 90s and went all Italian on her, forcing her out of the race.

“Danger, Rusalka had an engine failure so she is out of the race.” Crimsonia told Danger.

“Whaaat?!” Danger said with surprise. “Oh man! I hope she does better in the second sprint.”

“I should hope so too, Danger.” Crimsonia replied.

With three laps to go, Oscura made a desperate lunge on the exit of turn 17, which was successful (for once, in her opinion). Oscura was now in 5th place and she was about 6 seconds behind Iris, but she did all she could do and on the last lap, Akula took the win with Viral second, Danger third, Iris 4th, Oscura 5th, Applejack 6th, Zephyr Galaxia 7th. Eighth was Kai Solarblitz, ninth was Sonic Flash and Sunset completed the top 10.

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