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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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250 miles at the Heliosdrome (Grid World Series) - (Prototypes)

The grandstands at the Heliosdrome was on the edge of their seats ready to see 22 cars battle for 250 miles. Some new faces and a few recognizables ones all on the starting grid. The stakes were high and no one is ever going to regret the day they raced each other.

1st. #4 Lara Carvalho, Seneca Racing, Beltra Enduro 24T, 1:59.395
2nd. #1 Nathan McKane, Ravenwest Motorsport, Beltra Enduro 24T, 1:59.739
3rd. #15 Danger Dean, Danger Motorsport, Beltra Enduro 24T, 1:59.746
4th. #98 Akula, AVK Motorsports, Beltra Enduro 24T, 1:59.786
5th. #23 Iris Dayspark, Team Sparkdrive, Acura ARX-05, 1:59.847
6th. #13 Oscura Galaxia, Ravenwest Motorsport, Beltra Enduro 24T, 1:59.874
7th. #78 Jasmine Spark, Team Sparkdrive, Acura ARX-05, 2:00.037
8th. #21 Yume Tanaka, Seneca Racing, Beltra Enduro 24T, 2:00.046
9th. #24 Viral Velocity, AVK Motorsports, Beltra Enduro 24T, 2:00.239
10th. #97 Rusalka Swordlight, Team Swordlight, Beltra Enduro 24T, 2:00.341
11th. #5 Sonic Flash, Team Sonic Motorsport, Acura ARX-05, 2:00.579
12th. #20 Rainbow Dash, Loyalty Dash Racing Team, Acura ARX-05, 2:00.778
13th. #14 Aria Blaze, Danger Motorsport, Beltra Enduro 24T, 2:00:849
14th. #151 Danny Dean, Team Sonic Motorsport, Acura ARX-05, 2:01.217
15th. #18 Valentin Manzi, Voltz Racing, Beltra Enduro 24T, 2:01.337
16th. #25 Starlight Glimmer, Voltz Racing, Beltra Enduro 24T, 2:01.674
17th. #2 Lightning Dust, Lightning Cascade Motorsport, Nissan Onroak DPi, 2:01.692
18th. #152 Astral Dash, Loyalty Dash Racing Team, Acura ARX-05, 2:01.927
19th. #473 Yui Galaxia, Team Galaxia, Nissan Onroak DPi, 2:02.227
20th. #8 Alexis Cascade, Lightning Cascade Motorsport, Nissan Onroak DPi, 2:02.481
21st. #663 Dahlia Nightblaze, Team Galaxia, Nissan Onroak DPi, 2:02.489
22nd. #94 Lucia Swordlight, Team Swordlight, Beltra Enduro 24T, 2:02.578

With the race soon to get underway, a lot of attention was brought up on Nathan McKane, 5-time Grid World Series champion and the only driver that Danger Dean truly feared. The lights went out and Lara Carvalho got an good start with Danger jumping Nathan off the line before going to the first turn. Yume Tanaka got the best out of everyone, passing Jasmine Spark, Oscura Galaxia and Iris before turn 1.

With Lara leading the way with Danger being reeled by Nathan, Akula was on the offensive with his Beltra having a pace similar to the Seneca Racing Beltras at turn 7, Akula made a move, but Nathan used his experience to defend the attacking Akula. Nathan defended again turn 8 but at turn 9, it went a bit pear-shaped as behind Akula, Yume was also on Nathan’s tail, the three went three-wide down the straight and Yume scythed down the inside of both Akula and Nathan to take 3rd place.

Meanwhile, Lara had opened up a 1 second gap from the British Speedfreak and Danger realised that both Lara and Yume were really good drivers and with Akula getting past Nathan at turn 17. Danger was keeping cool throught the first lap.

On lap 3, Viral was now on the charge, passing Jasmine Spark on the outside of turn 19 on the second turn of lap 4, Oscura was under attack from Viral. At turn 5, there was no contest, Viral past Oscura on the inside to get 6th place.

By lap 8, everything was getting interesting with the top 5 being Lara, Danger, Yume, Akula and Nathan. After Sonic Flash past Rusalka at turn 18, Astral Dash spun out off turn 16, her Acura crashed left-rear first into the barrier and gradually came to a halt. Her impact with the barrier also caused a left-rear puncture and her halfshaft snapped. Astral was out of the race. Luckily, Astral was OK but that brought concern over Rainbow who was running in 12th place.

It took until lap 11 to clear the pieces from Astral’s Acura but the race restarted with Danger trying for an assault for the front. But with Yume behind, it didn’t help Danger in the slightest at all and at turn 3, Yume took 2nd from Danger. With Valentin Manzi passing Danny at turn 5, he now had the other Danger Motorsport Beltra in front. It took until turn 10 for the Voltz Racing Beltra to overtake Aria. But the 2019 Formula Equestria champion wasn’t giving up easily and at turn 13, Aria caught Valentin napping and retook the position.

Meanwhile on lap 13, Akula was in a battle with Nathan McKane and everybody in the stands was watching. Both Beltras were trading paint at the straight before turn 10 which made Viral questioning what her teammate was up to. At turn 10, Akula performed his signature ‘Kamikaze’ on Nathan but her retaliated slightly ramming Akula off the track with Viral wanting to try to pass Nathan. Akula fell to 7th place just behind Oscura Galaxia but on lap 15 at turn 18, Akula retook 6th place.

With both Seneca Racing Beltras holding the top 2 hostage and Danger maintaining a good pace, it seemed that the British Speedfreak was waiting for the ideal moment to overtake both Yume and Lara.

Then on lap 18, a lot of smoke was spewing from one of the cars, it was Alexis Cascade’s Nissan Onroak DPi! She knew that she had to retire the car. Luckily for Alexis, she was only one turn away from the pits.

But seconds later after, Danger went for it. He tried to do his own divebome move which he called ‘Dartstrike’ on Yume Tanaka. She didn’t expect Danger to come back to challenge her so quickly. Danger’s ‘Dartstrike’ so good for the fans to watch that Danger did the same thing on Lara Carvalho. Both Seneca drivers think that Danger was the next Nathan McKane.

Speaking of Nathan, he was still underpressure from Viral behind, the only thing that was stopping Viral from overtaking Nathan was Oscura from behind. As of lap 21, Oscura had overtaken Akula again and was now 0.9 seconds behind Viral and only 1.3 seconds behind her teammate. But with Viral passing Nathan at turn 19, Oscura didn’t want to overtake his teammate as she didn’t want to go into a flashack of when watching two Mercedes F1 cars throwing themselves off the podium.

Something dramatic happened on lap 25 as both Jasmine Spark and Rusalka Swordlight crashed into each other and whie Rusalka went into the gravel at turn 16, Jasmine’s shunt into the back of Rusalka’s Beltra was enough for her Acura to lift the front wheels off the ground, then went airbourne. 2 seconds later, the Acura cart-wheeled twice before rolling over and came to rest on it’s roof. Rusalka rushed to the severely damaged Acura and tried to get Jasmine out, which was a success and both she and Rusalka hugged at the fact that Jasmine was alright. The race was red-flagged and the race would restart on lap 26.

1st. #4 Lara Carvalho, Seneca Racing, Beltra Enduro 24T
2nd. #21 Yume Tanaka, Seneca Racing, Beltra Enduro 24T
3rd. #15 Danger Dean, Danger Motorsport, Beltra Enduro 24T
4th. #1 Nathan McKane, Ravenwest Motorsport, Beltra Enduro 24T
5th. #24 Viral Velocity, AVK Motorsports, Beltra Enduro 24T
6th. #13 Oscura Galaxia, Ravenwest Motorsport, Beltra Enduro 24T
7th. #98 Akula, AVK Motorsports, Beltra Enduro 24T
8th. #5 Sonic Flash, Team Sonic Motorsport, Acura ARX-05
9th. #151 Danny Dean, Team Sonic Motorsport, Acura ARX-05
10th. #18 Valentin Manzi, Voltz Racing, Beltra Enduro 24T

The race restarted and Danger gets a decent start and before turn, he passed both Yume and Lara to take the lead which both Nathan and Oscura doing the same only Viral was passed by Oscura. By turn 9 of lap 26. Danger, Nathan and Oscura were in the top 3 with Yume and Viral completing the top 5.

On lap 30, Valentin was in a tight battle with both Danny in front of him and Iris Dayspark and Aria Blaze behind the Voltz driver. All four drivers went trading places on the straight waiting for the right moment to pass. At turn 10, there was a bit of shoving and pain scratching but in the end. Valentin passed Danny and Iris had a narrow gap over Aria.

Both Nathan and Oscura were adamant to pass Danger but with 20 laps left in the race, the opportunity was sooner and never. Going into turn 17, Nathan decided to make a lunge on Danger to take the lead. He thought that passing Danger would be easy.

He was wrong.

Danger defended with so much skill that at turn 4, Oscura decided to attack. The crowd on their feet, witnessing on the big screens a battle that will be one of the biggest talking points of the race. Oscura did pass Danger at turn 8, but at turn 10, Danger used his ‘Dartstrike’ to scrape of some of the paint off of Oscura’s Beltra.

“Come on, Danger! This isn’t Formula Equestria, you know! I would’ve been out the race by your own stupid actions!” Oscura said, not pleased with Danger’s divebomb.

By laps to 35 to 40, Nathan and Oscura were trading opportunites to overtake Danger, but what both Ravenwest drivers didn’t take into account was the 4 car scrap from 4th place between both Seneca drivers and AVK Motorsport drivers. All four of them switching places from lap 36 to lap 41 when Lara dived down to the inside of turn 8 of Viral, who was 5th after overtaking Yume at turn 6 before making a small mistake at turn 10 to lose out to both Yume and Akula while Lara sped away trying to get to the top.

Disaster soon struck on lap 44 when Dahlia Nightblaze’s engine decided to quit on her before the pit entrance. Dahlia’s race was over and then on lap 47, Yui Galaxia’s engine also went bang and forced her out of the race as well!

By lap 50, Oscura was sick and tired of being her worst enemy and she only had two options, either continue being behind Danger or overtake him. Approaching turn 18 she decided… to run Danger off the track entirely which wasn’t any of the two options. It worked but Danger’s rear wheel clipped the grass and his Beltra crashed into the right rear wheel of Oscura’s Beltra and both of them were heading into the gravel. Danger’s car was lightly damaged but Oscura’s was more significant as a collision with the tyre wall would prove.

Lara’s driving meant would be in 2nd while Danger slipped to 6th due to him going into the pits. She wanted to take the lead away from Nathan but he crossed the line to win the race, eradicating any chance that Lara had at overtaking him. Viral finished 3rd, Yume finished 4th, Akula was 5th and Danger crossed the line 6th. Valentin was 7th, Danny 8th, Iris 9th and Aria was 10th.

Author's Note:

You can see why I put Crossover in the tag list.

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