• Published 22nd Oct 2021
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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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Tempestus GP (Formula Equestria) (500 miles)

Rusalka was looking on the map of the Tempestus International Raceway while her Ferrari F1-75 was getting prepared for the 500 mile Grand Prix. She knows that some drivers will be looking their first win in Formula Equestria. Rusalka was on the list as well. But she was also worried about Danger after he didn’t finish in Sunset Valley, due to his F1-75 channeling some PTSD from the 90s and getting some damage from Oscura. Secondly, Rainbow was coming from a brilliant win and Aston Martin had finally delivered her a car worthy of a win. Thirdly, most of the top runners on the grid were experiencing porpoising on the straights, apart from herself, Iris Dayspark and the Crimson Arrows. She also wondered if Twilight Sparkle could get a good result after she left Alfa Romeo due to lack of support (even though she did finish in 13th at Sunset Valley). With good lessons on the simulators from Danger to improve her consistency and she was now in Scuderia Tempesta, with Ferrari power that could challenge for points. Only time will tell.

1st. Twilight Sparkle, Scuderia Tempesta-Ferrari, 1:55.458
2nd. Akula, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes, 1:55.678
3rd. Viral Velocity, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes, 1:55.689
4th. Danger Dean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:55.887
5th. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:56.006
6th. Rusalka Swordlight, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:56.058
7th. Aria Blaze, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:56.118
8th. Oscura Galaxia, Red Bull Racing Team Galaxia, 1:56.337
9th. Rainbow Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes, 1:56.471
10th. Hatsune Soulblitz, Volkswagen, 1:56.480
11th. Sonic Flash, Sonic GP, 1:56.689
12th. Lightning Dust, Lamborghini Squadra Corse, 1:56.778
13th. Danny Dean, Scuderia Forza Nova-Ferrari, 1:57.116
14th. Astral Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes, 1:57.227
15th. Amy Firepetal, Sonic GP, 1:57.335
16th. Blazing Lionfire, Chappral-Lionfire, 1:57.364
17th. Sparkling Lionfire, Chappral-Lionfire, 1:57.387
18th. Chandra Dawnsword, McLaren, 1:57.411
19th. Pasadena Dragonstorm, Scuderia Tempesta-Ferrari, 1:57.728
20th. Beatrice Radiance, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:57.885
21st. Anastasia Blast, McLaren, 1:58.092
22nd. Black Flame, Lamborghini Squadra Corse, 1:58.141
23rd. Vivian Radiance, Audi Sport, 1:58.223
24th. Kaitlin Thunderstorm, Bentley, 1:58.225
25th. Diana Coldstar, Chevrolet, 1:58.248
26th. Rosa Dragonlight, Lotus-Dragonsfire, 1:58.379

Twilight was more determined than ever, she got her first pole position since 2018 during her stint with the Silver Arrows from 2014 to 2021. The only thing that should between her and her first win since 2017, was 77 laps.

When the race started, Danger got the jump on Viral and was now on the hunting down Akula. Oscura got up to 6th after both Aria and Rusalka forgot about the traction control settings on their cars. Danger’s son, Danny had past Lightning Dust and before he approached turn 2 was now on Sonic Flash’s mirrors. After a mistake before the bridge after the exit of turn 6, Sonic Flash conceeded 11th to Danny,

On lap 2, Twilight was now under pressure from Akula who had defended 2nd from the surging Danger. Akula made a move on Twilight at turn 5 but the Scuderia Tempesta driver used her new skills to defend the lead. But the Crimson Arrow wouldn’t give up as he passed Twilight on the outside of turn 8.

Viral held onto 5th for about 6 laps as she was overtaken by the Mercedes of Iris Dayspark at the final corner, which didn’t interrupt her attempt at taking 4th back at the first corner. However, before turn 2, Viral’s CA02 was starting the porpoising nightmare that many drivers suffered at Sunset Valley. Iris wasn’t. Viral didn’t understand how Iris was exploiting the porpoising so well. It might explain why she dominated the Equestrian GT Championship race in 2020 where Iris won with a 26 second lead over Sonic Flash. Iris went down the inside of turn 4 to retake 4th place back

Sonic Flash meanwhile, was being hounded by the Aston Martin of Astral Dash, Rainbow and Danger’s daughter who is also Danny’s sister. Astral dived down the inside of turn 9 to make a pass on Sonic. The Aston Martins were on fire and with Rainbow now in 8th place behind Danny and Rusalka Swordlight

The race would claim in first victim on lap 11 as the Scuderia Tempesta of Pasadena Dragonstorm, who was running in 16th place, crashed into the wall at turn 6 before the approach to the bridge. This brought out the Virtual Safety Car and it meant that Twilight could relax for a while. Luckily for Twilight, the VSC period was plenty enough time to work out where she went wrong In some corners. She was in second as Akula overtook her at turn 13 before Pasadena crashed.

The race restarted on lap 14 as Akula disappeared into the distance with Twilight and Danger behind. Oscura got misjudged the braking zone into turn 1 and locked up massively handing over 6th place to Aria and 7th to Danny, who was imitating Danger and was making moves similar to what Danger could produce.

Danger meanwhile was still in 3rd, trying to overtake Twilight as she was using Danger’s own skills to full effect. Danger wasn’t banking on the fact that Iris was only 0.7 seconds adrift from the British Speedfreak. His race pace was on par of the Mercedes and in some cases, the Crimson Arrows

On lap 19, Beatrice Radiance wasn’t having the best of races, having qualified 20th she was up into 17th and trying to overtake Hatsune. The fact that Beatrice didn’t have any previous experience at the Tempestus International Raceway meant that her pace was a bit pear-shaped.

Both Twilight and Akula came into the pits on lap 22 for a fresh set of mediums but Danger stayed out and took the lead. Twilight exited the pits first with Akula behind. As Twilight rejoined the track, Iris blitzed past the Scuderia Tempesta and Akula rejoined only 1.3 seconds ahead of Viral.

After Danger pitted for a set of softs on lap 24, Twilight retook the lead and the Ferrari rejoined in 3rd only just ahead of Akula but at turn 2, Danger defence for third became pear-shaped as a small mistake caused him to fish-tail slightly. Danger managed to correct it as Akula sped away.

On lap 27, Oscura was in a battle with Danny as the Scuderia Forza Nova battled from turn 6 to 10 where at turn 11 next Danny passed Oscura on the outside. Danny realised that he would have to pit for a fresh set of tires. Oscura was overdue her pitstop as Anastasia’s strategy fell apart.

By lap 30, the top 10 was Twilight, Iris, Akula, Danger, Viral, Aria, Oscura, Rusalka Danny and Astral. After Pasadena’s crash, the race was relatively quiet until lap 31 when Rainbow, while trying to defend from Hatsune’s Volkswagen, went a bit too hot into turn 9 and spun into the gravel. Luckily, she got going again but she was down in 14th place, she apologized on the radio for her driver error.

On lap 33, Aria was in a tight battle with Oscura but the Red Bull was too quick for the Ferrari and as result on the final corner, Oscura past Aria on the inside.

By lap 36, Twilight was under pressure for the charging Mercedes of Iris Dayspark as her Softs on Iris’ W13 were enough to eat away Twilight’s lead. What made matters worse for Twilight was that, Iris was one the fastest Mercedes-powered drivers on the grid, only to be beaten by the Crimson Arrows. But with both Akula and Viral on medium compounds, as well as Danger and Twilight, it caused a significant gap between Iris and Akula.

On the approach to turn 11, Iris made a lunge on Twilight, taking the lead. Twilight didn’t take a liking to that and used Danger-esque moves to take the lead back. Iris couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the entire crowd couldn’t believe what they was seeing, they expect Twilight to be leading the race.

One lap later, Iris made the same move she did on lap 36, but this time, she was wise to the counter-attack. But she wasn’t expecting Twilight to pefrom the switchback on the esses and challenge for the lead once again.

On lap 40, Danger was still about 10 seconds behind Twilight who was still locking horns with Iris, he saw a bit of water on his helmet and was quick on the radio.

“Crim, can you inform both Aria and Rusalka that it’s start to get a damp at turn 6.” Danger inform.

“Why’s that, Danger?” Crimsonia asked.

“The man upstairs is glittering the circuit with the Tempestus rain.” Danger replied.

“OK, Danger, I’ll inform both of them. If you want to, you can pit for inters or wets.” Crimsonia announced before a suggestion came to her hand.

Meanwhile, Aria was still in tight battle with Oscura and she hoped she could overtake her at turn 1 on lap 41. But before, Brio Blitz was on the radio. And so was Beatrice Firefury.

“Aria, Crimsonia informed me that it’s gonna start raining soon.” Brio said.

“Would I need to make a stop?” Aria asked.

“It’s you call, Aria. It’s your call.” Brio replied.


“Rusalka, I’ve judt been informed by Crimsonia that the rain is starting to fall at turn 6 and possibly… the entire track.” Beatrice told Rusalka.

On lap 45, only four of the top 10 driver had stayed out. They were Danger, Oscura, Danny and Astral. Because of this, Astral and Danny moved up to 7th and 8th respectively. Oscura was now fourth, only just ahead of her clone, Twilight. Danger had taken the lead as he felt confident that the tyres wouldn’t throw a fit. The Crimson Arrows were still 5th and 6th and Lightning Dust was 9th with Hatsune Soulblitz 10th.

But on lap 49, the rain started to fall massively and Danger, Oscura, Danny and Astral into the pits. But as all four drivers came into the pits, Anastasia Blast’s McLaren crashed into the barrier at the first corner and ten seconds later, both Black Flame and Vivian Radiance went off in unison and crashed at the same Anastasia crashed. This brought out the red flag three seconds later.

1st. DangerDean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport
2nd. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas
3rd. Twilight Sparkle, Scuderia Tempesta-Ferrari
4th. Akula, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes
5th. Oscura Galaxia, Red Bull Racing Team Galaxia
6th. Danny Dean, Scuderia Forza Nova-Ferrari
7th. Viral Velocity, Crimson Arrows-Mercedes
8th. Astral Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes
9th. Rainbow Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes
10th. Hatsune Soulblitz, Volkswagen

Danger thinks the reason Anastasia Blast, Black Flame and Vivian Radiance crashed was because either driver error or that their tyres, which were worn to the canvas, don’t have much grip. Crimsonia thought this too.

The race restarted on lap 50 and Danny got the best start out of the top 10, passing both Oscura and Akula before turn 1, Iris had taken the lead after jumping Danger off the line and Danny overtook Twilight at turn 2.

On lap 53, Danny had worked his way into 3rd place and was now in a battle with the British Speedfreak, his own father. Iris was not in the way and the battle lasted from lap 53 to 56 when Danny passed Danger on the outside of turn 11 and made it stick. Danger couldn’t believe it, he thought Danny was gonna drown in the field, being it was his first race. But Danny was now on the charge of Iris Dayspark and on course for his first win in Formula Equestria.

After Twilight fell back to 5th after a bad start and was starting to drown in field, but she felt another Danger lesson flashback and defended 6th from the Red Bull of Oscura Galaxia.

On lap 58, Viral was now on Oscura’s gearbox and Red Bull was still in a battle with Twilight heading to turn 6 and Viral past the pair of them with ease to get to 5th place. Viral did have bad start however, as was nearly past by Astral who was being chased by Rainbow who hadn’t heard a ‘multi-map 2-1’ order.

The rain started to fall a bit harder by lap 62. To Iris, that was a good time for her to pit for a new set of wets and Danger took the opportunity to do the same thing. The pitstop was a bit of a disaster for Iris. Firstly, there was no left-rear tyre which Iris thought they had one at the ready. Secondly, Danny had taken the lead of the race and lastly, Danger, the Crimson Arrows and Oscura past her before he rejoined the track only just ahead of Twilight who then past her at turn 1.

Meanwhile, Rusalka was in 12th place and not the points, but then on lap 66, she went on a hot charge to perform some good overtakes. She first past Aria at turn 2, Hatsune at turn 11 and Rainbow Dash on lap 68 at turn 4. Two laps later, Aria did the same thing by passing Hatsune and Rainbow after Rusalka past Astral at turn 3.

On lap 74, Oscura tried to get past Viral but the Crimson Arrows was just too quick for the Red Bull to keep up. But then on lap 75 at turn 4, Oscura past Viral on the inside. But then Viral past Oscura at turn 8, which made Oscura angry and tried to cause a collision with the Crimson Arrow at turn 9. The attempt slightly backfired on her as she made a mistake heading into the corner.

On the final lap of the race, Danny Dean headed towards the final corner and with Danger just behind him, Danny Dean crossed the line to win the Tempestus Grand Prix. Danger second, the Crimson Arrows third and fourth, Oscura fifth, Twilight sixth and Iris seventh, Rusalka eigth, Aria Blaze ninth and Astral Dash finishing the top ten

Danny’s race enginner, Marcus Willowlight, was on the radio, ready to give in him the news.

“Danny, you did it! You won your first Grand Prix!” Marcus said in celebration


Meanwhile, Danger was enjoying the moment that his son winning his first race and on the podium after Akula stood on the third spot, both Danny and Danger walked in unison to the podium stands as to them, it was the first time it was a family one-two in Formula Equestria. After the champange was sprayed, both Danny and Danger hugged and many members of both Forza Nova and Ferrari felt a tear down their eye, including Crimsonia and Spitfire who all joined in.

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