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DangerVerse Motorsport Events - DangerDean

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Velocity City Grand Prix (Formula Equestria)

Akula knew that if he finished ahead of Danger in the race, he would be in the lead of the standings by one point, if Danger finished second. With the AKV01 being a rocket on the streets and with Akula’s vendetta against streets starting to ease a little. Qualifying would be Akula’s chance to shatter Danger’s hopes of a sixth title.

1st. Akula, AKV Motorsports-Ferrari, 1:21.368
2nd. Starlight Glimmer, Red Bull Racing RBPT, 1:21.428
3rd. Viral Velocity, AKV Motorsports-Ferrari, 1:21.499
4th. Danger Dean, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:21.685
5th. Aria Blaze, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:21.776
6th. Sayori Blitz, Renault-Dragonsfire, 1:21.989
7th. Rusalka Swordlight, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:22.058
8th. Sonic Flash, Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, 1:22.275
9th. Iris Dayspark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:22.446
10th. Twilight Sparkle, Scuderia Tempesta-Ferrari, 1:22.638
11th. Oscura Galaxia, Team Galaxia, 1:22.770
12th. Danny Dean, Scuderia Forza Nova-Ferrari, 1:22.797
13th. Jasmine Spark, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, 1:22.889
14th. Rainbow Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes, 1:23.085
15th. Rin Powershock, Porsche, 1:23.214
16th. Hatsune Soulblitz, Volkswagen, 1:23.389
17th. Fluttershy, Bentley, 1:23.668
18th. Azura Dragonsfire, Lotus-Dragonsfire, 1:23.690
19th. Blazing Lionfire, Chapparal-Lionfire, 1:23.990
20th. Astral Dash, Aston Martin-Mercedes, 1:24.115
21st. Beatrice Radiance, Porsche, 1:24.389
22nd. Pasadena Dragonstorm, Scuderia Tempesta-Ferrari, 1:24.496

For the 22 cars in the race, 55 laps at the Astral Skyline Loop will prove to be the test for the cars… and for Oscura’s temper after what happened at Solus. It didn’t get any better when she was passed by Danny Dean at turn 1. But she realised that she had 55 laps to turn the race around.

Akula got a good start and Viral got the jump on Starlight and Danger used the 90-degree corners to his advantage by diving down the inside of turn 3 to pass the Red Bull. He also had a opportunity to pass Viral at the hairpin. But Viral defended like she knew Danger was already trying to overtake. The Angel of Speed was still defending until turn 15 when Danger overtook Viral. But Viral snatch back 2nd after Danger out braked himself on the second lap.

When lap 4 came around, it take too long for the chaos to start as Iris’ Mercedes decided to redecorate turn 9, crashing into the right-side Armco barrier and breaking the front-right wheel in the process. Before she crashed, she was in a battle with Rusalka Swordlight.

By lap 8, the race was back on after a Safety Car period. It seemed that Danger’s energy has unknowingly spent as Starlight overtook him at turn 3. Danger tried to take back 3rd at the hairpin, he made the move stick after Starlight hit the brakes earlier than Danger did.

Starlight didn’t realise that Sayori Blitz was getting closer to the Red Bull after the Renault overtook Aria at turn 5. Luckily for Starlight, the Astral Skyline Loop had some fast corners and the pace of her RB18 was comparable to the AKV01s in the top 2. Despite being a world behind Akula in terms of lap times, it didn’t deter Starlight from challenging with either Sayori or Danger.

By lap 10, the battle between Starlight, Danger and Sayori heated up a bit as all three of them were trading positions from turns 7 to 14. Until at turn 1 on lap 11, Starlight made contact with Sayori but the rear of Danger’s F1-75 was also involved and Danger spun 180 degrees and collided with the tyre barriers, forcing him out of the race. Sayori was also out of the race as she collided with the right side concrete wall.

“Are you OK, Danger?” Crimsonia asked on the radio.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Starlight just cleaned me and Sayori out.” Danger replied.

When Aria saw the crash, she was confused.

“What happened here, Brio?” Aria asked.

“I think the Red Bull made contact with the Renault and I think Sayori tried to pass Danger but he got hit in the rear and that’s why in the barrier.” Brio explained.

“Might have guessed. What’s the top 12 looking like?” Aria said,

“Err… it’s Akula, Viral, Starlight, you, Rusalka, Sonic, Twilight, Danny, Oscura, Rainbow, Rin and Blazing Lionfire. Starlight may damage on the car.” Brio said, reading off the leaderboard.

The crash also intrigued Oscura.

“Starlight cleaned out Sayori and Danger? That’s good for me.” Oscura said.

On lap 15, Sonic was being chased by Twilight and with Danger’s protégé, Danny in 7th place after Starlight’s retirement. A similar battle erupted, only this time, it didn’t result in a crash. Danny overtook both of them at turn 9. Danny’s sister, Astral, was now 12th place and trying to overtake Blazing Lionfire. Astral was in dire need of a good result. Even though her race-craft was on par with her brother’s but Danny won a Grand Prix, Astral hadn’t. She hoped the 2023 season would bare more fruitful results.

With lap 19 in full swing, both AKV01s had left the field in their mist. Apart from one… Aria Blaze. Despite Danger’s retirement, it gave her a unwanted urge to challenge up the field. It took about 28 corners which acquaints to nearly two laps for the Ferrari to pass Viral and now, on lap 21… she was now fighting for the lead.

But Aria’s chances would be put onto a slight hold as Beatrice Radiance’s engine failed on her at turn 12 whilst in 17th place. After the brief local yellow. Aria continued with the fight. Akula realised that the Ferrari wasn’t driven by Danger, instead it was Aria. It didn’t deter Akula from giving another Ferrari the taste of AKV tyre smoke.

By lap 25, Rainbow was struggling to keep up with the front runners, despite being in 9th place and after her daughter pitted for fresh mediums. Rainbow was trying her hardest to extend her stint on her medium. By turn 16, she chickened out and pulled in. Meanwhile, Aria was in the lead of the race after Akula fell to 3rd behind Viral.

Sonic Flash was now in 4th place after Rusalka was held in the pits with the fear of releasing into the Volkswagen of Hatsune Soulblitz. The two AKV drivers inverted on lap 27 so that Akula would have a chance. But Akula had only 4 second cushion pullback to Ferrari.

Turn 8 on lap 32 saw another Safety Car period as while she trying to pass the backmarker Pasadena Dragonstorm, Rusalka’s rear-right wheel collided with Pasadena’s front-left wheel causing Rusalka’s car to spin into the barriers which such force that the rear of the Ferrari lifted off the ground… and on top of the tyre barriers.

“Rusalka, are you OK?” Beatrice Firefury asked on the radio.

“Yeah. I don’t know how I’m gonna drive off of this.” Rusalka said.

As Viral came around to turn 8 on lap 33, she was shocked.

“Holy shit! What happened there?” Viral.

Pasadena meanwhile, was still in the race… barely. She pitted for the fresh tyres and then… her Scuderia Tempesta stalled. She was also out of the race.

The race restarted on lap 38, with Aria leading from Akula and Viral. Sonic and Twilight were 4th and 5th with Danny in 6th. Oscura and Rainbow in 7th and 8th, Astral Dash, Blazing Lionfire, Azura Dragonsifre and Fluttershy completed in top 12. But that was about to change.

With 12 laps to go, Aria just had an edge over Akula but he would give up. At turn 7, he performed his signature Kamikaze on Aria to snatch the lead. Viral was liking what Akula was doing with Aria.

“Oh, Akula is a legend.” Viral said.

“Absolute legend at that.” Neon Shock agreed.

9 laps to go, Oscura was keeping Danny honest with the pair keeping close with each other during the restart. Danny made a slight mistake going into turn 10 causing Oscura to take 6th place. Astral was worried that Danny might lose the speed. He did just that. Astral passed her brother at turn 13 and it felt like she would be the saviour that Aston Martin needed. With 7 laps to go… Astral went for it, she picked the places where Oscura could make a mistake and at turn 6, she passed Oscura. Then 5 corners later, Danny got back the speed he lost and passed Oscura on the outside. Oscura couldn’t believe it.

On lap 53, Sonic had an usual feeling ever Danger retired on lap 10. It really wasn’t the same him not on track but he had to try and catch Viral, Aria and Akula. He would need more laps as Akula won the race, Aria and Viral on the podium. Sonic finished 4th with Twilight 5th. Astral and Danny in 6th and 7th, Oscura and Blazing Lionfire 8th and 9th with Azura Dragonsfire, Fluttershy and Jasmine Spark finishing the top 12.

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