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Flash point

Just let me be me... Maybe I am writing something or I just reading a good FF


Destiny or chaos, I wouldn't know the reason, but for some reason my life had a clean slate.

Now I am Wizbell Star, a little colt with great desires to explore magic and this new place full of Ponies?

Here the magic is real, not a delirium, not a visual falsehood, it is tangible!! I can do magic, study it, understand it, a small childish desire comes back to give me a purpose to live.

Now I am not just another cog in a society that tries to get money for tomorrow without any ambition or purpose beyond surviving.

For the first time... I am living.

I will add the tags during the course of the story because I'm not sure whether to add some of them or not, so I will only add them when I have some content that supports having them.

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A good start in my eyes, and I will certainly return for the coming chapters.

Stay strong Sukuna you are strong-jogoat

I don’t know why but when I read this chapter all I think of is one word, “MORE.”

Her parents in all the photos were cheerful, with lively and colorful eyes, but Wizbell... It's horrible when I put into perspective what life would be like for these parents with a child... Not a child and just a doll with basic needs, Wizbell has been like that since he was born when I look at the baby photos where he was dark gray.

In other words, he lacked a Spirit. Or maybe a Soul. Or both.

[Telekinesis] Another magic that every Unicorn should know for their daily life, is to impose your will and ideas on magic to move things around you.

As opposed to Psychokinesis?

Let's gooo ! I want him to become an eccentric archmage !

Telekinesis = Magic
Psychokinesis = Esper
I see the second one more as a skill that's use full mind, a sobrenatural power [Esper]
Meanwhile Telekinesis could be the same, but their fount is the magic but that is just my interpretation.

I find this story very amusing; Light-hearted and Excited; are words I'd describe it. The interactions are 'hearty', and the content is expected for the everyday pony, but I find the way it's written with a certain sense of wonder to be most captivating. The character is excited about the world and all it has to offer, much like a child with a colorful imagination and bright sight everything would take in, and part of this fantasy is imprinted onto the reader, at least my observation so far. It kind of reminds me of one of the first human in Equestria stories I read on this site, where every single aspect was met with such wonder, this really gives me a taste of nostalgia.

"Then there are the Earth Ponies, who can't fly and can't perform magic explicitly, but they have a magical gift more related to nature and any manual art, apart from the fact that they are usually stronger because of their magic" My mother added as she pointed to a mare that easily loaded the minotaur man's chariot.

T: it thould altho (should also) be noted that Earth Ponieth (Ponies) have more fine control of their maneth and tailth (manes and tails).:twistnerd:

Lmao bro is an unending well of magic power.

Writing 4
Characters 4 - But a little bit more of development and they would be fine.
Rhythm 3.5 (Is a bit slow)
Enjoyable 4
Don't take my comments too seriously I know how hard it is to write something so just go to your rhythm it's amazing how are you doing by now.

Comment posted by Flash point deleted November 26th

"Oh, my little star, you over demanded too much for a small experiment, let mommy prepare you a banana smoothie with chocolates and marshmallows, you need to recover all that energy" She carried me to the kitchen where she soon began to prepare what she said.

That sounds half healthy, really. If it's dark chocolate, it's rich in antioxidants and all sorts of good stuff. And bananas are also packed with nutrients, like potassium, vitamin C and B6 and Magnesium.

The marshmallows I can't speak for, however.

"I already told you Clear, your team doesn’t have to respond to the whims of noble fools, they can only complain to you because you are easy with them, don’t give them an inch or they will continue to take miles, the next time they go to the barracks to cry, call my team or send someone better call for me, you will see how they run with their tails between their legs" My father looked obviously annoyed by his restless leg that sways in the air as he sips several sips in a row over his black coffee.

Equestrian nobles have absolutely no concept of noblesse oblige. Seriously.

"No way, I'm not holding you by the wings, you're just slow" The Flash's eye twitched.

*Applause!* "I'll make you regret!" Irritation or any trace of emotion disappeared from Flash's face as he positioned himself in a comfortable position flying in the middle of the goal or paint-marked fence.

Uh-oh! You just triggered him!
Might want to learn a shield spell next. :ajsmug:

I like the story so far, Keep it up

He should become a Chad Wizard lmao.
Muscled carved like marble, take great care of his body (coat and all), an absolute genius in magic !

I second this! author make this happen:moustache:

This is very good. I'm giving you six stars for doing a good job. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I can't wait to see how Wizbell does great on his magic along with seeing your upcoming chapters, and remember:

Keep your dreams alive. Understand that achieving anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Here's a song that will make you do whatever it takes. Enjoy!


I slowly spread the light all over my body, something that really wasn't that difficult, as it was a method, I knew well from using Telekinesis.

Really, I would think it would be closer to psychokinesis.

Cadance came back at some point with 2 glasses of chocolate, one had chocolate bars still unmelted while another had 4 chocolates floating around, it was easy to see that the one with the most chocolate is for Twilight because of how she almost drooled.

One of my favourite stories on this site has Twilight pegged as a mega-chocoholic. Once or twice she's basically force fed a Death By Chocolate muffin, which immediately relaxes her completely.

Heh, Celly's so fat her presence is suffocating.
She need to lay off the cake lmao.

Thanks for the chapters ! Can't wait to see more !

Another good chapter, Keep up the great work man!

"LET'S GO ON A PICNIC!! A PICNIC READ!!" My ears hid in my mane as Twilight let out a high-pitched squeal of happiness.

Quite the set of lungs on her for that age. :fluttershyouch:

A stallion with black glasses and a black tie stood out as he stood in the entrance quietly without talking to anyone and with a very serene attitude compared to the family atmosphere.

That's quite the run-on sentence.

"Understood, I will comply with your wish" The stallion returned to the same place as before and remained static.

Say what you will, he knows how to take the hint with grace.

"If they were just a myth, how do you explain that Discord, a being older than the Princesses, would know about them!" This would always be the focal point with which Lyra would defend the existence of humans.

Better yet: explain Minotaurs.

Lyra's cutie mark was a golden harp, the harp had a decoration of musical notes and a star, but it would only be visible if viewed up close as I was forced by Lyra... Now we're dancing.

I am pretty sure that that's a lyre, not a harp. There's a difference.

Both the harp and the lyre are stringed instruments, and both are played with a bow. Unlike the harp, which has a straight neck, the lyre has a curved neck. They are often bigger than their counterparts, although they have less strings than those instruments.

Thanks, in the rush I forgot to research that.


Good inspiration material, I can already imagine a scene with Twilight suffering from an OCD attack where Pinkie Pie can calm her down with an ultra-special magical chocofantastic muffin.

You really need to do something about all those typos.

Well, that was from

TOff The Mark
Mark Wells only bought an old mirror, so why did he now have hooves, wings and green fur? And where was he? Maybe this great and powerful princess could tell him?
Goldfur · 716k words  ·  1,331  110 · 22k views

An Esper, aka Psychokinesis, is the ability to use your mental will to overpower reality's perception. because atoms exist as a cloud of possibility until viewed, like light, then when it is observed the atoms wave function collapses on a point where the atom is. A Esper is someone whos' observation is more powerful than anyone else, thus there observation overrides anyone else, thus they can manipulate matter by changing where the atoms wavefunction collapses.

A mage with magic is more akin to using raw energy, aka mana, as a hard light construct to move things.

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