• Published 23rd Nov 2021
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Equestrian Hearts - dirty little secret

The Equestria Girls world has been replaced with a bizarre horse-on-girl dating simulator, and Twilight must win the game if she wants to get back home and fix this somehow.

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Here's how you do it Twi:

Rush him. Grab him around the neck. Stare intently right into his very surprised eyes. Tell him, "Cum. In me. Now!"

Works even better if Sunset is there.


It was discord all along. 🤣


Works even better if Sunset is there.

Gotta take Sunset's clothes off, though.

As usual. ^.^


Why would pony Sunset be wearing clothes...?

Did you forget that pony Twilight was considering doing more or less that to pony Flash after she returned to ponyland? I'm just helping!

Pinkie asking for a replay of the Princess level made me laugh!

Good finish for a really fun story. You know this needs a sequel, now, with Twilight getting her date, and getting plowed by Flash Sentry? :twilightblush:


You know this needs a sequel, now

Sadly, all my stories seem to! :facehoof:

You know, i had a feeling discord was involved on medium mode, and also i almost thought twiliy was gonna flay him alive there for a second.

Heh, knowing my stories, his punishment is likely to be something more ... intimate.

Twilight’s jaw dropped. And, despite his horse-like appearance, she felt her cheeks beginning to heat up.


Hm... The bar still didn’t move. This wasn’t going to work, was it?
Oh! But wait! Cadance, Celestia, Luna – they’d all taken clothes off when their stallion said the right thing. Would that work?

Yup, this is definitely a setup by someone.
The only question is by who. And whether the other characters of this game (?) are conscious or mere fabrications.

But there wasn’t any other way out of this, was there? She had to win the game, didn’t she? She had to ... have sex with Flash Sentry.

Would you prefer any of the other two stallions you had seen earlier?
:twilightoops:: "..."
:twilightblush:: "Do I have to pick just one?"

Yeah, she liked Flash ... but that was fast. Was she losing control of herself? Had the game somehow taken control of her?
Or was she just that much of a repressed little slut deep down inside?

Yes. To all three questions.

There! The eggplant and peach icon! She jabbed her finger at it repeatedly, not thinking of the consequences, only of her lustful need.
The consequences were swift. Flash snorted, his huge horsey muscles bunched as his thighs flexed, and he pushed.

The logical part of her brain: :twilightoops:: "Oh no!"
The rest of her entire body: :twilightsmile:: "Oh yes!"

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

An alternative ending could have been Twilight (still cum covered) returning home and nothing appears to be out of the ordinary, keeping her guessing for ages what just happened.


keeping her guessing for ages what just happened.

And keeping her wondering whether she should ever dare to return and check if it's still that way or not.

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