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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)


"It doesn't count as suicide, if you're wearing a parachute," Wallflower Blush insisted.

Copyright disclaimers: For the same of comic timing, I wrote my own completely independent lyrics and melody for a song that happens to have the same name as a song in our world. Also, the brief Emily Dickinson excerpt really is in the public domain now, having been first published in the 1800s.

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What have you done.


(I laughed.)


I'm not sure what this story was, but I'm willing to accept the headcannon that this is how Wally curses :rainbowlaugh:

"I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you -- Nobody -- too?

Fun fact: Emily Dickinson's poems can be sung to Pokemon theme. There, now you can't unhear it.

Delightfully goofy, with fascinating melancholy peeking out from under the laughs. Good work in counterbalancing the different components of the story, and thank you for it.

They also work with "The Yellow Rose of Texas."

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