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Cute yet lewd

Didn’t take you long to get this one out.

When Mix-up offered artwork, that was a big motivation.

oh Nice to see Silver Stream and Terramare be be part of the story, on like his sister he seemed to be a more reserve and apprehensive. from the look of the series he seemed more inclined to be a sea pony then a hippogriff I wonder if that will come into play

Nice, Hope they will keep on getting some fun together

Miles... wow.

I find myself loving the Ocellus/Sandbar diapered pairing so much. And Ocellus shows hints of both "Mommy" and "Baby sis" that she can be either.

Well done.

Smolder huh? Should be interesting.

Interesting to see Smolder joining in on the fun, I wonder what role Yona would like to take in this could it be she will take the mother role and adopt Sandbar as her cath? I wonder if she will like doing milk feeding?

You know, I've never thought about that, but it's certainly an idea!

I will never unhear that... . That was awful... . Either way; good story/chapter.

I think my brain’s been fried... . Either way; that was a interesting chapter. Not bad

Starlight; nooo..... . You’re too innocent for this kind of stuff

Not according to the previous stories.


Yeah, this is the latest in a series of stories.

XD. Makes sense... . But what would your teacher Twilight think?

Very cute chapter, keep it up.

I love it. I think silver stream would like to join in the fun. she's my favorite of the student six. I love these stories

That’s pretty interesting. And why’d you disable the ratings?

I've been disabling ratings on my ageplay stories for a little over a year now.

Just the only way I can think of to give the middle finger to kinkshamers. They never do anything more than blindly downvote because it's on the front page, so it really effectively silences them. They never form cohesive or constructive thoughts in the comments, because they are mainly incapable of being constructive.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy.

No problem, and I’ll be sure to enjoy the story once there’s more chapters ;)

Nice to see an an other update on this story. I wonder what is the name of this Big sis' of Ocellus, I wonder where this could lead to next.

Wow XD. Ocellus drunk. Hate to say that I might have a slight feeling about that XD. Regardless; nice chapter, and can’t wait for more

Got to leave this here. Don't worry, it's personal, just not my stuff is all. To be fair, this is as good as any of this stuff can be, I suppose. Good reading flow, although maybe a bit short per section.

I was wondering when this would be updated.

'Just what does he have in mind?'

Probably something you’ll enjoy.

another fun chapter, keep it up


Thanks for reading, more on the way!

Comment posted by twidash1993 deleted Sep 8th, 2021
Comment posted by twidash1993 deleted Sep 8th, 2021

Well this was a fun read, can't wait to see what they will start doing together now.

You’re still doing good. Although I am disappointed that we haven’t seen any padded Ocellus.

We may get there again, not sure yet.

This chapter was great, I'm glad our fave couple are healing more, and are once again able to enjoy multiple partners.

Not bad. Also; is Gallus really dead? Or is it something that I didn’t read about yet?

Struggling with depression and refusing to seek professional treatment, Gallus abruptly broke up with Sandbar and Ocellus, vanishing to somewhere in Las Pegasus.

So basically that’s the prequel in a nut shell?

Somewhat. This story is the latest in a long-running ageplay series. I did not offer Gallus' point of view at all, as I do not believe that is something I can write in a sensible and balanced manner. Sandbar's hate and frustration is close to what I've been struggling with the past year.

Well that’s okay then. Also; can’t wait to see the rest of this story!

Sorry for late time I was rather busy with a lot of stuff. This was a fun chapter I like the imagery of diaper class. Looking forward to see what happen next.

I Like your Storys <3

Lots of Goodies in this chapter that’s for sure. Especially the last bit with Smolder and Silverstream in the carriage.
Your Diaper Stories have been fantastic lately and I’d love to see what else you could come up with. Starlight with Trixie and Sunburst, Sandbar and Ocellus, and now Smolder and Silverstream. Lots of lots of cuties for another story!

I do have another story in mind. I'm afraid it might be a tad ridiculous.

I'd love to read it one day! but we still have the epilogue for this story first!

I, for one would love to have this story continue. I've followed it since the beginning.

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