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Clop writer involving pretty much anal as my favortie topic, but enjoy writing other things as well. I do not Take Requests, Comissions are rare. This is my hobby in spare time.

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Loved it. 10/10 would fap again.

One thing bothering me though, if Ocellus was hungry wouldn't she just eat the love/lust coming off of whoever was fucking her?

Might be less filling. Would make sense as there is no connection, also lust in most stories is said to be delicious, but not filling, like candy.

I can always count on you for some good clop, lol.

Yeah, that does make a lot of sense now that I think about it.

yes. yes. more unwanted impregnation

You are correct in your assumption that lust is more like a sugar than actual food, just like chocolate is good for some energy but not for sustaining one self.

Shady Nail beat me to a reply since I've been out most of the day visiting my father in the hospital. But ya, my head canon is Lust is not a way to sustain but a way to have some quick snacks.

Not something that I've written about before so it's a bit new even though not fully intentional. It was more of derpX1's idea for that so I went with it. Wouldn't be a hard thing to write, just not something I've done before.

You know at first I read it for the picture thinking Gallus was gonna be one of the ones getting it despite the description. Was still good though.

"New addition to sex ed for next year: Identifying species by cock. Well, at least Harry should enjoy that lecture!"

well written story overall. enjoyed day 2 silverstream most of all :D

this was an enjoyable read. Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel, particularly following the consequences of the Silverstream's chapter.

Ever going to reveal what all was written/drawn on them with the marker? It was mentioned for both Silverstream and Smolder but then never returned to.

Left it blank so readers could imagine themselves what would be written. Allowing for some imagination on the readers end gives them the ability to control the story themselves in a way while reading. What was written doesn't matter as a whole, it could have been Free Doughnuts, or Anal Slut, it's up to you to decide what you want it to be. Same can be done with clothing. If I were to say a Skirt, then you'd have at least an idea of the clothing, but then it goes through you mind what type? Short, Pleated Mini, Long, Business? What color, Red, Purple, Green, Plaid, Rainbow with Gitter? It's a method to allow you to decide somethings you want within the book. Just like adding a voice in your mind to the character based on a description of them. When left to your own devices, the mind will create a great many things, as a child if your parent threatened you, you would imagine some of the worst things coming true, same logic applies to open ended wording, except it's more pleasurable instead of terrifying unless a in a horror story.

What got me about it is that the girls never reacted to it, even though that was also mentioned. Just would've liked to see Smolder & Silverstream take a look at themselves and see how they reacted to what is written. Maybe Silver found she had several more tickmarks that she had thought or someone had written something particularly saucy that made them blush. Just wish it would have been at least referred to again after being brought up in the first place. As written, it just seems like it was a point that was forgotten.

Kinda sad we never got to see Silverstream's reaction to her 'special' present :trollestia:

It was the guy with the spines on his dick wasn't it?

any plans to follow up on Silverstreams surprise?

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