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Clop writer involving pretty much anal as my favortie topic, but enjoy writing other things as well. I do not Take Requests, Comissions are rare. This is my hobby in spare time.

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Funny ending. Spike and Rarity got together again. -1 Dragon dropped. Great story as always man!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you haven't seen the actual animation yet from Hentype it is up on Derpibooru as public. It's one of my favorite one's he's done so far with Rarity.

Based on the Animation by Hentype,

Alright, but what's the animation's name?

The direct downloads from his Patreon are named files, but the Derpibooru one won't have a name attached to the file. What's on the Menu was the file name when I downloaded it when it first released to patreons only. It's public release now, and a few months old too.

awesome story mate keep it up can't wait for the next story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

This was amazing. I love that it was based off the clip you mentioned since I like the video too.

Thank you, the next one is going to be a sequel to an older story. Hopefully it will be enjoyable.

Glad you liked it. I figured it was a good one to base a story on, let alone add to it and flesh it out where the animation cannot due to limitations of the source engine.

That was great, Keep up the good work.

Thank you. I'm glad that it's getting out to people for reading and receiving the recognition to keep it up on the Front page for so long.

Fuck, this was hot! Rarity would definitely be a classy whore of great quality. Good thing Spike gave her such a great fucking.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Rarity is one of those characters that can go full ways on the scale just based on her attitude towards being dirty and pretty on the show. It's a great way to see the secret side that may not be "Canon" but is still is expressed through the viewers ideas.

Yup. Rarity's attitude toward a "mess" would depend on the situation. Being filled up by a hunk would be a mess she enjoys.

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